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  1. Not quite, but here is the results: https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/ausschreibungen/277/RESULTS_BOOK_QUALIFICATION_LIMA_2019.pdf Curacao qualified, but how wll they compete? Does the spot go to Aruba or?
  2. sadly did not receive a rowing reallocation spot. This likely means they (or ) will have the smallest team at the games.... and all did, meaning 21 nations competing in rowing. Tomorrow also starts the final karate qualifiers. Top two in each category along with top 5 in each kata team qualify.
  3. The budget was needed to plan more mixed team events.
  4. https://www.sportsnet.ca/basketball/nba/forecasting-team-canadas-roster-2019-fiba-world-cup/
  5. Bianca becomes first to win a title in a WTA Premier Tournament.
  6. Wiggins has refused to compete for Canada in previous tournaments, and his presence would ruin the chemistry of the team. Don't think he shoud play.
  7. Aruba likely won't compete in laser radial. They haven't qualified and I don't think they would get a wild card (they already have a quota). Nicaragua might have a shot in bodybuilding.
  8. Canada will send a B team in rowing as well. I predict 0 gold, just like the qualifiers. With 0 gold in swimming that is a net loss of 16. No mountain bikers being sent, coupled with a weaker cycling team overall, I predict at most 2-3 gold there, which is another 8 golds being lost. Some other golds will likely also be lost. Remember in Guadalajara, Canada finished fifth ahead of Colombia by just one gold medal.
  9. I agree.Canada will be 5th imo behind Colombia, USA, Brazil and Cuba.
  10. Looks like withdrew or Chile actually won a quota at the North Americans, which means got the 4th spot here... http://panamsailing.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/STATUS-OF-COUNTRY-QUALIFICATION-2019-PAN-AM-GAMES-MARCH-10-2019-LASER-SATANDARD-LASER-RADIAL-SUNFISH.pdf
  11. These games are expected to be under budget, the second Pan Am Games in a row to do so. You can definitely host mega sporting events without going over budget!
  12. Phil Marquis has announced his retirement. He was the athlete who competed with a torn ACL in PyeongChang.
  13. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 qualification system.pdf
  14. The standards are insane! Also good to note that countries can only get one universality spot at most...
  15. Saint Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan are all under one banner now...
  16. declined one of its spots in jumping, therefore losing its team quota. Both Venezuelans left get individual quotas, bumping both . was next best team and thus gets the team quota, and all of this effectively screws @dcro what do you make of this mess?
  17. Maybe we will see Greenland qualify
  18. Complete list is here: http://mastkd.com/2019/03/lista-de-clasificados-a-juegos-panamericanos-lima-2019/ 9 Countries that did not qualify, and 9 wild cards available. Each of them should get one.
  19. Nicaragua +2 Chile +5 Venezuela +7 and Brazil +8 are some of the other results. Also Honduras qualified at least one.
  20. No results for taekwondo qualifiers yet. However, Canada did qualify a full team...
  21. Draws are out: http://mastkd.com/2019/03/graficas-del-clasificatorio-para-lima-2019/ Already 2 are qualified, / in 67kg women
  22. Tomorrow starts the qualification tournament for taekwondo.
  23. Yea he isn't German, so he must have lied/cheated/doped.
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