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  1. http://www.sportlicht.com/sl_gymnastic/main.php?lng=2&page=500
  2. Juventus has announced they have decided not to play this year's International Champions Cup in USA this summer. Some medias report the reason for this decision is because of the ongoing rape allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo in USA. Juventus says it's reasonable to go east after spending some years in USA during the Summer.
  3. I'm just asking because I already had Okada on my list, which I took from JoshMartini007's original list. I also have Kirill Frolov on my list already.
  4. How many quotas does Japan have on your current list in Women's 20km Race Walking? I have 2, Okada and Fujii. Athletics Tokyo 2020 Qualification Quotas.xlsx
  5. Team Sky has found a new sponsor. I know many of you here on the forum are big fans of Team Sky, so you must be happy about this.
  6. MM = Medal matches Brz = Bronze medal match S and G = Gold medal match (S = silver and G = gold) AP W = Air Pistol Women AR W = Air Rifle Women AC= Award Ceremony
  7. Update: Men's 20km Walk (2 athletes) https://www.iaaf.org/athletes/australia/rhydian-cowley-238518 https://www.iaaf.org/records/toplists/race-walks/20-kilometres-race-walk/outdoor/men/senior/2019?regionType=world&page=1&bestResultsOnly=true
  8. has achieved one quota in Athletics in Men's 20km Race Walking. http://www.marciadalmondo.com/admin/pdf/risultati/17032019492Nomi2019Mar17_Asian43.pdf https://www.iaaf.org/records/toplists/race-walks/20-kilometres-race-walk/outdoor/men/senior/2019?regionType=world&page=1&bestResultsOnly=true
  9. March 17th will be a new national holiday in Italy. "Mass Start Day" Also known as, "Saints Wierer and Windisch Day".
  10. Mikaela Shiffrin, 17 WC victories in a single season. To put that in perspective, with her 17 WC victories this season alone, she would be in Top 50 all-time for WC wins across men and women.
  11. Update: Men's 20km Walk (1 athlete) (1 athlete) (1 athlete) http://www.marciadalmondo.com/admin/pdf/risultati/17032019492Nomi2019Mar17_Asian43.pdf
  12. Note to myself, never predict a podium place for France!
  13. https://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/clare-egan-a-biathlete-who-speaks-six-languages
  14. Well, when I read "entertaining my girlfriend", I think about something completely different. But I'm also 23, so that could explain it.
  15. Stefan Luitz's appeal to CAS was successful, and he will get back his GS victory from Beaver Creek.
  16. Update: Women's 20km Walk (2 athletes) https://www.iaaf.org/records/toplists/race-walks/20-kilometres-race-walk/outdoor/women/senior/2019?regionType=world&page=1&bestResultsOnly=true https://www.iaaf.org/athletes/peru/leyde-guerra-276910 https://www.iaaf.org/athletes/peru/kimberly-garcia-248799
  17. http://agf.az/en/competitions/information/190
  18. If a person or an athlete can be related to/with Denmark, that person is basically Danish. Greenland is part of the Danish Kingdom, but Slettemark got her skiing-education in Norway, which is a big reason that she can actually become a decent biathlete in the future. Sidenote, up to the Oscars this year, the Danish medias had to mention every time that we sort of had a Danish actor nominated for Best Actor for his role in Green Book. Viggo Mortensen is born in USA. His father is Danish, but he only lived in Denmark for a short while. He has lived longer in Argentina, but I don't think Argentina claims he is Argentine.
  19. RAW AIR Standing after Trondheim: 1. Stefan Kraft 1356.4 points 2. Ryoyu Kobayashi 1346.9 points 3. Robert Johansson 1341.2 points 4. Johann Andre Forfang 1259.6 points 5. Markus Eisenbichler 1243.8 points
  20. Your vegan friends have allowed you to eat meat?
  21. My only other suggestion is to listen to the song on Spotify. I know it's there.
  22. Calgary has secured the exclusive rights to host Winter X-Games. From an article: "Organizers plan to host the games in late February or early March of 2020, 2021 and 2022, depending on corporate sponsorships. The province has committed $13.5 million over the next three years toward bringing the events to Calgary". https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/x-games-winter-calgary-deal-1.5054537
  23. What about tomorrow's Single Mixed Relay? You don't have too much faith in Herrmann and Lesser will bring home another gold medal?
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