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  1. Isn´t there a continental qualifying championship? She won silver last year at the PanAm. I´m not saying she will qualify, but if a couple of american climbers win quotas in the intercontinental qualifiers, she has a shot.
  2. Valentina Aguado has a shot in sport climbing IMO.
  3. Don´t rush. Remember Toronto
  4. Epic game. But for some reason I think neither will make the Super Bowl.
  5. Pretty much agree with this. Not that confident with so many in athletics (will have to wait for standards) and swimming (right now we would have one swimmer with A mark I think) and I´m quite pessimistic about teams. Football who knows, basketball will be hard, handball is always a coin toss... I only see rugby and both hockey teams as sure things.
  6. Between 2-4. Judo, hockey and saling the usual suspects, with tennis and other teams sports there too. Let´s see what happens two years from now, but with the current economic crisis hitting the budget and the YOG class developing for the next cycles I don´t expect big things in Tokyo.
  7. Hi, used to follow the blog before Rio and a couple of days ago found the forum while searching for Tokyo qualifying systems. Decided to stop lurking and here I am
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