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  1. UK has the same problem like USA. Two-party system makes the entire political landscape stuck in mud. Moreover the first past the post voting system favors the two biggest parties even more. Hail to the democracy! The politicians have learned how to spin the democracy into their favor, it's always us or them, no third party will spoil the result. When it comes to politics, people often do not know what they're voting for. The Brexit campaign was a bunch of lies, people voted for Brexit and Brexit only, not for "no Brexit without a deal". Another epic flaw of the democracy. The entire post-voting circus was centered around this frickin' deal with EU which somehow nobody talked about before the vote. Brexit puppets wanted the control back, hell, they can't even control their own parliament now.
  2. Yeah, I know you're anti-Polish so your words don't surprise me. USA always wants to control everything and speaks from the position of power no matter if right- or left-wing. If tradition is so bad then why is your country named after an Italian merchant in first place? However your history lessons need a fact-check, the Kievan Rus was the dominant Eastern Power long before Lithuania even became a state. Poland was always divided by Russia & Germany and not by Lithuania so you're clearly wrong about that. That ISIS land formally belongs to Syria so there's no way around that. The Kurds & Palestinians are riding on the same boat. Nobody will grant them a right to have an independent state no matter how liberal and socially just they are
  3. I'm sorry but you are fundamentally wrong on the Kurds matter. Ever since the 1984 uprising, Turkey has declared the Kurds as terrorists so that closes that discussion. The Ottoman Empire has been the primary force in the region since the fall of Konstantinopole in 1453 and Turkey is their lawful heir. Even the USA can't do anything about that and like I've mentioned before, USA needs those military bases to have something to scribble on when it comes to Middle East control.
  4. And which independence movements you don't support and why?
  5. [hide] Knockout Round October 19th - November 2nd, 2019 8 Nations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 October 19th 2019, h. 16:15 England 10 Australia October 19th 2019, h. 19:15 New Zealand 13 Ireland October 20th 2019, h. 16:15 Wales 5 France October 20th 2019, h. 19:15 Japan 9 South Africa [/hide]
  6. This will only slow all the Law & Justice projects but they have firm control over the political life. The real big problem would be losing the Presidential elections next year.
  7. Americans overscored on the vault? What else is new? Maroney won an Olympic silver despite landing flat on her ass on one of the vaults
  8. It's also about the brand. Nike is a brand more than money making machine. I predict they will weather the China storm and just keep doing their job once the media storm calms down. After all, USA is one country where Nike doesn't manufacture their products at all. Everything is manufactured outside of the country - in like 40+ countries including China, Thailand and Sri Lanka etc. This is reality. Daryl Morey can have his freedom of speech but he's not closing down 700 factories all across the world thanks to one stupid tweet
  9. Nike shuts down the Oregon Project. Good riddance. https://www.bbc.com/sport/athletics/50011044 This being said, Nike has to deal with another tyre fire over in China & NBA after they could lose more money over Morey's idiotic comments. I guess this made the NOP irrelevant at this stage.
  10. Meanwhie Erdogan has played his card and blackmails EU over 3.6m refugees flooding Europe. That's exactly why EU will do absolutely nothing here. Erdogan has a ton of leverage and he knows that. More immigrants mean rise of populism in Western Europe and all those liberals are scared shitless of that happening. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/erdogan-syria-turkey-kurds-europe-refugees-invasion-sdf-latest-middle-east-a9150271.html
  11. USA needs their rocket launchers in Turkey to threaten Russia. No way around that You build air bases in Turkey in the early 50s to monitor the Middle East & Soviet Union so it's of strategic military importance and every single POTUS & the Congress knows that.
  12. Old news here. USA abandoned the Kurds after Desert Storm too. When will people learn that nobody gives a fuck about the Kurds? USA needs Turkey more as they are a NATO member. EU needs Turkey to slow down the immigrants trail from Middle East too. The Kurds have nothing of value for the Western world Hell, they don't even have their own country so they are doomed one way or another.
  13. Right, Qatar is buying global sport championships one by one in case you haven't noticed. WWE is hosting events in Saudi Arabia, I wonder how much that cost in first place. Bahrain, UAE are hosting F1 Grand Prix etc. Yeah, that shows how bad OPEC is doing right now The only thing missing there are the Olympic Games which none of these great Western countries want to stage anymore because they will always lose money. Montreal paid off the 1976 mortgage after 40+ years but Beijing hosts TWO in a space of 14 years Just how bad are they doing now?
  14. OPEC countries ain't varying their economy either, they've got nothing other than sand & oil there, yet they don't go bankrupt like Venezuela does. I wonder why? I repeat, socialism & natural wealth don't match at all. Yeah, you're basically advocating for Cold War 2.0 with China subbing for Soviet Union. Thankfully even China knows Trump is an idiot who doesn;t know what he's doing so they can ignore him. But if a true sociallist came to power that would escalate the conflict right away. China can be dead serious if they see a problem. Just see how fast those Rockets GM comments blew up in his face. Not to mention USA vs China business war would be an ideal soution for Mother Russia. It's clear enough most of the EU countries want the economical bans on Russia lifted already. Add the potential war of attrition between USA & China and Russia comes away as the saviour for global economy. That would be hilarious indeed.
  15. Like what? Venezuela is as left as it can be but of course the majority of the military rule around South America was far-right to begin with. Btw, Donald Trump would be proud of your attitude. Doing damage to China is his shtick indeed. I guess you support the trade war then? Not bad for a socialist mind! Clear energy needs global market to provide enough money to fire a big enough punch to damage China. It will take decades to materialise. Right now majority of the world is still running on crude oil & coal. You ain't getting rid of OPEC that quickly either.
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