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  1. As a Floridian, I find our abundance of speed skaters odd too. Some of Florida's best speed skaters are based in Ocala
  2. Thanks for the mention @Olympian1010 I'm glad I can be a part of your history at the forum even if I show up once in a while EDIT: If you're 19 or so, then I must be old af! I'm 30
  3. A little update: Dorian's eye came about 101 miles due east of Daytona (about 120 miles east of my hometown), and while the worst of it stayed offshore, we managed to only get around 30-45 miles per hour in wind gusts (I live inland. On the coast, it was 60+ mph gusts). My power stayed on the whole time, and the we just got off our worst hour. The local TV stations here have been saying that if Dorian kept on his original path and stalled the way he did in the Bahamas, our area would've been hit, so I am very grateful that it didn't happen. However, here in Central Florida, we're shifting our focus to helping the Bahamas.
  4. Then gaze your eyes on this. He made that prediction hours before Charley made a direct hit at my town I knew a week ago we were gonna get Dorian, but only as a tropical storm or even a Cat 1, and now I'm here awaiting a hit (mostly indirect since I'm inland)
  5. That is just devastating with what is happening in the Bahamas Here, we're supposed to be awaiting this "northern turn" that I'm afraid won't happen, so once it passes, these meteorologists (especially those at The Weather Channel) will have a lot to answer for Except a local meteorologist here who was able to correctly predict Charley (which my town took a direct hit btw) and Irma with a simple ruler, so I'm gonna need him to come through and show them who's boss
  6. That seems less likely now with Dorian's tracking going more and more east, but because I live in a coastal county, it's gonna be a long waiting game to see what effects we'll have when it does come by And we just bought a new grill the other day, so we'll be good
  7. Thing is, that thing will be a Cat 4 when it gets here (somewhere because even the best meteorologists in the business can't pinpoint its landfall) but I'm ready for the worst of it
  8. So we're getting a little Eurovision hosting preview from the Netherlands next year. Congrats and welcome to the hosting party @heywoodu Also, I might give the reduction of time a try, especially when life doesn't give you a lot of it anyway
  9. Y'all, remember when the jury trolled us with the points last weekend? Well, it turns out that a) the original jury was dismissed because they told people who they voted for in Semi Final 1, and b) when the EBU did the aggregate voting, they gave points to the wrong countries (in fact, the points went to the bottom 10 countries in the made-up vote) Long story short, it didn't affect who was the top 4 and who came last, but it did change the winner of the jury vote https://eurovoix.com/2019/05/22/ebu-admits-belarus-grand-final-jury-result-was-incorrect/
  10. Unless they can somehow pull it off of Lena did in 2010, I always believed that she was the exception to the rule
  11. Actually, I like this voting sequence better than the one they had previously. I was pleasantly surprised that Norway won the televote, but shocked that North Macedonia with its sleeper ballad did so well with the juries. Of course it was inevitable that the Netherlands would win, but I cheered for them anyway. Also, why y'all gotta do Malta like that tho?
  12. I was skeptical about the song switcharoo between Eurovision legends, but I can't believe it worked out that well lol
  13. Doesn't hurt to have a few surprises in there
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