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  1. Thanks for the answer, but it isn't very optimistic. Interesting point is, that for PyeongChang this could be done well, for London 2012 as well, there are still full video replays for every competition on YouTube via olympic channel, I don't understand why not for Rio. What's done is done, yeah, but there is always time to improve, it's a matter of willingness, I suppose. Maybe You guys from totallyolimpics should be responsible for uploading video material for Olympic Games, and there it would be done as it should be. This is engagement for passionate persons. Hey, Sindo, if You worked for them already and You are acquainted with "head of digital department of olympicchannel.com", maybe it's You, who could take responsibility for that all and upload all the missing videos for Rio 2016. Why not, perhaps only through searching engine in some kind of rough way. I would do it personally, but i don't know there anybody. Think about it.
  2. Hello, I've just found this page. Maybe someone's could help. I can find on olympicchannel via searching engine full replays of boxing matches from Rio but only from days 9 to 16, that is only half of the tournament. Why is that? I had written to them about this omission via their contact link about 2 weeks ago, and nothing change, no answer, no upload of this missing video replays. As I can see some full replays exist, but in many disciplines from Rio only medal contest videos or short extracts. Is it going to change in near future, or maybe not. Do You know, are they going to upload and in sensible way arrenge full video replays from Rio, from every stage of competition, from every discipline as they did from Pyeongchang 2018? This would be wonderful.
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