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  1. Men's Marathon Oh Joohan 2:08:42, formerly Wilson Loyanae of Kenya https://www.iaaf.org/athletes/kenya/wilson-loyanae-erupe-264299
  2. @thiago_simoes Has there ever been quite a rise in a MAG program like Taiwan? They were nothing until 2017 and now they qualify for the Olympics as a team and have 3 individual event finalists
  3. 2017 Universiade brought Taiwanese MAG from literally nothing to contenders for years to come
  4. It did not help that he was in lane 7 and the actual Czech was in lane 8
  5. Now the commentator says Jan Volko is from @hckosice
  6. Universiade is entirely self-funded by all athletes in all countries most of the time, hence why there aren't many Africans in general
  7. Veronika Domjan is announced for the Discus final as Slovakian @hckosice
  8. http://panelcontenido.fmaa.mx/data/documentos/ID1324133040_resultados dia 1 sesion matutina viernes 5 de julio.pdf Men's Long Jump: Andwuelle Wright 8.25m (0.7)
  9. Men's 1500m: Rabii Doukkana 3:34.87 Men's 3000m Steeplechase: Bilal Tabti 8:21.88 https://bases.athle.fr/asp.net/liste.aspx?frmbase=resultats&frmmode=1&frmespace=0&frmcompetition=233216
  10. Women's Long Jump: Brittney Reese 6.95m (0.7) Women's Discus Throw: Whitney Ashley 63.64m http://royalresults.com/liveresults/
  11. Will Claye 18.14m (0.4) for 3rd on the all-time list in Men's Triple Jump
  12. Jamaica is sending their A team in Athletics!
  13. @thiago_simoes You said the women's competition is more close to the elite level than the men's, but I'm still excited that Canada has a men's world junior champion (though maybe you aren't so excited considering who got silver)
  14. Men's 400mH: Takatoshi Abe 48.80 at Japanese National Championships (results in Japanese)
  15. https://live.fig-gymnastics.com/schedule.php?idevent=16020
  16. Jamaica announces a team of 55 athletes https://www.trackandfieldjm.com/component/jdownloads/send/7-events/686-2019-pan-am-games-team-members
  17. Well I just want to get excited about a Canadian talent on the Men's side for a change
  18. How is the level in this competition? Are these championships for young enough competitors that no senior national team members could participate?
  19. Karate1 Serie A, Stage #3 (Montreal, CAN) Medallists Recap women's Kata Gold: Hikaru Ono Silver: Maho Ono Bronze: Emiri Iwamoto & Yui Umekage women's Kumite, -50Kg Gold: Ayaka Tadano Silver: Ranran Li Bronze: Junna Tsukii & Serap Ozcelik Arapoglu women's Kumite, -55Kg Gold: Sabina Zakharova Silver: Jana Bitsch Bronze: Tuba Yakan & Alesandra Hasani women's Kumite, -61Kg Gold: Alexandra Grande Silver: Jovana Prekovic Bronze: Xiaoyan Yin & Haya Jumaa women's Kumite, -68Kg Gold: Silvia Semeraro Silver: Kayo Someya Bronze: Lingling Tang & Lamya Matoub women's Kumite, +68Kg Gold: Clio Ferracuti Silver: Johanna Kneer Bronze: Hamideh Abbsali & Sofya Berultseva women's Team Kata Gold: Slovakia Silver: Mexico Bronze: Kuwait & Peru men's Kata Gold: Kazumasa Moto Silver: Kakeru Nishiyama Bronze: Seren Shimomura & Ali Sofuoglu men's Kumite, -60Kg Gold: Darkhan Assadilov Silver: Naoto Sago Bronze: Eray Samdan & Yerkinbek Baitureyev men's Kumite, -67Kg Gold: Yugo Kozaki Silver: Burak Uygur Bronze: Dionysios Xenos & Didar Amirali men's Kumite, -75Kg Gold: Thomas Scott Silver: Erman Eltemur Bronze: Lorenzo Pietromarchi & Yermek Ainazarov men's Kumite, -84Kg Gold: Ugur Aktas Silver: Michele Martina Bronze: Igor Chikhmarev & Farouk Abdesselem men's Kumite, +84Kg Gold: Alparslan Yamanoglu Silver: Daniel Gaysinsky Bronze: Sajad Ganjzadeh & Brian Irr men's Team Kata Gold: Turkey Silver: Peru Bronze: Canada & Mexico
  20. Montreal medal matches Women's Kata Gold: Maho Ono vs. Hikaru Ono Bronze: Viviana Bottaro vs. Emiri Iwamoto Bronze: Sae Taira vs. Yui Umekage Women's Kumite -50kg Gold: Ranran Li vs. Ayaka Tadano Bronze: Haruka Shimada vs. Junna Tsukii Bronze: Bettina Plank vs. Serap Ozcelik Arapoglu Women's Kumite -55kg Gold: Sabina Zakharova vs. Jana Bitsch Bronze: Tuba Yakan vs. Wen Tzu-Yun Bronze: Brandi Robinson vs. Alesandra Hasani Women's Kumite -61kg Gold: Jovana Prekovic vs. Alexandra Grande Bronze: Xhunashi Caballero vs. Xiaoyan Yin Bronze: Mayumi Someya vs. Haya Jumaa Women's Kumite -68kg Gold: Kayo Someya vs. Silvia Semeraro Bronze: Lingling Tang vs. Kyriaki Kydonaki Bronze: Lamya Matoub vs. Li Gong Women's Kumite +68kg Gold: Clio Ferracuti vs. Johanna Kneer Bronze: Jessica Cargill vs. Hamideh Abbsali Bronze: Sofya Berultseva vs. Mengmeng Gao Men's Kata Gold: Kazumasa Moto vs. Kakeru Nishiyama Bronze: Enes Ozdemir vs. Seren Shimomura Bronze: Ali Sofuoglu vs. Issei Shimbaba Men's Kumite -60kg Gold: Darkhan Assadilov vs. Naoto Sago Bronze: Jovanni Martinez vs. Eray Samdan Bronze: Angelo Crescenzo vs. Yerkinbek Baitureyev Men's Kumite -67kg Gold: Burak Uygur vs. Yugo Kozaki Bronze: Dionysios Xenos vs. Masamichi Funahashi Bronze: Luca Maresca vs. Didar Amirali Men's Kumite -75kg Gold: Thomas Scott vs. Erman Eltemur Bronze: Lorenzo Pietromarchi vs. Bahman Asgari Ghoncheh Bronze: David Podsklan vs. Yermek Ainazarov Men's Kumite -84kg Gold: Michele Martina vs. Ugur Aktas Bronze: Robin Rettenbacher vs. Igor Chikhmarev Bronze: Bryan Lusse vs. Farouk Abdesselem Men's Kumite +84kg Gold: Alparslan Yamanoglu vs. Daniel Gaysinsky Bronze: Zvonimir Zivkovic vs. Sajad Ganjzadeh Bronze: Brian Irr vs. Simone Marino Maybe +84kg category was weak at this event but it's not often Canada is in a Karate final... even if it is on home soil. Thoughts about this event @phelps since I know this sport is one of your specialties, and North America doesn't generally host a ton of high profile Karate events...
  21. Men's Javelin Throw: Antti Ruuskanen 85.15m https://www.olympiakomitea.fi/2019/06/16/antti-ruuskanen-heitti-keihasta-yli-tokion-olympiarajan/
  22. Men's 1500m Josh Kerr 3:33.60 https://live.pntfo.com/meets/2179/events/153912/results
  23. Not an Olympian, but Gabriele Grunewald who represented the US at the 2014 World Indoor Championships died of cancer at 33 years old yesterday.
  24. Men's Hammer Throw: Eivind Henriksen 78.25m https://www.iaaf.org/athletes/norway/eivind-henriksen-221298
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