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  1. Lithuanian weightlifters: - Žygimantas Stanulis - Irmantas Kačinskas https://www.delfi.lt/sportas/kitos-sporto-sakos/dar-vienas-sunkiaatleciu-dopingo-skandalas-suspenduoti-du-vysniausko-aukletiniai.d?id=83284201
  2. WORLD STANDARD DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS GOLD: Evaldas Sodeika and Ieva Žukauskaitė-Sodeikienė SILVER: Francesco Galuppo and Debora Pacini BRONZE: Evgeny Moshenin and Sana Splisyna Lithuanian pair was on every podium since 2015 and finally scored the victory.
  3. Lithuanian Sports awards announced nominees and opened the voting. Everyone can vote here: https://plus.lrytas.lt/lteam-2019/ Nominees are : Sportsman of the year: Danas Rapšys (Swimming), Robert Tvorogal (Gymnastics), Mindaugas Griškonis (Rowing) Sportswoman of the year: Laura Asadauskaite-Zadneprovskienė (Modern Pentathlon), Simona Krupeckaitė (Track Cycling), Viktorija Andrulyte (Sailing) Men's Team of the year: Rowing 2x, Basketbal 3x3, Swimming 4x100 Medley Women's Team of the year: Track Team Sprint, Rowing 2x, Basketball U16 Coachman of the year: Andrėjus Zadneprovskis (Modern pentathlon), Dmitrijus Leopoldas (Track Cycling), Jevgenijus Izmodenovas (Artistic Gymnastics) Coachwoman of the year: Ina Paipelienė (Swimming), Teresė Nekrošaitė (Athletics), Tatjana Krasauskienė (Athletics) Breakthrough of the year: Edis Matusevičius (Athletics), Diana Zagainova (Athletics), Justė Veronika Jocyte (Basketball) Most popular athlete: random category with a lot of nominees...
  4. Men's quota standings before last day: Outside, but still in golden fleet:
  5. Men's quota standings after day 2: Just outside:
  6. Men's quota standings after first 3 sails: 8th 11th 14th 15th 26th 29th 36th 39th -------
  7. As per usual - Girulis bombs prone part of the competition... No chance for quota even before standing shooting starts
  8. Good game by Lithuanian team. Hopefully will transfer this to games against Canada and Australia
  9. Two more quotas for Lithuania. I was worried we'll miss it, just like we bombed canoeing qualifications.
  10. Today is the first day of trail for doping in weightlifting and cycling. This is the biggest doping case in Lithuanian history. On a bench: Bronislovas Vyšniauskas - head of Lithuanian weightlifting federation, national coach. During the raid police found more than 1000+ items with doping substances Ramūnas Vyšniauskas - son of Bronislovas, Olympic weightlifter, previously suspended twice due doping violations. During the raid police found illegal psychotropic drugs. Antanas Jakimavičius - cycling coach, during the raid police found doping substances. All 3 facing possibility not only to loose their jobs (obviously) and get penalties, but also spend 4 years in prison.
  11. Tragic performance by Lithuanians. Not even a single quota.
  12. Gintarė Venčkauskaitė-Juškienė went from 21st to 9th in the last event and claimed Olympic quoata!!
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