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  1. Nah, too busy with school to host. If I win next year then I'll definitely host.
  2. Me: Always 1 place behind the Netherlands. Also Me: Congratulations on such a great performance this year!
  3. I loved almost every song. I was thinking, theres no way China is leaving my top 12. Then I listened to the rest and China droped to 22nd.
  4. Gets me an easy podium! I have lots more up my sleeve. I don't think Riptide was the best song this contest but it's the most well known. I should of went with another song from Vance Joy. Dream Your Life Away had multiple songs I could see win TISC.
  5. Australia has always been right the Netherlands 2 contest aren't much of a sample size but I think I just found my kryptonite. Congratulations @heywoodu I look forward to finally defeating my demons next time!
  6. Second place hopefully I got 3rd last time and looking to do myself one better!
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