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  1. All this being said, except for the opener France look very unconvincing. They really lack a striking quality. USA probably awaits in the QF and I just can't see beating them with such a toothless attack.
  2. I look at team success too and NOLA has had none during his tenure there. If individual numbers were really that important, Russell Westbrook should have been labelled as the league MVP and nobody really thinks that way.
  3. Germany 4 South Africa 0 & Spain 0 China 0 in the final Group B games. That means Spain probably plays USA in R16 (unless Sweden beats USA)
  4. Yeah, but AD has been a massive disappointement as former #1 pick even with West being that much stronger in this decade. If an overrated guy like D.Lillard can lead Blazers to Conference finals then Davis' struggles in NOLA are even more disturbing. He might settle as #2 to LBJ and that would be a perfect role but as Lakers future leader I just don't see this happen tbh.
  5. In the day of social media & internet you don't have to play in a big market to be relevant anymore. Hell, Kawhi went up North even on a one-year rental. Toronto has had three meaningful players for 25 years and they drafted them all: V.Carter, McGrady & Bosh Every team can issue 2 max free agents deals as well. The only thing that worked against Pelicans lately was the strenght of the Western Conference. Hell, even Clippers tried to swing for the fences, Dallas has had life around Nowitzki while back in the East even Nets did blow their chance but they actually had it few years back. The only two doomed locations IMO are 1) Phoenix Suns because Arizona always struggles to attract big-time players & 2) Sacramento Kings because it's California taxes without the hot babes & beaches
  6. It's Olympics, folks. IOC prefers continental diversity over actual power rankings of the sport. No surprise here.
  7. Why? You can't overlook the looming Vogel/Kidd/Rambis mess outside of the court.
  8. USA wins 3-0 after one poor clearance & two corners. Chile's keeper Endler prevented more goals and should be Player of the Match. Lloyd missed a penalty too.
  9. If LBJ goes down again, all this hype is gone. AD taking over as #1 will end equally as fruitless as during his Pelicans era IMO.
  10. USA make 7 changes for the Chile game. Naeher, Ertz, Dahlkemper & Horan are the only ones to start from the Thailand massacre.
  11. Looking at the Mexico squad 3-4 players are newbies to national team but it's not a B-team full stop. Even Ochoa got the place in goal against such poor opposition.
  12. Well, fuck the draft. LBJ doesn't have time for rooks around him to develop. This is "win now" move alas let's see what happens with squad depth. LBJ, AD, Kuzma & maybe another deal for Kemba Walker? It looks play-off worthy on paper alright but championship? Nope. I don't see this happening even with GSW on the ropes next season. However the offseason hype will be ridiculous The front office is a mess and it's only a matter of when Vogel, Kidd & Rambis will stir the pot and derail all of that.
  13. The level is going up, let's be honest North Korea will be back in four years once they became seeded in Asia again and I have no idea how Jamaica outqualified Mexico in first place? The big issue is CONMEBOL because Brazil is getting way too old and there's nobody coming through from that continent. Argentina seems to have improved but other than that it's pretty dire down there.
  14. Yeah, but they beat Norway in April too. However they've been absolutely toothless here. Canada wins 2-0. First time they score 2 goals in a single finals game since 2007. I wouldn't be surprised much if Cameroon beats New Zealand too.
  15. Does he even know one word of Slovakian?
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