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  1. I know, and I'm really ready to write an email to my local TV station who carries it every day I'm sure by now we are ahead of China and Italy in total cases, but while several states have a shelter in place order, guess what? My state doesn't. DeSantis (my clownish governor) recently said that it wasn't necessary to do so because not all counties (we have 67) have a case. He also refused to close beaches, which led county officials with shores to do just that (or at least some of them, because Volusia County hasn't closed theirs yet, so don't be surprised if Florida becomes the new epicenter
  2. I graduated from high school in May 2007, so yeah, I'm old (I just turned 31, so make what you will)
  3. I'm not picking for anything, I'm just here lurking cuz it is my birthday
  4. Meanwhile here in America, Trump tells all 50 governors that they are on their own when they ask for ventilators, supplies, etc. I know @Olympian1010's governor will be livid, but mine is a Trumper Some states are issuing new restrictions on bars and restaurant (and New Jersey now has a curfew, from 8pm-5am)
  5. 4 people in my hometown have the coronavirus.
  6. Voted. This edition is quite strong, and it's sad I had to leave out some countries, but it is what it is
  7. I sent this yesterday, but for some reason it didn't go through but I got it down to the final 15.
  8. About that, I don't mind cancelling in-person classes and moving it all online (I mean my last 2 years of college were all online classes), but do they have to tell students to move out of their dorms as quickly as possible without having a plan? Many students are scrambling to find other accommodations because of the recklessness behind that part of the decision On a personal note, I've been out of college for 5 years now and I haven't heard from my alma mater as to whether they're moving their classes online
  9. Walt Disney World is closed here, for 2 weeks A local art festival is postponing until 2021 And with my birthday coming up next Saturday, I was planning to go to Olive Garden (like we did last year) but I opted for a family-only pizza party instead. The Olive Garden thing can wait
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