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  1. Technically speaking Wilhelm Orange was a German, right? Same shit as Poland's most famous epic poem that starts with: "O Lithuania, my homeland" The poet who wrote this was Polish but simply lived in Lithuania then under Russian Empire rule but currently his birth place is actually within Belarus borders Nothing like the geo-politics of centuries gone by!
  2. Well, the Polish anthem's lyrics were written in 1797 in Reggio Emilia so it's obvious Italy has a prominent place in the lyrics Even though that part of Italy was under French rule back then
  3. Btw, it's funny, there is a reference to Poland in the Italian anthem and there's obviously a reference to Italy in the Polish anthem
  4. [hide] Men's Tournament - Knockout Round January 20th - January 26th, 2020 12 Nations, Play-Offs, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Play-Offs Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 20th 2020, h. 14:30 Montenegro 13 Turkey January 20th 2020, h. 16:00 Germany 9 Spain January 20th 2020, h. 17:30 Russia 4 Georgia January 20th 2020, h. 19:00 Romania 6 Greece [/hide]
  5. The spare rounds in biathlon can make a lot of difference too but that's old news. The men's Japanese 4x100 relays always profit from great baton exchanges. CC relays are immune to outside influence unless someone has a really bad day in office or the waxing goes all wrong (hello, 2018 WOG).
  6. Well, the ultra-official version of the Polish anthem has two stanzas + two choruses. It's only played during national days and some political occassions. The entire anthem has 6 stanzas but most people remotely remember the third one and hardly anyone even knows the last three that are never played in public. Actually the two stanza version anthem has been played during some sporting events but it's rare indeed. Most organizers play the short one stanza version. The ultra-official version has been used during 2018 World Cup for instance - first stanza, chorus #2, second stanza (from 0:54) and chorus x2. This is the longest version of the Polish anthem you will ever hear in public Due to the somewhat fast up-tempo tune (which is actually also correct!) this version is less than 80 seconds.
  7. Some teams are better than the sum of their parts. It's the joy of the relays
  8. Sometimes the shorter versions are in use and the organizers don't even realize they made a protocol mistake. For instance the Polish anthem has the chorus repeated twice but over the years I've heard a ton of versions where it was only repeated once. Hell, I saw our athletes surprised that someone actually played the longer one, it's actually the lesser used version even though officially it's the correct one.
  9. Khanty-Mansiysk made hosting the WC races in Pyeongchang even remotely possible, now with the Russian venues banned there's no point in going to Korea for a one-off event. Everyone would probably skip it anyway
  10. Nozawa Onsen was only the back-up biathlon venue for 1998 OG and it's a ski resort first and foremost. I don't think the range is still there, the official site shows all kinds of skiing slopes and half-pipe which is far more popular in Japan than biathlon. The "A' license is up for renewal every 8 years at most. I doubt whether third string US venues still have the 'A' license when for example the second Norwegian venue in Sjusjoen only has a "B" license. Presque Isle has probably rendered Lake Placid pretty moot in the NE area. Local events can be hosted at "C" license venues tbh. There are some new venues in Latvia (Madona) and Estonia (Haasja) that are on the "B" license as well. Duszniki Arena in Poland have been upgraded to "B" in 2017. Well, it will obviously get one but probably on a temporary basis. I seriously doubt IBU stages a World Cup round there except for the pre-Olympic test and the WOG.
  11. Tessa Worley is not on the Sestriere GS start list. Did I miss something?
  12. You can't really find any list AFAIK but there are the usual World Cup suspects that are automatically 'A' listed. Raubichi and Otepaa have been granted the 'A' license as they will host World Cup races in the Olympic season (I assume they are long-term replacements for the banned Russian vanues in Khanty-Mansiysk & Tyumen). The only IBU 'A' licence venue that is unlikely to host any World Cup races soon in Lenzerheide but they are more focused on the alpine skiing anyway. So the way I see it the 'A' list is: Ostersund Hochfilzen Le Grand Bornand Oberhof Ruhpolding Pokljuka Anterselva Oslo-Holmenkollen Kontiolahti Nove Mesto Canmore Presque Isle Soldier Hollow Pyeongchang Minsk-Raubichi Otepaa Lenzerheide
  13. Wait, someone confused Slovenia with Slovakia again?
  14. Well, you posted the Slovakian media version first so if you want to blame anyone for wasting time it's actually you and nobody else One thing that has come out of it is that Livio Magoni is definitely a liar and shouldn't be trusted anymore. I don't blame him for his methods, I blame him for being a liar, period
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