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  1. With joke song, im talking about songs that FOR ME are not serious for participate in the contest, being "bizarre" in some way, the song from Tunisia is funny but close to be a joke song, the indonesian is just funny and dont have nothing bizarre (making comparisons). This spanish song has a good music (mixed of some styles) but the singer is VERY BIZARRE and the lyrics are for moments dificult to understand for somebody who talk the same language (me) and dont have any sense, may be is a "methaphor", i dont know. When i show to another people, i have two reactions: take of that..... (bad word here)!! or laughs with WTF is this?, imagine i have 34 years old, the people who see this have more or less my age and they listen 80s music like me.
  2. konig

    China National Thread | 2020东京之路

    Wow, how many post, welcome to the forum!!
  3. konig

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    Did you see Romero?,he started wonderful and finish disastrously.
  4. konig

    Shooting CAT American Championships 2018

    Another spot for U.S.A in rifle of 50 meters?
  5. Thaks bestmen!!, you are really the best.
  6. From your country, this is an average song for me, just an opinion, your are fighting the first place.
  7. Its funny, when i listen the song from U.S.A i think: "why U.S.A choose this kind of song having a lot more to choose", with the second listen, i discard it......i never expect to see this results
  8. when start the last part of the tournament?
  9. Being honest, dont give me the thanks: LDOG vote it first and i dont give points.
  10. Somevof the french jury voted our song?
  11. After the vote from Spain.....i feel shame to say that the "joke sobg" was the spanish
  12. LDOG, i like your song but i dont vote it.
  13. We always have diferent votes than the rest
  14. Thanks Ireland for so wonderful music.
  15. For me your song was the second one, i really like it.