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  1. Enrique

    International Olympic Committee News

    Kosovo is a narco state, It's a really shame from the internacional community its creación. Only for revenge with serbians forma the war un Bosnia. A great SHAME Kosovo and really very sad forma the serbians
  2. Enrique

    International Olympic Committee News

    Barcelona 2030 is a possibility https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lavanguardia.com/deportes/20181003/452154569285/candidatura-pirineos-barcelona-juegos-olimpicos-invierno-2030.html%3ffacet=amp
  3. Tino Casal a pioneer of dance music in SPAIN
  4. Enrique

    International Olympic Committee News

    The notice of the year it's really joke
  5. Enrique

    Stars of the Future

    Maria Vicente heptatlon athetics, 17 years old Next star from Spain
  6. Enrique

    Retired Athletes in 2018

    Sorry for the big flag is my mistake
  7. Enrique

    Retired Athletes in 2018

    Juan Carlos Navarro basketball player of Spain 3 times medallist of Olimpics Games, World Championship and 2 times European championship.
  8. Hello I'm a great sport fan from Madrid -Spain- It's fantastic this forum, I am really happy yo found ir Sorry but my English is not really very good I promise study for writing in these threads