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  1. is in. You joining @Olympian1010 ?
  2. 1. I would do option A for the top 5, and then do an open bid. 2. Option C, though I would be okay with B 3. A, because I would want participants to be registered for a specified amount of time before they can take part. And maybe this would help once the contest goes into the voting round.
  3. After a successful hosting gig in the 2018 Open, the United States is open to hosting in the future, but for right now, we will not be bidding for the 2019 Annual
  4. As of now, the contest is closed, but the American delegation will like to thank you for coming down here to Orlando to brave the heat to participate in the contest. I'm sorry that you're leaving Florida knowing that we can't do elections right (yes, we're in recount mode here), but I think we can agree that this contest went flawlessly. Anyway, Team USA will figure out the next steps, but there's no doubt we will participate in all future contests.
  5. This is the part where we look into the future and pass the baton to the next hosts, but since Italy threw a last-minute curveball and announced that they're dropping plans to host the 2019 Annual contest, I was told that we gotta send it off to someone, so @Agger @wumo26 it's all yours.
  6. Once again, the final scoreboard  FINAL Argentina 72 Denmark 202 Netherlands 69 United States 182 Chile 61 Ireland 127 Slovakia 60 Great Britain 113 Italy 56 Bulgaria 109 Canada 55 Brazil 109 Slovenia 53 Algeria 107 Turkey 52 New Zealand 105 Mexico 52 Portugal 104 Colombia 51 Poland 103 Russia 49 Serbia 101 Egypt 43 France 99 Croatia 37 Lithuania 94 Tunisia 37 Austria 84 Indonesia 29 Malta 81 Greece 28 Romania 81 India 27 Finland 80 Spain 18
  7. If you were with us on Saturday, we had 4 contests running simultaneously throughout the day. Besides the main contest, we held a regional team challenge, a mixed music'thlon, and an all-around competition. So without further ado, let's hand out those awards. First up, it's the regional team challenge, where all 35 countries were drawn to one of 7 regions. Gold: Great Lakes -- @OlympicIRL @Gigs @Agger @Memo @amen09 @tuniscof Silver: Atlantic -- yours truly + @Olympian1010 @stefanbg @Bohemia @Benolympique @hckosice @Damian Bronze: Northeast -- @Wanderer @Werloc @Griff88 @heywoodu @uk12points Next is the mixed music'thlon, which was actually a trial run, billed as more urban and more inclusive, which turned into a success. The side contest basically allowed me and fellow female jurors @Bohemia @DaniSRB and @Pablita to play with the boys. Gold: Team Stunning -- @Bohemia @Benolympique @Agger Silver: Team Cranberries -- @DaniSRB @dareza @OlympicIRL Bronze: Team Roxette -- yours truly + @Olympian1010 @Finnator123 Honorable mention to Team Jazzu -- @Pablita @Henry_Leon @SteveParker @Gianlu33 @hckosice Finally, we have the all-around competition, where at least 30 countries who competed in the Jubilee and this contest had their points added up. Gold: Silver: Bronze:
  8. We are bringing back a couple of our favorite delegations to perform their post-TISC hits, so first up we have Meghan Trainor and her hit song "No" Up next we have Zedd and Grey, but this time joined by Maren Morris with "The Middle" Up next, we have the Backstreet Boys performing some of their greatest hits since their tour announcement. Next up, we'll introduce you to a possible future TISC participant (spoiler alert?) who competed on America's Got Talent. Hailing here from Orlando, it's Mandy Harvey with her song Try And finally, we have to honor Christina Grimmie in some way. She was our first participant in 2013 and got us to a good start with a 6th place finish before she was gunned down here in Orlando in 2016. A day or so after she died, Orlando would experience a mass shooting at a nearby nightclub, so here's a tribute to the 49 souls lost that same weekend from legendary singer Elton John
  9. Now, besides Denmark, the hosts are honored with silver, as well as Ireland for adding yet another medal to their collection... a bronze Denmark United States Ireland
  10. Welcome everyone to the closing ceremony of the 2018 Totallympics Open International Song Contest. As per tradition, we will bring back this year's open winner Tina Dickow to perform her winning song Sacre Coeur
  11. We'll be starting in a few minutes. I know it's kinda late and we don't have a lot of people here at this hour, but I gotta get this going. Hope you join me.
  12. Join us in about 90 minutes for the closing ceremony.
  13. Who am I supposed to hand the baton to now?