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  1. I guess soon there will happen big retesting from London 2012. Cause the cases close 8 years after Olympics - no retesting later. So this or next year I expect big retesting from London and possible results changes again :-D :-D .... For Rio, still time, but I guess some time after Tokyo, maybe 2021, non -Olympic year.
  2. Totally agree with this opinion. If there is for example Italian judge and Italian race walker has chance to win medal, he might try to rule out the medal opponents of the Italian ...... And shoe chips would definitely help from cheating, no doubt. But I see the bigger problem in race walk in doping. Such as marathon runners. Similar situation
  3. I am thinking of the same thing, as David Jessen is first alternative in all-around.
  4. Guys, FIG does not broadcast on youtube the evening groups? Do you have any other sources? Thanks.
  5. Unofficial information that I discussed with some people from Czech media..... For Olympic Quota in relay you MUST BE CLASIFIED. So I made a mistake before in my statement. If anybody saw the final 4x100m women, chinese went crazy on the last exchange in order to be clasified. It did not help them. They got DSQ and lost Tokyo quota. Such as other relays who got DNF or DSQ in the final... So frankly should be like this ... 4x100m Men: No ... Instead qualified and 4x100m Women: No Instead qualified 4x400m Men: No instead qualified 4x400m Women: all finalists qualified 4x400m Mixed relay: all finalists qualified
  6. Well, we have many hopes, you don't have to worry. Javelin Throwers, Hejnova 400m hurdles, Stanek in shot put, Drahotova in 20km walk ..... Will see. Olympics are always unpredictable and you never know what can happen in many events.
  7. Very first time in the history of the whole country CZECH REPUBLIC - We are leaving WCH without any medal. Last time it happened in 1991 when we were still Czechoslovakia. On one side it is dissapointment but on the other side, there are many athletes who have been running their Olympic run quite well and I truly believe that athletics will bring several medals to
  8. ????? How about Kirani James Olympic champion 2012, world champion 2011 and silver from Rio 2016 ... all 400 metres
  9. I am also wondering why for some people Black = Africa :-D :-D
  10. Kirt obviously dislocated his shoulder. Too much force into the throw with low effect. Wanted too much :-D
  11. My question - what is the condition to qualify an athlete via one apparatus? I am trying to count such situation for gymnasts. For example. There might be 2 Czechs, both eligible for All-Around Quota. But one of them finished, let' say, 13th in Vault. But he is first of non-team qualifiers. So Czechs might drop off the Quota for the other one in all-around and qualify the first one via apparatus? Or is there that condition that if you wanna qualify via apparatus, you must be in the final? Also asking because I noticed in women's competition there is only one gymnast qualified via apparatus. Thanks a lot.
  12. They were DSQ in the final but in the final ranking they still will be clasified on 8th place because in semis they performed better than other who did not make the final. So for example yesterday China got DSQ in the final but still made it to the Olympics.
  13. In my opinion, Magnus Kirt will surely be fighting for gold. No doubt. He made 90m throw this year and he looks pretty stable. Quali 88m puts him on the list of men who r gonna fight for title. Cheng, Kirt, Vetter is my guess for medals.
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