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  1. You're right,In the CCTV interview, the Chinese athletes were also a little unconvinced, indicating that they would beat their opponents in the next match. But indeed, China believes that the Olympic points is very important. The leader of the Chinese weightlifting team said before the game that we did not have any goals in this competition and strive for Olympic points.
  2. In 2018 world championship,the Chinese weightlifting team's first goal is the Olympic points,next is the gold medal,so they didn't choose a high weight to begin their competition.
  3. 3 gold medal for China,and world record in total.
  4. Huang Minhao is really tough,but he still lifted the weight.
  5. Yesterday, many junior and youth world records were broken. Why are there no doubts?
  6. Just now,I got a shocking message,the second place in Men's semi final,Jagger Eaton(USA)was banned from the final,because he is not willing to wear a helmet(he is a U18 player).
  7. Oh,the North Korea athlete failed in snatch.
  8. In China,CCTV provide the free channels,but maybe these channels can't be watched outside of China.
  9. Men’s Park Final Gold Pedro Barros(BRA) Silver Heimana Raynolds(USA) Bronze Keegan Palmer(AUS)
  10. Yes,you're right,the result is only just for now.
  11. Men’s Park Olympic quota for now USA 3 BRA 3 AUS 2 JPN 2 FRA 2 ESP 2 SWE 2 CAN 1 NOR 1 GER 1 PHI 1
  12. Men’s semi final results,and now the final is in progress.
  13. I don't know,I can't find his name in the results list.
  14. China also have another new star,in the women's +87 catagory,in 2018 Chinese weightlifting championship(September),Li Wenwen(from Fujian province)defeated Meng Suping(2016 Olympic champion),Li's grade is snatch 145kg,clean&jerk 180kg,total 325kg,this is her first year to compete the national competition. But,Chinese national team still choose Meng Suping to complete the world championship,because she has a lot experience. In 2018 Chinese weightlifting championship(April),Meng lifted 321kg(snatch 140kg,clean&jerk 181kg)and claimed the champion. In this game,Li Wenwen is the runner-up,her grade is snatch 141kg,clean&jerk 175kg,total 316kg.
  15. you’re right,the top 26 in qualification all qualified into the semi final.
  16. From 2016 to 2017,Jiang Huihua is falling behind Hou Zhihui and Tan Yayun(2013&2014 world champion),those two athletes both from Hunan province. As the NO.3 in Chinese national team,Jiang Huihua couldn't get some international competition chance. In 2018,Tan Yayun suffered from some injury,so Jiang Huihua became the NO.2 in Chinese team,and in 2018 Chinese weightlifting championship(September),Jiang Huihua defeated Hou Zhihui and claimed the gold medal(snatch 90kg,clean&jerk 114kg,Total 204kg).
  17. China has many new skaters this season,they perform well in Chinese skating league,and also perform good in the first day of world cup Calgary.
  18. I'm also happy to be here to talk about Olympic sports.
  19. 2018 Chinese weightlifting championship(September)results men‘s 61kg Qin Fulin Total 305kg(snatch 138kg clean&jerk 167kg) Li Fabin Total 304kg(snatch 141kg clean&jerk 163kg) men‘s 67kg Chen Lijun failed in snatch Huang Minhao snatch 156kg,failed in clean&jerk
  20. first medal day of weightlifting world championship 2018,Thailand and North Korea is the winner. next day we’ll see Chinese athletes’ performance.
  21. start list of the men‘s Semi Final 30 athletes: USA 10 BRA 5 AUS 2 JPN 2 FRA 2 ESP 2 SWE 2 CAN 1 GER 1 NOR 1 PHI 1 DEN 1
  22. I‘m happy to take on this role,Chinese athletes have good performance in many sports,I‘d like to show their abilities to the world outside of CHina.
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