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  1. Monzanator

    Formula 1 FIA World Championship 2018

    I remember the old Zandvoort F1 races, 1983 was probably the best of them when Piquet & Prost tangled in a forgotten incident so I know how that last corner looked like. It was the old Parabolica-like at Monza. I last watched a DTM race there ca. 2012-2013 and yeah, Tarzan is still the best overtaking spot for modern cars IMO.
  2. Monzanator

    Formula 1 FIA World Championship 2018

    I'd rather settle for Zandvoort myself though that's old school track too. Do they still have that big sweeping bend in the final corner that leads to the S/F line? That could offer some passing into Turn 1. Tunnel Oost has the chicane put there like in the 80s? So it's no longer the killer corner? I didn't watch any races on Zandvoort for a while and missed this season's DTM round there so I don't recall exactly if they did some upgrades lately.
  3. Monzanator

    Formula 1 FIA World Championship 2018

    Assen would be horrible for car racing, it's too narrow with too many chicanes to make it exciting for F1. It's like mixing Catalunya & modern Imola together. It works for bikes which don't have issues with the aero slipstreaming F1 is unable to deal with over the past several years.
  4. That's the first win for Poland in short track World Cup history!
  5. Monzanator

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Money talks, rich will only get richer. The only real issue is trying to ban club players from NT duty. That shit won't make it past FIFA and the fans.
  6. The difficulty tarriff probably won her the gold already before she even took the vault?
  7. That's been the case since like forever, Chinese system producing robots, now it's spreading everywhere, power gymnastics has killed the artistic part. It's like going by the PFF numbers to see that Alex Smith is #1 ranked QB. Fuck that, I'll have Rodgers or Brady
  8. Herein lies the problem, the code is ALL that matters. It's like PFF ranking system in the NFL. Today's gymnastics is like robotics, Execution is deemed irrelevant because of the technical score. It's downright crazy and very unenjoyable.
  9. Yeah, Maroney won Olympic silver while landing flat on her ass. Difficulty tarriff tops common sense in modern gymnastics. Not a fan.
  10. This must be piss-poor era for gymnastics. AA champion with two falls and it's still deserved
  11. Monzanator

    [OFF TOPIC] WWE Thread

    Is there any sport that heywoodu doesn't follow?
  12. Monzanator

    Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2018 - 2019

    Hmm.. I've read that Harrachov is basically out of order unless they renovate it and I don't know what's cooking at Liberec?
  13. Monzanator

    Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2018 - 2019

    Well, Czech Republic also went down the ski jumping gutter even quicker than Finland. This sport has become even more elusive than before. The fruit is hanging as low as it ever did. Don't remember any Slovakians in ski jumping since Martin Mesik (sp?) tbh.
  14. Monzanator

    Retired Athletes in 2018

    Not surprising. His injuries were like from a plane crash survivor or something.
  15. Monzanator

    Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2018 - 2019

    Ski jumping is exception from the rule in Poland. However when Stoch, Zyla co. hang up their skis we can drop to the levels of Finland where any Top 30 placing will be a reason for success. We've wasted one generation already as our B team is errupting in flames. We don't have any staying power from boys born in the late 90s. Okay, this isn't a ski jumping thread but it's a really low-hanging fruit compared to alpine skiing. We have ONE senior member in the alpine skiing team (Maryna G-D). The men's team has been disbanded and we have a bunch of no-name juniors. Maciej Bydlinski was told he's too old to be provided for by our fed and retired at age 28. He's an Eurosport expert now. Our most famous slalom piste at Nosal hasn't been renovated since the 1980s. We're lucky it hasn't been closed down despite various rumours over the years. Jasna is like a Rolls compared to this joint