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  1. Let's do it then, this time with @Olympian1010 as the main and I will do backup if necessary
  2. I'm not sure if this is the most unimaginative Eurovision slogan in the history of unimaginative Eurovision slogans, but it was revealed a couple weeks back https://eurovision.tv/story/open-up-slogan-eurovision-2020
  3. I came here to post my biannual thanks for this contest (a community, actually) and the first thing I see is a bestmen 2.0 from India with a lot of salt I mean, a lot of songs I like usually do average and I've gotten lucky with a few actually winning the contest, but English or not, if it's good, it's good, If it's shit, well... But first of all, I send my congrats to @Wumo and @Agger for hosting the contest. It was well-run, despite a few headaches (I know, I've been in your shoes before) and Wumo, I'm impressed you went from newbie to host in 12 months. I remember when you first came here wanting to watch it live, so I'm glad we made you feel welcomed @Olympian1010 and I worked hard to get our entry a good placing, so we're very glad it got 5th place, which is better than what we had earlier this year. I was worried about this a bit considering that we also sent fun to the contest last year, but I'm glad it turned out well. Congrats to @heywoodu for the victory on top of that Eurovision win. I'm not sure how you will juggle hosting both contest next year, should you go down that route, but I wish you good luck. Also, I didn't vote for you (but @Olympian1010 did), so that should've been an indication that you would win @KingOfTheRhinos, congrats on getting silver. @Olympian1010 liked the song more than I do (I gave you 3 points, sorry), but what a worthy runner-up. I was actually pulling for you to win @Belle Congrats on getting 3rd place. Yours was one of the few songs I knew about beforehand (the others were entries from France and Romania @Bohemia @Benolympique @IoNuTzZ) Thanks to the following for the points to our entry: 12 -- @Finnator123 (I knew I would count on you since we have nearly the same tastes) 11 -- @Ionoutz24 @OlympicIRL 10 -- @kungshamra71 9 -- @Glen 8 -- @Werloc @vinipereira @titicow @Fly_like_a_don @KingOfTheRhinos 7 -- @heywoodu @SteveParker @Henry_Leon @Gianlu33 @Pablita @Cobi @thepharoah @Bohemia @Benolympique 6 -- RIP 5 -- RIP 4 -- RIP 3 -- @Skijumpingmaster 2 -- @intoronto 1 -- @amen09 @tuniscof @justony Finally, here are my personal votes 12 Chile 11 Slovakia 10 France 9 Canada 8 Sweden 7 Mexico 6 Moldova 5 Ireland 4 Finland 3 Australia 2 Lithuania 1 Kazakhstan Reserves R1 Bulgaria R2 Italy R3 Spain R4 Algeria One more thing: #TISCinALG
  4. Congrats @heywoodu This is where I say something clever, but I got nothing, except 5th place (both individually and in the team event)
  5. Well, would you look at that? All I had to do was say "USA 12" once and I got it But then again, I kinda predicted it since, again, @Finnator123 and I pretty much have the same tastes
  6. I can always rely on Finland since we have nearly the same tastes, I think USA 12 since we're going down that route
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