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  1. phelps, thanks for the detail - you seem to come to the same conclusion as myself, which is the season has already started, but there is no transparency on the detail yet. I get the impression that the VPS and SLS organisations are reluctant partners in all of this, as neither seems keen to acknowledge the Olympics. For example, I think(???) the World Roller Games in Barcelona in July will include Street Skateboarding but not Park. It is not clear if this is a ranking tournament at all. I will be interested to see if Olympian1010 gets anywhere.
  2. Anyone got any info on the ranking events calendar for 2019 for these events? The World Skate site is indecipherable to the uninitiated like me, compared to the more traditional sports.
  3. IAAF have decided to review the new Rankings system as its basis for qualification in March 2020 - https://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/council-decisions-rules-events-changes-2019. From January 2019, they will publish the rankings but for info only, as they will not be used for 2019 World Champs qualification.
  4. I see the IAAF have backed off using the as yet unused new World Ranking system for their 2019 World Championships - https://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/revised-qualification-system-for-iaaf-world-a. This would mean they either use it for the very first time for Tokyo 2020, or more likely in my view they will return back to the qualifying times process they have been using for decades. There are too many criticisms of the new system as it currently stands.
  5. Is it worth recording the qualifying Double Starters as well as the direct Quotas? For example, I know Seonaid McIntosh has also got an MQS for Air Rifle 10m, as well as being in the top 4 at the World Champs for 50m Rifle Three Positions.