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  1. I joined the stream right after the crash. What happened?
  2. Yep, that's her. She also got funding by the NRA and wanted to weaken Australia's gun laws.
  3. I didn't expect it to be that emotional as well. As much as it reminds me of musical series like Crazy ex girlfriend obviously for the musical aspect, it also reminded me of an light novel which I watched the anime adaption for Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai for the problem solving aspect both Rascal and Zoey's Playlist have.
  4. Really enjoyed the pilot of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. Definitely gonna be a highlight for me this year.
  5. So now I have a reason to leave the room during an ad break. I don't wanna watch politics during the super bowl I wanna see Doritos, Pepsi and bud light while I wait for not the Saints to continue playing the not Patriots.
  6. Wow... Was taken aback by that last one
  7. Well wasn't that obvious... It's not about stopping fires it's about stopping them burning 8,400,000 hectares and lasting for over half a year.
  8. It's now one of the largest in recorded history.
  9. Only time I've had an injury was when I fractured a rib while drag racing. Spent a few days in hospital. Other time I was injured at a sport event wasn't even related to the sport. Got hit with a rock while watching long jump and had a mild concussion. I had assumed I was hit with a shot put
  10. Gonna be an interesting tournament, I've never really paid attention to tennis until Ash Barty played in the French Open. Go Australia!
  11. I'll try and keep you updated on the situation. Currently there's been 5 million hectares burnt Half a billion dead animals Not sure about the number but 13 deaths and one person currently missing Smoke has reached New Zealand multiple times Air quality index has reached over 1000 in areas even 150km away from fires.
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