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    Happy Valentines Day to my little Dutch boy @heywoodu, my American friends @RobtheAggie @dezbee2008 @Rdbc @PandaCat, horse lover @dcro, TISC arch-enemies @wumo26 @Agger, my drunk uncle @bestmen, my taco dealer @mrv86, favorite Slovenian @hckosice, my Lithuanian pal @Werloc, impassioned arguers @Monzanator @OlympicsFan, TISC historian @OlympicIRL, gymnastics nerd @thiago_simoes, prediction maniacs @Wanderer @Pablita, Renaissance Man @phelps @Gianlu33, northern Mexican @intoronto, Argentines @LDOG and @konig, and forum daddies @Sindo @vinipereira
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    A promising start: 2019 TAISC Logo Revealed January 10, 2019.- With a promising number of 18 national juries and 24 jury members already registered to rake part in the 2019 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest, this edition has reached another important date, as today marks the beginning for national selections. Yesterday organizers already sent a new call for nations and jury members to manifest their intention to compete, receiving so a positive response and great expectations to see the first song to be chosen to represent its country. This will continue until Sunday, March 3, which is the last day to complete the first phase of the competition. To celebrate this achievement, as well as to encourage further interest from potential contestants, hosts decided to reveal the logo for this year’s contest. In collaboration with prestigious “Pereira Designs Inc.”, the image in questions aims to connect Mexican identity and traditions with both, music and Olympic sports. As explained by the CEO of the organizing Committee the image represents a Mexican “sarape”, one of the countries most recognized garments due to its colorful patterns, which also serves as a music sheet shaped after the borders of the home nation. Furthermore, the colors chosen are meant to represent the Olympic movement and the typography is a homage to the biggest sports event to be host in its soil, the 1968 Summer Olympics, which set a bar in graphic identity for future hosts. *A Mexican sarape Furthermore, organizers asserted they intend to make this edition unique, revealing that they will engage participants and spectators with digital content that will showcase Mexico’s identity and culture, hoping this will provide a positive image about a culture many think they know. Further news to be revealed later today. *Special thanks to @vinipereira for making my concept for the logo a possibility
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    Hello everyone, from 2019 on, we will have a sports calendar here on Totallympics, with the aim of having the most detailed list of all the international sports events going on day by day/week by week/month by month, both for winter and summer sports, both for Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Here is the link to the Calendar and you can also see a shortcut in the home page under the Totallympics logo. The instructions for the Calendar are really quite simple, you can choose 4 different views, by month, by week, by day or "Event Stream" which is a more detailed list by month (the monthly view can get very "heavy" when there are a lot of events going on). All the users will be able to add a new event to the calendar, so to make this project successful we need the help of all of you. If you want to add a new event to the calendar, you just have to click on "Create Event" You can then choose if you want to add the event in the Summer Sports, Winter Sports or Multi-Sport Games calendar and you will be redirected to another page in which you have to choose the dates the event is running: You should always select "This is an all day event" (We are not adding timings to the sport events, it's ok they cover all day). And if the event last for more than one unselect "Single day event" and you will then have to add the Event End. In the bottom part you have a normal text box where you can add the details of the event. You can try and follow the format of the other events already added in the Calendar (example) and a moderator will fix the format if necessary. We are trying to keep track of every single international event (so the National Championships will not be added unless they are with international participation) so the most events we have in the calendar, the better it is. In the following post you will find a list of the sports already added and those already to add in the Calendar for 2019. Keep in mind you can keep adding new events for each sport when you spot a new event which is missing in the calendar. I hope you enjoy it and with the community help we can have the most detailed sports calendar around the web
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    Hi everyone, After 2 or 3 years reading this forum anonymously I finally decided to sign up. As many of you I'm a huge fan of the olympics and sports in general, supporting greek and french athletes. See you here!
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    Ready for more? Meet TAISC’s newest member of our family. January 10, 2019.- After a unique media format has been announced by the hosts, 2019 TAISC is ready to introduce new additions to the contest lineup. So far, previous hosts have showcased their countries, each one of them giving its personal touch to expose their culture and traditions to others. This time organizers aim to further promote the participation of users by creating a series of daily posts, displaying basic info about the host country, its people, geography and culture, not forgetting the musical aspect. As part of their plan, today they disclosed that a new member has entered TISC family. “After winning the bid process, we were in contact with our dear friend Seamus, who requested a little friend to help them promote TISC and of course, create a party atmosphere” the organizing committee told the reporters. “Looking into Mexico’s diverse folklore and legends, we found a little character that will surely get along with our Irish friend and of course will enrich this edition with its own uniqueness to the contest. Without further introductions, ladies & gentlemen we present our mascot: the Mexican axolotl” The “axolotl” is an endemic inhabitant of the Texcoco Lake system in central Mexico and has featured prominently in art and folk legends since Pre-Hispanic times. Moreover, it has recently been adopted as a symbol of Mexico’s efforts for biodiversity. However, this year’s mascot is still lacking a name, which will be chosen by Totallympics users from among 3 options, which should be disclosed during the week, in a process that will last until Thursday March 7th, the last day for the local jury to submit their votes and the start point for the other juries to send theirs.
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    No one can beat her now. Ukaleq Astri Slettemark writes sport history in Greenland. What a day for Greenland! Piluarit (congrats), Greenland and Ukaleq! I'm so happy for her.
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    My mom put a lot of effort into these hedgehog-looking cookies so forgive me for spamming.
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    Can we nominate the AIBA as biggest idiots of the year?
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    For anyone interested, I've added a Qualification Watch page to my blog. Basically it lists all unqualified nations and which events they may qualify in. These are based on performances over the last two years. Please note that these are chances and not guarantees. Boxing will be added once the qualification process is confirmed. I have also yet to add invitation quotas (outside of athletics/swimming) as it is a bit too early to figure those out. If anyone has any suggestions as to possible events a nation may qualify in, let me know.
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    As of now, the contest is closed, but the American delegation will like to thank you for coming down here to Orlando to brave the heat to participate in the contest. I'm sorry that you're leaving Florida knowing that we can't do elections right (yes, we're in recount mode here), but I think we can agree that this contest went flawlessly. Anyway, Team USA will figure out the next steps, but there's no doubt we will participate in all future contests.
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    I'm the only one who thinks this is kind of stupid? Olympic sports should have some sort of a long term plan, no just one appearence and that's all. 2028 Olympics being in LA is going to push for baseball and surf so they are going to have them at 2020, cut in 2024 and reinstate in 2028, instead of having some kinf og programme or arrangement between the different host citys and the IOC, for the sport stability to be in all and had an stable games.....
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    Merry Christmas to the forum and all of his users!
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    The day has finally come. This is probably the biggest day for many children in Denmark. Tonight they can finally open their Christmas presents. My Christmas is going to pretty relaxed this year with my mother, father and grandmother. Last year we had my cousins over for Christmas, which meant the highlight of the night was when Santa (which was me last year) came with their presents for them. This year "Santa" will enjoy his mother's delicious roasted duck with sugar-coated potatoes, red cabbage, chips and the star of tonight, the Christmas sauce. Merry Christmas, everyone!
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    Turkey breast stuffed with Fontina cheese and Pancetta with a demi-glass bottom accompanied with stuffed potatoes with bacon
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    Here it is, folks. The final scoreboard in all it's glory. @Agger (and @wumo26) for first, me and @Olympian1010 for second, and @OlympicIRL for third...  FINAL Argentina 72 Denmark 202 Netherlands 69 United States 182 Chile 61 Ireland 127 Slovakia 60 Great Britain 113 Italy 56 Bulgaria 109 Canada 55 Brazil 109 Slovenia 53 Algeria 107 Turkey 52 New Zealand 105 Mexico 52 Portugal 104 Colombia 51 Poland 103 Russia 49 Serbia 101 Egypt 43 France 99 Croatia 37 Lithuania 94 Tunisia 37 Austria 84 Indonesia 29 Malta 81 Greece 28 Romania 81 India 27 Finland 80 Spain 18
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    ALGERIA Jury Spokesperson: bestmen bună seara Florida ,it's time for us to leave this Coffin this is the Zombies National Jury from Transylvania and we have the results of our deliberations for TISC Open 2018.
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    I love how his avatar is just a big fucking map of Africa.
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    I am here to post the votes soon. Kudos to @mrv86, @amen09, @tuniscof, @dcro, @DaniSRB, @dareza, @Olympian1010, @dezbee2008, @Finnator123 for supporting a song that posted a strong social message in my country about people with disabilities. I chose this song to honour people with disabilities who are going through a tough period right now in Bulgaria, especially by one of the ruling parties.
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    To the kind attention of fellow members: 2019 Annual TISC Organizers would like to take a moment to thank each user that has signed up so far, and also to renew our most sincere invitation for the rest of you to join this edition, in particular: @bestmen @LDOG @Gigs @Il_qar @titicow & @Felipe @intoronto @Pabloffo @Damian & @carivan @dcro @thepharoah @Herki @Finnator123 @catgamer @uk12points @Janakis @Dolby @MHSN @Ruslan @Glen @Ionoutz24 @rybak @kungshamra71 @africaboy @FC Mezhgorye @dareza @hckosice @justony @Enrique @Belle @Nathy @tuniscof @Memo @NaBUru38 @Argenis Gonzalez And of course, every other user & country who wish to join TISC family. Tomorrow we'll reveal a couple of surprises so stay tuned.
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    What a race from our girls Oja and Tomingas did a really good job, especially Tuuli who I have never seen skiing so well before. Talihärm was better last year, easily the best of our girls, now she needs to catch up, but she still did her job. Gaim is sadly not even close to the rest of the team, even without the penalty loops I don't think we had finished higher than maybe 8th. This was Estonia's women's relay's first top 10 since 1993! 26 years! (8 out of 9 teams with 12 minutes loss lol) This clearly is the actual best ever really.
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    Well, everyone that knows me on the forum probably knows that I love stats and I love going back in time, so this time I was considering who is still active in the world cup from the previous winners that haven't won a race in a while and how long it's been since their success. I think that is fairly interesting, so let's start with the women: Anna Frolina - - 2008/09 - Antholz - Pursuit (1) Magdalena Gwizdon - - 2012/13 - Sochi - Sprint (2) Selina Gasparin - - 2013/14 - Hochfilzen - Sprint (2) Synnoeve Solemdal - - 2013/14 - Hochfilzen - Pursuit (2) Anais Bescond - - 2013/14 - Antholz - Sprint (1) Katharina Innerhofer - - 2013/14 - Pokljuka - Sprint (1) Veronika Vitkova - - 2014/15 - Oberhof - Sprint (1) Valj Semerenko - - 2014/15 - Kontiolahti - Mass Start (2) Franziska Hildebrand - - 2015/16 - Rupholding - Sprint (2) Ekaterina Yurlova-Percht - - 2015/16 - Antholz - Pursuit (2) Olena Pidrushina - - 2015/16 - Canmore - Sprint (2) Anais Chevalier - - 2016/17 - Nove Mesto - Pursuit (1) Nadine Horchler - - 2016/17 - Antholz - Mass Start (1) Denise Herrmann - - 2017/18 - Ostersund - Pursuit (2) Justine Braisaz - - 2017/18 - Annecy - Mass Start (1) Tiril Eckhoff - - 2017/18 - Antholz - Sprint (5) Vanessa Hinz - - 2017/18 - Kontiolahti - Mass Start (1) Well, you can mostly see a pattern that the athletes won only once or twice in their career, a lot of the wins came from Antholz and not a single (last recorded) win came from the individual. As for the men: Michal Slesingr - - 2007/08 - Oslo - Mass Start (1) Dominik Landertinger - - 2009/10 - Khantiy-Mansiysk - Mass Start (2) Fredrik Lindstrom - - 2011/12 - Antholz - Sprint (1) Evgeniy Garanichev - - 2011/12 - Oslo - Sprint (1) Dmitry Malyshko - - 2012/13 - Oberhof - Pursuit (2) Ondrej Moravec - - 2012/13 - Oslo - Mass Start (1) Lukas Hofer - - 2013/14 - Antholz - Sprint (1) Jakov Fak - - 2014/15 - Khantiy-Mansiysk - Mass Start (8) Simon Eder - - 2015/16 - Rupholding - Pursuit (3) Erik Lesser - - 2015/16 - Rupholding - Mass Start (2) Dominik Windisch - - 2015/16 - Canmore - Mass Start (1) Anton Babikov - - 2016/17 - Ostersund - Pursuit (1) Benedikt Doll - - 2016/17 - Hochfilzen - Sprint (1) Simon Schempp - - 2016/17 - Hochfilzen - Mass Start (12) Arnd Peiffer - - 2016/17 - Kontiolahti - Pursuit (8) Tarjei Boe - - 2017/18 - Ostersund - Sprint (9) Julian Eberhardt - - 2017/18 - Kontiolahti - Mass Start (4) Henrik L'abee-Lund - - 2017/18 - Oslo - Sprint (1) Fairly evident that German hopes and dreams are destroyed by Johannes and Martin. Quite a few multi-winners like Tarjei, Arnd, Julian, Jakov, Simon with a year or more since last win. Some surprises for me: Bescond, Vitkova, Doll only on a single win. Lastly, it's been a very long time since Landertinger last had a win.
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    Some photos from the women's pursuit in Arber, just because. At the individual and sprint I was near the shooting range, a bit too far away for photos, during the pursuit I was at the course. Waiting for Jill Colebourn, who we - in an attempt to emulate German coaches who yell in their athletes' ears from two meters - succesfully yelled towards her goal of not getting lapped. Dying Jill. Cheering for Chinese Yu Qing (50, gave us a nice Chinese present during the week after befriending my girlfriend at the IBU Cup in Duszniki) and Jill, both fighting with Ana Maka of Poland. On the right is Norwegian former biathlete Tobias Torgersen, until around two years ago the coach of the Brazilians (and the Swedish IBU Cup team), then coach of Poland's women's World Cup team and now working for China. Victoria Slivko of Russia on her way to the sprint-pursuit double. Janina Hettich (7), Nadine Horchler (4) and Ragnhild Femsteinevik (7) fighting behind Slivko. Eventually only Horchler would manage to hold on and get a podium. Kirari Tanaka of Japan can finally go right - towards the finish - instead of left - towards the shooting range and yet another lap.
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    After applying for about 60 different jobs during the last 9 months, I finally have my first interview tomorrow. Haven't had one for 7½ years
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    lol we are going to end up with like 5 entries per event at this rate. More sports in the same quota = less athletes competing per event. Stupid idea. If you are going to add sports, increase the quota. If you do not want to do that, don't add anything.
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    I’ve enjoyed my first year on Totallympics! You guys have always made my day better. I hope 2019 is the great year of international sports it should be. Here’s to 2019, here’s to you Happy New Year! From the last Totallympics Timezone
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    Merry Christmas to all!! May the true spirit of joy and peace be with you and your cherished ones. Enjoy your festivities!
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    as one of the rare countries the christmas main and most important day here is today so just want to quickly wish you a Merry Christmas everybody before to return to the kitchen to "help" and prepare the carp and one link, If anyone interested about Slovak Christmas version https://www.welcometobratislava.eu/christmas-slovakia/
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    we just heard an interesting story about 1978 FIFA World Cup. this is about how much England and Scotland hate each other in football The night before Iran-Scotland match, Iranian coach had a surprising guest in his hotel room. Ron Greenwood, England NT manager at the time (England failed to qualify for that World Cup) who came to Cordoba in Argentina to help Iranian coach about the Scotland match !!! this sounds like nothing nowadays because everybody knows everybody but remember at the time Iranian coaches were living in a cave and had no clue about European teams. after 2-3 hours meeting with Greenwood Iranian coaches decided to make a change in startling lineup because Greenwood advised them to put someone "dirty" on Scotland's star Archie Gemmill. they used someone who never played as starter to stop Gemmill. and that guy didn't just stop their star but he also scored the equalizing goal for Iran in second half (which was Iran's first ever goal at the World Cup in history) Scotland was a very good team at the time they were even thinking about winning the Cup , they even beat the Netherlands (eventual runner up) after this but still got eliminated because of that draw against Iran. the whole story came to the light here because the guy who scored that goal "Iraj Danaeifard" just passed away few days ago.
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    Good, the Dutch team's first opponent is some mediocre Division B opponent.
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    Congrats to the winners. After listening to all the songs, I ranked them in order. So with points, my picks would have been... 1. New Zealand NZL - 12 Points 2. Lithuania LTU - 11 Points 3. Ireland IRL - 10 Points 4. Slovakia SVK - 9 Points 5. Romania ROU - 8 Points 6. Slovenia SLO - 7 Points (GB's pick somewhere here) 7. France FRA - 6 Points 8. Italy ITA - 5 Points 9. India IND - 4 Points 10. Russia RUS - 3 Points 11. Turkey TUR - 2 Points 12. United States USA - 1 Point Greece and Indonesia close behind.
  39. 6 points
    @Werloc The first time I heard your song I knew it was my 12 pointer. I hadn’t even finished my preliminary voting by the time I assigned you 12. The only other country who’s song won my over was Austria and @Gigs. Both songs are my favorite songs right now. I will say that the catchiest song was (besides Austria) was Romania and @africaboy. My last special mention goes to @Dolby and India who submitted the best non-holiday instrumental I’ve ever heard. Here is my personal voting: 12 - Lithuania 11 - India 10 - Romania 9 - Ireland 8 - Finland 7 - Austria 6 - Great Britain 5 - Netherlands 4 - Bulgaria 3 - Tunisia 2 - Croatia 1 - Poland
  40. 6 points
    ALGERIA the Gold Medalist and the 12 points  Finland 11 Indonesia 10 Netherlands 9 Egypt 8 Denmark 7 Mexico 6 Slovenia 5 Tunisia 4 Poland 3 Argentina 2 Serbia 1
  41. 6 points
    the 11 points focu focus focus focus focus focus focus focus focus focus
  42. 6 points
    did Benolympique finally eat one great couscous
  43. 5 points
    no, not at all... they should undestand that those kids are definitely NOT interested in watching anything on TV, they hate any sort of "rule" and "burocracy" (which any sport competition is basically about...you just can't have a competition without them)... they've never been, thay are not and they're never gonna be the "Olympic audience"... the IOC must not search for a new kind of audience, they should only enforce and make happier and more loyal those who already are their long time fanbase (which is the most antithetical people you could imagine if compared to the target of stupid things like "gender equality" and above all "urban & youth")... it's exactly the same mistake the American baseball is doing with their core audience...they're trying to destroy the game as it's always been to look for people who was never into it and never will be...and the only result they're getting it's that they're losing fans among their usual fanbase and they're not finding what they're looking for among the possible new markets... in long terms, that's just the route to self-destruction...
  44. 5 points
    So in other words, congratulations Indonesia
  45. 5 points
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    Mexico is selected as 2019 Annual TISC host After their bid was selected yesterday as the new host 2019 Totallympics International Song Contest, Mexico is making early plans to host the prestigious music competition. Being the first country to receive the annual edition five years ago, also as a replacement of original hosts, this time around the organizing committee is better prepared to take on the task. “We have the strong duty to make 2019 TAISC edition one to remember”, explained bid CEO mrv86 “After all, two other deserving countries showed potential of being excellent hosts, so there’s a reason to do things not only right, but as spectacular as we can.” “Five years ago, we could only imagine the enormous impact this contest would have; one edition after the other, we have seen dedication of so many people in organizing a beautiful show and welcoming the World to their respective culture. In many ways, this supports our bid motto: music does not have borders of any kind.” “I personally would like to thank all the demonstrations of support received so far. It will be a pleasure to welcome you to the city of Guadalajara, and share with you our music, heritage and traditions, as I’m sure each of you will do with your song selections. Without much further to add, except the promise to deliver a show worthy of each one of you, I’d like to present once more: México” Mexico... the country you thought you knew Excerpt from Danzón No. 2 by Arturo Marquez Guadalajara, host city of 2019 Totallympics Song Contest
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    At the moment I am travelling from Rhosllanerchrugog to Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn. I can not complain about Polish place names....
  48. 5 points
    Congrats @Agger for the victory Thank you @Glen, @OlympicIRL, @Dolby, @thepharoah, @Janakis, @Werloc, @Pabloffo, @Enrique, @africaboy, @Bohemia @Benolympique, @Griff88, @Agger, @rybak, @Henry_Leon @Gianlu33 @Pablita @SteveParker, @justony, @Memo, @bestmen, @titicow @vinipereira, @FC Mezhgorye for the points! Congrats to @dezbee2008 for the fantastic running the show and my collegue @OlympicIRL for the silver in music'thlon :D
  49. 5 points
    A few (unconfirmed) rumours from the Danish jury: Small baskets have been seen by the doors of the jury members of last year's committee with the short greeting: "Agger sends his regards" The committee was created to make sure that the most deserving song won, never intended as a selfish thing working to win the competition themselves. When a coup happened last year, it seemed very clear that Denmark had to show who's the boss and so it happened. What will happen next is unsure. Meanwhile it sounds like the Danish jury, the press secretary and numerous major Danish people have meetings planned to consider the possibilities of hosting next year's contest. The only thing that seems official is that the jury president plans to hold a press conference in the beginning of the next week. If we'll hear anything before that seems highly uncertain
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    Bestmen's kidnapper firm will take care off him on their way back from Argentina.

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