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  1. Some seats held by Labour since the proverbial forever have been gained by Tories. Leigh (since 1922), Stoke-on-Trent (since 1950) and Blyth Valley (since 1950). Neither of these constituencies have ever voted Tory! The icing on the cake would be Labour losing majority of seats in the North East region. They hold 25/29 seats there but it's gonna be a crushing loss if a region so demolished by Thatcher's decisions will suddenly turn to Tory after all those years
  2. Corbyn has been an absolute fraud. Sitting on the Brexit fence just blew up in his face big time. If Boris frickin Johnson leads Tory to their biggest win in 30 years and Labour has its worse result since 1935 (like reported by the BBC) then Corbyn should be shot to the moon first thing in the morning
  3. The question is why would you spend time in finding holes in your faith to begin with? People usually have better things to do especially when you include job, family and maybe mortgage payments in America. I'm a Christian and obviously I'm familiar with the centuries-old struggle for power between the Church (not only Catholic but every religion there is including Judaism, Islam etc.), politicans and journalists. I know the rules of the game and nobody has changed it. Hell, you can include buddhism, Kaballah and all that spiritual shit which is no different than any of the standard religions. So even agnostics and atheists are people of faith. It's the common drug, I despise communism and socialism but Marx was right about "opium of the people". Even agnostics & atheists need something like this, they may not call it religion but it's something out there.
  4. That's the modern day paradox, atheists and agnostics seem to be more interested in the Pope or movies about religion or the Pope than Christians. I'm a Christian but I don't watch any religious movies and wouldn't waste 5 seconds on a TV series about the Pope. Religion in movies is flat out boring and a waste of my time Reminds me from another forum when most threads about certain tennis players were filled by comments from the player's haters rather than fans. Religion suffers from the same paradox, the majority of people who want to talk about religion actually doesn't believe in God in first place
  5. [hide] Knockout RoundDecember 13th - December 15th, 2019 4 Nations, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 13th 2019, h. 17:30 Norway 6 Spain December 13th 2019, h. 20:30 Russia 5 Netherlands [/hide]
  6. The modern version of the Cold War you call pointless? How come?
  7. Not in your wildest dreams. When politics enters sport this is the shitshow that happens. And you advocate for political statements during Tokyo Games. Buckle up and get ready for more drama, my friend
  8. This is a global world, you don't have to buy drugs in the country where you live. C'mon, athletes travel all over the world these days. It ain't the 50s.
  9. Unless IAAF bans Kenya or Ethiopia from taking part in their events, these conspiracy theories will have a lot of oxygen to breathe
  10. Seems like you know perfectly well it's a politically motivated bullshit hence you're so sensitive on the matter. Moreover IAAF will do nothing about the Kenya doping and of course neither will CAS or IOC. There's no political gain of throwing Kenya or Ethiopia to the wolves since these countries simply don't matter on the global scale. Well, the Russian hackers have taken down the Alberto Salazar empire so I hope you won't pretend to be shocked when more Western athletes suddenly get exposed via the same route
  11. You should be a little sad. You wanted Russia banned for 30 years IIRC so 4 years is kinda soft Plus it's Russia who gets banned but not actually Russians
  12. Russia has operated that way since centuries. They will always blame others for trying to take them down. No way Russia has a full team in Tokyo, just no frickin' way. What's even worse, most of the world thinks Russia is the only doping problem in the world and everyone else is clean. Like I've said, watch out for these Russian hackers starting to uncover documents about Western athletes next. This will be a part of the "payback" campaign IMO.
  13. This goes back to my original question, how much money and effort is ARD or any other media willing to spend to track down the doping in Kenya and find evidence of state-sponsored doping to the extent of the Russian case? In my view - nowhere near as much IMO. I'd say they'll be happy to let Kenya and Ethiopia slide alltogether. These African countries are poor enough and have no global value beyond athletics, yes, their governments can look away and let the big money sponsors take over the sporting programme and maybe inject enough doping along the way. Sure, enabling these doping cases is very similar to Russia, the difference is Russia injects their own money & resources while Kenya & Ethiopia allow foreign investors to fund the whole ordeal. And they're supposedly less guilty or even not guilty of state-sponsored doping. Just because the money isn't Kenyan but from off-shore accounts or whatever?
  14. Just a name? Hell, then don't say a word someone makes the notorious Slovakia vs Slovenia jokes. Slovakia is also just a name, no biggie Let's go Czechoslovakia!
  15. Whatever. It's pure bullshit no matter how you look at it
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