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  1. It wasn't Morrison who was egged, it was Frasier Anning. If our Prime Minister said something like that there's no way he'll still be PM.
  2. Turnbull isn't even in power anymore. He was replaced by Scott Morrison in 2018 where he won the 2019 election against labour party leader bill shorten who later stepped down.
  3. Climate change increases the risk of a wildfire, fire seasons are longer and these fires become more dangerous. 1 million hectares have been burnt in New South Wales and it's only mid November. Our fire season ends in March!
  4. Not sure if anyone here has mentioned it yet but the Australian liberal government is ignoring climate change was responsible for the massive wildfires we've been having that are contributing to the genocide of thousands of national furna and wildlife. And they've put massive cuts into the fire services in our country. They gave drought relief funds to people not effected by the drought.
  5. Nah, too busy with school to host. If I win next year then I'll definitely host.
  6. Me: Always 1 place behind the Netherlands. Also Me: Congratulations on such a great performance this year!
  7. I loved almost every song. I was thinking, theres no way China is leaving my top 12. Then I listened to the rest and China droped to 22nd.
  8. Gets me an easy podium! I have lots more up my sleeve. I don't think Riptide was the best song this contest but it's the most well known. I should of went with another song from Vance Joy. Dream Your Life Away had multiple songs I could see win TISC.
  9. Australia has always been right the Netherlands 2 contest aren't much of a sample size but I think I just found my kryptonite. Congratulations @heywoodu I look forward to finally defeating my demons next time!
  10. Second place hopefully I got 3rd last time and looking to do myself one better!
  11. TISC on my tablet, Worlds on my Phone Give me that LEC LPL final rematch!
  12. Falling behind, will this continue, is this my punishment for picking something overrated!?
  13. Picking overrated songs always works. Did the same with Mess her up by amy shark. How is it working so well? XD
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