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  1. What happened to the Vans Park Series? I thought that this was going to be core to the qualification events.
  2. Does anyone know who has qualified for the World Series Final in Budapest? I think Britain might have actually been half decent and made the finals, which would be a miracle, but cannot find anywhere which countries have made it through.
  3. Dates and locations for the World Singles and Team Qualification Tournaments confirmed by ITTU. "The World Team Qualification Event will be held in Gondomar, Portugal between 22 – 26 January 2020. The World Singles Qualification Event will take place in Doha, Qatar between 26 – 29 May 2020." https://www.ittf.com/2019/05/23/portugal-qatar-host-rise2tokyo-world-olympic-qualification-events/
  4. It looks like the ETTU have clarified the position re Singles Qualification for European Continent places for the Singles: only the three medallists (per gender) will go to Tokyo. Therefore, if two of them are from the winning Team, then the other two places are reallocated to a separate European Qualifying Tournament in April 2020 (being held in Moscow). They also seem to imply that this is where the remainder of the Singles Qualification places will come from, so between 3-5 places up for grabs. https://www.ettu.org/en/n/news/2019/may/qualification-system-----games-of-the-xxxii-olympiad-----tokyo-2020/
  5. GBR in the Mixed Team Trap? They now have one quota position in each of the Men's and Women's Trap, so I think that means they will be in the Team event.
  6. That is my view as well, although I cannot see anything in the Qualification document that says that the additional places come from the Singles Qualification Tournament - it reads like it all comes from the Rankings, but not totally clear.
  7. I have been trying to work this out as well. The Team places (45 places per gender, excluding Japan), 22 Continental Singles places, 1 Tripartite and 3 Host Nation places equals 71 places. Assuming all 15 qualifiers for the Mixed Doubles for any one gender (excl Japan) are already in the Team Competition, then this leaves 15 places for the WSQT and World Ranking. A minimum of 2 come from the WSQT, so hence up to 13 from the World Ranking. However, I cannot work out what are the circumstances when more than 2 would qualify from the WSQT?
  8. Am I the only one wondering why there is such a mismatch between the weighting system in the rankings and the actual competition? The points system so heavily favours the three-week Grand Tours, and yet this is a one-stage race. Would it not make more sense to limit the ranking points to the one-day races and World Championships (TT apart)?
  9. Why not say it like that then? I thought that was the case, but was curious whether others agreed or not. I was trying to work out how they got to a maximum of 8 men/7 women, so this also supports Team Pursuit x 4 plus Team Sprint x 3/2 plus Omnium x 1. Anyway, the end of 2018/19 season rankings should be coming out in the next day or so incorporating the 2019 WChamps, so we will be halfway there now.
  10. Has anyone worked out how the Omnium, Madison and Team Pursuit tie in? If an NOC qualifies as top 8 for Team Pursuit, they get an automatic entry into the Madison - I get that. Does that mean they also get an entry into the Omnium as well? Teams "directly qualified in the Madison event" get a place in the Omnium as well, and the rankings for the Omnium is supposed to exclude those who "have not directly qualified any quota places in Madison". So what does that mean for the Team Pursuit qualifiers? Do they go into the Madison rankings for these purposes? I feel like I am disappearing into a vortex trying to work this out.
  11. phelps, thanks for the detail - you seem to come to the same conclusion as myself, which is the season has already started, but there is no transparency on the detail yet. I get the impression that the VPS and SLS organisations are reluctant partners in all of this, as neither seems keen to acknowledge the Olympics. For example, I think(???) the World Roller Games in Barcelona in July will include Street Skateboarding but not Park. It is not clear if this is a ranking tournament at all. I will be interested to see if Olympian1010 gets anywhere.
  12. Anyone got any info on the ranking events calendar for 2019 for these events? The World Skate site is indecipherable to the uninitiated like me, compared to the more traditional sports.
  13. IAAF have decided to review the new Rankings system as its basis for qualification in March 2020 - https://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/council-decisions-rules-events-changes-2019. From January 2019, they will publish the rankings but for info only, as they will not be used for 2019 World Champs qualification.
  14. I see the IAAF have backed off using the as yet unused new World Ranking system for their 2019 World Championships - https://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/revised-qualification-system-for-iaaf-world-a. This would mean they either use it for the very first time for Tokyo 2020, or more likely in my view they will return back to the qualifying times process they have been using for decades. There are too many criticisms of the new system as it currently stands.
  15. Is it worth recording the qualifying Double Starters as well as the direct Quotas? For example, I know Seonaid McIntosh has also got an MQS for Air Rifle 10m, as well as being in the top 4 at the World Champs for 50m Rifle Three Positions.
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