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  1. I hope so! If Liquid is already the best CSGO in the world. Why not become the best LoL team as well.
  2. Bombers chocked so I was rooting for NA. Nice to see G2 win something though. NA better win worlds.
  3. Anyone watch the MSI finals?
  4. I've got a Nintendo switch. playing lots of Tetris 99 lately.
  5. Australia behind The Netherlands. Looks at Eurovision betting odds. I'm not mad...
  6. Some many good songs, the only thing I've got decided is my favourite song from The Netherlands. Arcade.
  7. I almost feel bad for not voting for Ireland its become one of my favourites since voting closed.
  8. Was really looking forward to the end of TISC but I'm tired. Good night and good luck!
  9. I like basically everything but Japanse Rock is my soft spot. And I hate Asian Pop
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