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    Tests done. Guys, I am proud to announce you that I got my certificate and From today I am officially a Volunteer Firefighter
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    Continuing with the South American theme this night, the Organizing Committee is proud to finally unveil the logo for the Totallympics Annual International Contest 2018. The main figure for this logo, the arara-vermelha (Red-and-green macaw) is a large species widespread in the forests and woodlands of northern and central South America, especially in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. However - in common with other macaws - there has been a decline in its numbers due to habitat loss and illegal capture. With the use of its image here at the logo, we hope to raise awareness to this fact, but also celebrate its beauty. In the logo, the bird is combined with musical waves (to bring a music element) that also resembles the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio. Ladies and gentleman, the official logo of TISC 2018:
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    Happy Valentines Day to my little Dutch boy @heywoodu, my American friends @RobtheAggie @dezbee2008 @Rdbc @PandaCat, horse lover @dcro, TISC arch-enemies @wumo26 @Agger, my drunk uncle @bestmen, my taco dealer @mrv86, favorite Slovenian @hckosice, my Lithuanian pal @Werloc, impassioned arguers @Monzanator @OlympicsFan, TISC historian @OlympicIRL, gymnastics nerd @thiago_simoes, prediction maniacs @Wanderer @Pablita, Renaissance Man @phelps @Gianlu33, northern Mexican @intoronto, Argentines @LDOG and @konig, and forum daddies @Sindo @vinipereira
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    Hello everyone, the post-Olympic year is going to finish and a new sports year is going to start, a year with the Winter Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup and the first Olympic Qualifications for Tokyo 2020, which hopefully you will all follow on Totallympics and more people will join us before, during and after the events. A special thank you to the 6 users who last year subscribed to the Premium Membership, allowing me to have some extra motivations during the last year when my motivations to keep up the project were a bit low. So thank you @Prashanth, @nitinsanker, @OlympicIRL, @hukbrazil, @heywoodu and @Pavlo for your gesture. Now that I have more motivations, I was able to reduce the costs of hosting the website and I am able to pay most of them with the money I receive from the ads (which is very few, but still enough to cover most of the costs), the Premium Membership and the donations are not necessary anymore and Totallympics is free for everyone again. So you are all now allowed to add your own signature in your profile, which will be shown after each of your posts. As always, everyone can help Totallympics to grow trying to get more users from his/her own nation on national forums/social networks/communities and a way to do so is to make your National Thread active (see Serbia and India, more users attract more users as everywhere around the web) and I wish in the future every national community on the forum can get bigger
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    Scoreboard For our final act of the opening ceremony, we reveal the full scoreboard, so without further ado, here it is...  Number of Juries Voted So Far: 0 / 35 Argentina 0 Colombia 0 Chile 0 Great Britain 0 Spain 0 Tunisia 0 Romania 0 Croatia 0 France 0 Malta 0 Indonesia 0 Mexico 0 Denmark 0 Serbia 0 Poland 0 United States 0 Italy 0 New Zealand 0 Slovenia 0 Ireland 0 Portugal 0 India 0 Slovakia 0 Finland 0 Netherlands 0 Egypt 0 Turkey 0 Greece 0 Algeria 0 Bulgaria 0 Canada 0 Lithuania 0 Brazil 0 Austria 0 Russia 0 Current Top 5 Positions 1 Colombia ▶︎ 0 2 Great Britain ▶︎ 0 3 Tunisia ▶︎ 0 4 Croatia ▶︎ 0 5 Malta ▶︎ 0 And here's the logo in its form On behalf of the American delegation, I would like to thank @OlympicIRL for helping me organize this task of hosting the contest, which is not easy, but it was worth it. I would also like to thank @vinipereira with the logo despite being away from his home for some time. Special thanks to @hckosice @heywoodu @dcro @mrv86 and many others for their offers, as well as @Olympian1010 for manning the delegation while I held hosting duties. Finally, we'll be starting bright and early at 5 am EST for the main show, so bring your inner emotional lady with you
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    I met our first Asian Games medalist
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    Road to TISC Open 2018 So as we count down the days towards the Grand Final of TISC Open 2018, as with tradition, it's time to kick-off the "Road to TISC" series. This year, the series will be take stock of the roots of the contest and explore the history of each nation in our wonderful contest. It is the intention to revamp the TISC History thread in the near future so that the history is much more accessible to anyone who wishes to go delve into the history or to spend an afternoon reminiscing. While we will continue working on that, let's take a brief look at the history of each of the 57 nations (not forgetting Antarctica of course!) who participated in our fun contests. So let's begin with looking at Bulgaria, followed later this evening by Azerbaijan and Croatia. BULGARIA AT THE TOTALLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL SONG CONTEST Continent - Europe Population: 7.05 million Capital: Sofia TISC Appearances 10 TISC Open Appearances 5 TISC Annual Appearances 5 National Records Best Finish (Overall) 13th Best Finish (Open) 13th Best Finish (Annual) 21st Bulgaria NR Points (Overall) 83 pts Bulgaria NR Points (Open) 83 pts Bulgaria NR Points (Annual) 69 pts Bulgaria NR Average (Overall) 2.59 PPJ Bulgaria NR Average (Open) 2.59 PPJ Bulgaria NR Average (Annual) 2.03 PPJ NR Points Streak (Overall) 3 NR Points Streak (Open) 2 NR Points Streak (Annual) 3 Bulgaria NR Medal Streak 1 TISC Record 0 0 0 List of Bulgarian Entries: #1 TISC Open 2013 Slavi Trifonov & Ku-Ku Band - Ne Me Moli 34th 11 pts #2 TISC Annual 2014 Angel and Moisey - Tazi Snimka Pazi 33rd 21 pts #3 TISC Open 2014 BTR - Spasenie 33rd 27 pts #4 TISC Annual 2015 Deep Zone Project ft. Atanas Kolev - Zig-Zag 30th 15 pts #5 TISC Open 2015 Desislava and Ruslan Maynov - Samo Edna 26th 55 pts #6 TISC Annual 2016 Dia - Veno Neveno 25th 50 pts #7 TISC Open 2016 Georgi Stanchev - Ti Uzhasno Zakasnia 13th 83 pts #8 TISC Annual 2017 Mey - Would You Be Mine 21st 69 pts #9 TISC Open 2017 Bulgaro - Dui Chaves 34th 14 pts #10 TISC Annual 2018 DARA - Nedei 32nd 42 pts Most Successful Bulgarian Entry
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    That is the level of consistency I strive for, as I am as inconsistent as most people claim they are However, I do want to thank @vinipereira for this amazing contest and @OlympicIRL and @dcro for lending a hand in all of this. Now it's a bit cliche at this point for the next host to say that it's tough to follow the previous host, but it's a tough act to follow for sure. And to my teammates @Bohemia @FC Mezhgorye @Belle for, well, being awesome teammates And to the countries that contributed to the 3rd place run: 12 -- @MHSN @Finnator123 @Janakis 11 -- @catgamer @Henry_Leon @SteveParker @Pablita @Gianlu33 @IoNuTzZ 10 -- @Bohemia @amen09 @Glen 9 -- @Dolby @intoronto 8 -- @Argenis Gonzalez @Skijumpingmaster @heywoodu 7 -- @rybak 6 -- none lol 5 -- none lol 4 -- @bestmen @kungshamra71 3 -- none lol 2 -- @konig @FC Mezhgorye 1 -- @DaniSRB @dareza Also congrats to the fellow medallists @Henry_Leon @SteveParker @Pablita @Gianlu33 and @Skijumpingmaster And, once again, I welcome you all to the United States this fall (or spring for you southern hemisphere people) for the 6th Totallympics Open International Song Contest (and 11th overall)
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    A promising start: 2019 TAISC Logo Revealed January 10, 2019.- With a promising number of 18 national juries and 24 jury members already registered to rake part in the 2019 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest, this edition has reached another important date, as today marks the beginning for national selections. Yesterday organizers already sent a new call for nations and jury members to manifest their intention to compete, receiving so a positive response and great expectations to see the first song to be chosen to represent its country. This will continue until Sunday, March 3, which is the last day to complete the first phase of the competition. To celebrate this achievement, as well as to encourage further interest from potential contestants, hosts decided to reveal the logo for this year’s contest. In collaboration with prestigious “Pereira Designs Inc.”, the image in questions aims to connect Mexican identity and traditions with both, music and Olympic sports. As explained by the CEO of the organizing Committee the image represents a Mexican “sarape”, one of the countries most recognized garments due to its colorful patterns, which also serves as a music sheet shaped after the borders of the home nation. Furthermore, the colors chosen are meant to represent the Olympic movement and the typography is a homage to the biggest sports event to be host in its soil, the 1968 Summer Olympics, which set a bar in graphic identity for future hosts. *A Mexican sarape Furthermore, organizers asserted they intend to make this edition unique, revealing that they will engage participants and spectators with digital content that will showcase Mexico’s identity and culture, hoping this will provide a positive image about a culture many think they know. Further news to be revealed later today. *Special thanks to @vinipereira for making my concept for the logo a possibility
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    Coming to you this September.... TISC #11 Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2018 Are you ready?
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    Now, we have a special announcement. Twice a year, users from around the world reunite here in Totallympics in a big celebration of the universal language of music - hence our official motto "Music connects the world". From Algeria to Italy, and Kazakhstan to Venezuela, more than 50 nations have participated at least one time throughout the 10 editions of the contests, with countries representing Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas. We take this opportunity to present the official Totallympics Contests logo: the globe represents the global nature of the contest - while the headphones emphasize that the contest revolves around music. Now we present the logo, a collective effort between @dcro, @OlympicIRL and @vinipereira.
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    At the 1-week mark to the Grand Final of the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018, the organizing committee is proud to announce this year official motto. From Algeria to Italy, and Kazakhstan to Venezuela, more than 50 nations have participated at least one time throughout the 10 editions of the contests, with countries representing Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas. After having as hosts nations such as Great Britain, Ireland, Lithuania, Mexico and Tunisia, TISC arrives for the first time in South America, as the celebrations will take place in Brazil next weekend. Twice a year, users from around the world reunite on Totallympics in a big celebration of the universal language of music. In the words of the late singer John Denver, "music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves: We are the same." That was one of the inspirations for the Brazil 2018 contest official motto "Music connects the world" (Música conecta o mundo, in portuguese), but mostly this is about all the forum members that make this such a special event.
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    While I appreciate @Memo's response, I've decided not to allow Turkey's votes in this edition. I have read all of the participants' inputs and it seems pretty divided wether to allow this participation or not, both by reasons cited here and by other concerns I have. When it was time to register the songs, there was some talk about allowing users with no (or very little) participation on the forum, but then I've decided to follow the rules and allow Turkey's entry, mainly because the user was registered on Totallympics long enough (more than a year, I think, even if it was with a different account). So now it only seems fair that I follow the rules again. One thing is to extend a deadline for someone who asks for it (for any reason) or give any indication that they will vote, other is to allow votes after some important post-voting things already happened. Allowing such votes would definitely change some placings in the final ranking, and while that would be good for some nations, it wouldn't make others very happy - even if this contest is all about fun. I have talked privately with Memo and invited him to take part in our Festival of Music next weekend and in the upcoming Open contest later this year, if he wishes so. I hope we can move forward and next week I think we will have all the templates ready to go (I'm having trouble with the logo, but it should be presented soon).
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    After the host nation jury voting, all other nations can now send their votes for the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018. The voting is very simple: after listen to the songs in contention (which can be found in this list), the registered users in the contest must send their votes to me (@vinipereira) via private message, following the template below. Jury members will award points to their 12 favourite songs, which should be done no later than April 6th. You can find small excerpts of the songs in the recap videos above (we recommend to play them in HD). We thank you all for the participation! TEMPLATE FOR VOTING 1st preference (12 points) = 2nd preference (11 points) = 3rd preference (10 points) = 4th preference (9 points) = 5th preference (8 points) = 6th preference (7 points) = 7th preference (6 points) = 8th preference (5 points) = 9th preference (4 points) = 10th preference (3 points) = 11th preference (2 points) = 12th preference (1 point) = alternate 1 = alternate 2 =
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    London Calling: Personal Bests, Milestones and Number 8 Only weeks are separating us from the Grand Final of the 2017 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest, and it promises to be nothing short of spectacular as 35 nations will fight it out to earn the honor of having the best song. Though it's not all about winning, as some nations may be looking just to have their best performance ever. 35 nations will compete in the upcoming contest, a record since the transition to the new forum, but also an overall record for the TISC Annual contests. Every nation will aim to get points from the other 34, but how many points do you need to beat you personal best, or even "personal worst" in this case? Here it is. A graph has three segments. Blue arrows represent how many points a nation needs to get to match their average performance over the years. Top of the each black line represents the points needed to match the personal best, while the bottom of the each line represents the points needed to match the personal worst. Exact points for each of the three aspects are given in the table below. So what do we see in this graph. Well, first of all, another proof of Irish dominance. There are only 5 nations whose best ever performance is better than Irish average one (those are GBR, GER, FRA, ITA and MEX)! Moreover, if we take a look at Ireland's "worst" performance, it is still higher than the best ever performance from 10 other nations competing here. But it's not all about Ireland. One nation that stands out is just about the most consistent one, Portugal. They need 75 points for the best ever, and 64 for the worst ever result! In all of their three participations they finished on very similar points. Totallympics' very own Mr. Consistency One nation is missing from all this however, the "wild card" Iran, our only debutante this year. No history records can help us pinpoint their performance, but we will take a look at what Iran needs to do to be the most successful debutante ever (excluding the nations that debuted at the very first contest). But let me tell you, getting a crown for being the best debutante ever is no easy task. When Colombia debuted back at the 2014 TISC Open contest, they earned massive 228 points and finished second. Some of the most successful debutantes also include Switzerland (5th place at the 2014 TISC Open) and Australia (6th place at the 2014 TISC Annual). It appears as though first time performers have never won this thing however, excluding the very first contest of course. Milestones Now we take a look at some of the milestones that are bound to happen at the 2017 TISC Annual contest. First of all, our British hosts should get their 1000th point in TISC history. As of now, they are on 996 points, so just about the first voters may wrap this up. Hosting this contest should make this milestone even more special to the team GB. Some of the smaller, personal milestones, include the possibility (probability) of reaching their 500th TISC point for team Argentina (497 as of now) and Greece (459). There are also some of the overall milestones bound to be reached. Indonesia, which will open the voting proceedings on April 29 will also become the 250th jury to present their votes. Also, 20000th overall TISC point will be awarded in this edition. It will be awarded by the jury number 8 in the voting order, Algeria. More specifically, it will go to the nation that gets 8 points from Algeria. Notice the recurring theme? Well, I guess we should keep an eye on number 8 in the Grand Final of this, the 8th edition of TISC.
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    Some pics I took while hillwalking at home.... Flynn was enjoying himself, exploring every inch of woodland. And he spotted a nice place to cool down.... Ok, Flynn I think you have had enough bath time. Time to go home...
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    GRAND FINAL SCOREBOARD FINAL STANDINGS 1 IRELAND 229 20 GREECE 73 2 NETHERLANDS 171 21 PORTUGAL 69 3 AUSTRALIA 145 22 ROMANIA 68 4 DENMARK 134 23 MEXICO 67 5 FRANCE 131 24 UNITED STATES 65 6 GERMANY 116 25 SLOVAKIA 64 7 ITALY 111 26 SPAIN 58 8 TUNISIA 106 27 FINLAND 57 9 NEW ZEALAND 97 28 INDONESIA 57 10 COLOMBIA 96 29 VENEZUELA 50 11 P.R. OF CHINA 91 30 SLOVENIA 48 12 POLAND 86 31 TURKEY 43 13 ALGERIA 84 32 SERBIA 41 14 LITHUANIA 84 33 RUSSIA 32 15 BRAZIL 84 34 INDIA 28 16 GREAT BRITAIN 80 35 NORWAY 27 17 CROATIA 77 36 EGYPT 24 18 ARGENTINA 75 37 BULGARIA 12 19 MALTA 74 38 CHILE 10 Dearest friends and spectators it has been a pleasure to share these hours in your great company; please join us tomorrow for the Closing Ceremony and the award presentation for the winners of the team competition. Have a good night!
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    Of all the time i could have gone to the cinema, i picked the damn worst one You should have seen my face, when i saw the results after the movie. My friends thought something really "important" had happened (not biathlon fans). This is a moment that just made all the years of suffering, not much financing, small resources, worth the damn. Not only for Vlado Iliev, but for our whole team. And it happened, when the team was having the worst season in years. I think the motivation levels just got very high.
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    Host Venues (yes, you read that right) We're switching things up a bit with the venue, or shall I say 2 venues. The opening ceremony venue will be held at Walt Disney World, while the show itself will be held at Amway Center. About Disney World: In 1955, a brand new theme park was built in Anaheim, California. This park was the idea of Walt Disney and became known as Disneyland. At the time it was one of the biggest and most innovative parks in the world. The ideas behind Disneyland was that Disney could create a place where both kids and adults can go and have fun. From the time of opening, Disneyland became an immediate success. In the mid-1960's, Walt Disney wanted to build another park in Florida, based on the concept started in Disneyland. In 1971, the concept became a reality when Walt Disney World opened in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Unfortunately, Walt Disney passed away in 1966, and never had the chance to see his vision for the park come to fruition. The original idea was to create a new park similar to Disneyland, but with other aspects such as lodging areas and other novel ideas. One of the most creative and innovative ideas that Disney had was the creation of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. This area, known as EPCOT was to be an area that served as a testing ground for ideas which could be used in cities in the future. These ideas for EPCOT sprang from concepts of the future that were seen in the World's Fair. Over the course of time, Disney World has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the world. In fact, the Magic Kingdom which is at the heart of Disney World is the most popular theme park in the world with nearly 17 million visitors going through the park on an annual basis. In addition, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and the Hollywood Studios attractions are also ranked in the top ten for visitors. Through the course of time, Disney World has increased in size and attractions to become a place that has something for everyone. About Amway Center: From its signature spire and modern architecture to its public spaces and comfortable amenities, the Amway Center is an iconic destination to Central Florida and beyond. The Amway Center features a modern mix of metal and glass exterior materials and the spire serves as a beacon amid Orlando’s vibrant downtown. With an ultimate capacity of more than 20,000 seats, the arena was designed to respond to its distinct urban setting while revealing the activities occurring within. Bounded by Church Street, Hughey Avenue, South Street, and Division Avenue, the Amway Center’s primary entrance faces north to Church Street, creating a natural extension of the nearby downtown entertainment core. The Church Street entry features a large public entry plaza connecting to the Amway Center’s spacious entry lobby.
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    Now, is finally time to say goodbye to the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018. It was a huge honour to host this contest and we thank all the people that made this such a fantastic edition! As we celebrate many artists around the world, sometimes we may forget that we have an artist among ourselves, so to close this evening, we've invited our very own @Werloc, also known as international artist Gebrasy. Saying goodbye to Brazil 2018, nothing better than a song in portuguese. The lithuanian will perform the beautiful "Amar Pelos Dois", of Salvador Sobral! After this amazing performance and the TISC flame being extinguished, we officially close the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018!
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    The Antarctic delegation visited Copacabana beach today on the latest leg of their tour. Many traveling Antarctic fans descended on the Copacabana today also. Here is just a quick selection of some of pics that were captured showing them enjoying the beach. Someone will surely be jealous..... Antarctic fans enjoying their first TISC experience Antarctic delegation enjoying Copacabana Antarctic fans posing for a selfie
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    Talking about mascottes, here on my table are the two mascottes for the Olympic Games I have worked for: Let's see if Tokyo 2020 mascotte will join the collection
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    I think this is the list of users who have competed in all 10 editions to date.... @LDOG @vinipereira @titicow @Agger @Bohemia @Janakis @OlympicIRL @Henry_Leon @Pablita @SteveParker @Werloc @Glen @mrv86 @rybak @DaniSRB @dareza @Wanderer @justony @uk12points and @dezbee2008 I hope I didn't leave out anyone.
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    Wow, 3rd place, and to think we led for much of the voting round, it was funny that we never left the top 3 (or something like that) the entire time. Also, not bad considering Dia Frampton was a last-minute choice, so I didn't know how it was received, but it seemed to be overwhelmingly positive, and for that, I am grateful. Thank you to those who gave us points 12 - @intoronto @justony 11 - @Werloc @Dolby 10 - @kungshamra71 9 - @Gianlu33 @Henry_Leon @Pablita @SteveParker @mrv86 8 - @OlympicIRL @bestmen @amen09 @dcro 7 - @Janakis @uk12points @Damian @heywoodu 5 - @Herki @Glen @rybak 4 - @Bohemia @Benolympique @africaboy @konig @LDOG @Matt 3 - @hckosice @Agger 1 - @MHSN @Griff88
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    And I'll write a song for the annual TISC: Just an emotional girl In an emotional world That other members need to nurture Cause I don't have musical culture Sad songs are what I do best So let's put it to a test What to play to beat the rest Having neighbours also helps And the conspiracies brew I wanted points, but I have two And what else can I do But give twelve points to @heywoodu
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    Ladies and gentlemen for the first time in Africa TISC is finally here in Tunisia before the start of the ceremony let me present you the official Logo
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    Greetings all! My name is John and I live in San Francisco but was born in Canada and am still a Canadian citizen. Happy to be here. I am producing an Olympian documentary series featuring short stories about Olympians with inspiring and compelling stories. I am about to enter post-production on my first two stories and have a website with all the info. The documentary series is titled "Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold" and here is the link; https://www.beyondbronzesilverandgold.com I hope to be spending more time here and contributing what I can. Cheers!
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    Good, I hope for surfing in Tahiti, skateboarding in Guadeloupe, breakdancing in French Guiana...so we can forget that they're part of the Olympics.
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    uk12points has told me he won't enter this time so I will instead.
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    Welcome to the 2018 Totallympics Open International Song Contest The day has finally come. 2 months after we sent out a call to participate in the premiere forum musical competition event, the American delegation will like to welcome you to the 2018 Totallympics Open International Song Contest, our 11th edition overall, our 6th open edition, and it also marks the 5th anniversary of the very first edition that began in the fall (or spring for you southern hemisphere folks) of 2013. But before we get to any of that, let's hear the national anthem of the United States, the Star Spangled Banner, but it's performed by 7-year-old Malea Emma
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    Hi, folks! I'm a sports fan from Uruguay. I love motorsport since I was a toddler. Last year I attended the Indianapolis 500. Of course I watch football / soccer, as any Uruguay citizen must. And I enjoy other sports as well. I'm a Wikipedia editor, so feel free to ask anything. See you!
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    SWITZERLAND 12 FINLAND 11 GERMANY 10 PORTUGAL 9 UNITED STATES 8 IRELAND 7 GREAT BRITAIN 6 FRANCE 5 DENMARK 4 MEXICO 3 ALGERIA 2 MALTA 1 Dat waren de Nederlandse stemmen. Een belangrijke mededeling: Nederland heeft de bewuste keuze gemaakt om uit het Comité te stappen. Binnenkort zal meer informatie naar buiten komen over het handelen binnen deze exclusieve club, die meer te vergelijken is met een cult, en waar Nederland geen deel meer van uit wenst te maken. Aan de leden van het Comité: misschien kom je erachter dat het bankaccount leeg is, net als de parkeerplaats. Ik heb alles meegenomen. Alle anderen wensen we een fijne ochtend, middag, avond en nacht en tot de volgende keer! That's it for the Dutch votes. We're closing with an important note: the Netherlands has made the conscious choice to leave the Committee. Soon we will release more information about the dealings inside this exclusive club, which is better comparable with nothing less than a cult, and of which the Netherlands did not want to be any part any longer. To the Committee members: you may find the bank account to be empty, as well as the parking lot. I took it.To all others, we wish you a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening and night and we'll see you next time!
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    Thanks for the amazing gala event @vinipereira. It was a huge amount of fun and a great addition to our Jubilee celebrations To conclude the gathering, I would like to bring you all back to our roots and take a look back at where it all began..... Going Back To The Start - Revisiting our Roots "And Finally....... Sweden 12 points....." It is hard to believe that all those years have past since TISC came into our lives. No one could have predicted, not I at least, that 10 editions in and we would still be going strong - stronger than ever in fact! The history of TISC goes all the way back to 2012 when Totallympics staged a once-off topic devoted to finding the "Best Eurovision Song of All-Time". That thread began on September 21st, 2012 and, in truth, this is the date the TISC was born. It was a truly colossal competition - 5 preliminary round heats featuring 7 decades-worth of Eurovision hits, and that was only just the aperitif. A further 4 semi-finals were dished up before the main course arrived - a Grand Final in the spring of 2013 which would eventually see Abba’s Waterloo see out victory in a final vote thriller. The result would not be clear until the very last mark was cast. It was a treat to savour. A drama, the likes of which we would never see again on our little forum at the corner of the world-wide-web. A drunken fool could have told you that much! Such drama, a fitting culmination of months of competition and a community spirit burned so bright that day, lighting a fire inside the hearts of Totallympians. There was now an appetite that needed feeding, and what was to follow on our very fine menu is what we have now come to know as The Totallympics International Song Contest. TISC - that sweet dessert that we have been dining on since 2013. And what a greedy lot we are. Long may it continue! TISC I - TISC Open 2013 (Ireland) Totallympics (Open) International Song Contest 2013 Grand Final: Saturday November 9th, 2013 Venue: The O2, Dublin, Ireland Argentina (LDOG) Azerbaijan (Ilqar, AndyAnar) Brazil (vinipereira, titicow) Bulgaria (batbobi) Canada (Canada4thewin, olympicsfan97, juddy96, Intoronto) Croatia (crovitlaci, Deuce) Czech Republic (stepansevs) Denmark (Agger) Egypt (Dermatologist, thepharoah) France (Bohemia) Germany (catgamer) Greece (Janakis) Guyana (PrivateKnoll18) India (gvaisakh, gubchandrolai, dolby) Ireland (OlympicIRL) Italy (Henry.Leon, SteveParker, leli, Pablita) Kazakhstan (Ruslan) Latvia (vitaamiins) Lebanon (Roy) Lithuania (Werloc) Malta (Glen) Mexico (mrv86) Morocco (Amal) Poland (rybak, mati, mateusz00142, Adriano) Romania (vlad, yellowviper2001) Russia (vovanA) Serbia (pčelica, dareza, earth, smrča) Slovakia (JanMolnar) Slovenia (2007, mihamiha) Sweden (fabwin, Mango) Turkey (Euphoria) Ukraine (zhenya) United Kingdom (10ftTITAN, uk12points) United States (dezbee2008) Vietnam (DoPhuQuy) Totallympics Song Contest 2013 Grand Final Scoreboard OFFICIAL RANKINGS Lebanon 0 Latvia 32 Brazil 95 Sweden 211 Poland 51 Russia 38 Czech Republic 51 Vietnam 119 Croatia 55 Argentina 19 India 46 Serbia 73 Greece 20 Kazakhstan 69 Egypt 56 Slovenia 36 Lithuania 53 Denmark 91 United States 150 Guyana 167 Mexico 128 Italy 206 United Kingdom 178 Turkey 28 Canada 150 Romania 40 Morocco 65 Slovakia 18 France 89 Azerbaijan 19 Germany 92 Ireland 111 Malta 77 Ukraine 30 Bulgaria 11 Current Top 5 Positions: 1 SWEDEN 211 2 ITALY 206 3 UNITED KINGDOM 178 4 GUYANA 167 5 CANADA 150 On the 23rd September 2013, the very first thread for the inaugural TISC Contest was opened on Totallympics. A tentative toe was dipped in to test out the water. Sure, the previous "Best Eurovision Song of All-Time" topic proved a success, but would anyone really want to come onboard for this one? Those were the thoughts going through the minds of the organiser at this premature stage of our TISC journey. We did not have too wait too long however for the very first post in response to the new thread to come in.... "Approved", it said. And that was that. TISC was approved!! One single word from Henry.Leon to set minds at rest and to set TISC on its fruitful journey. Approved! The exact format of the contest was not known at that stage and as users registered for this exciting new project, there were many questions about how it would take shape: - If not enough countries take part, maybe we can have 2 songs per country? - Does the song have to be from the current year? - Does the song have to contain lyrics? - Does the video have to be a live performance? - Does the song have to be performed by the original artist? - Does the song have to be in the national language? After almost 1 month of getting the idea off the ground, 35 Nations had chosen their songs and artists with which they would compete with at TISC. However, after the voting window had come and gone, one nation had still failed to cast their votes. Nothing had been heard from the National Jury of Lebanon since they registered and submitted their entry. Despite multiple attempts to reach out to the Lebanese jury member, Roy, sadly Lebanon had ceased to fulfil their role and there was no choice but to exclude them from the contest. However, in what proved to be the only such instance to date, it was decided Lebanon could remain on the scoreboard as a "ghost entry" in faded out font. Any votes they had originally received would also show in faded out font, but would not count in the rankings. And so we were left with our 34 pioneers: Argentina Azerbaijan Brazil Bulgaria Canada Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Egypt France Germany Greece Guyana India Ireland Italy Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Malta Mexico Morocco Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States Vietnam Little did we know that this would be the first and only time (to date) that Ukraine and Vietnam would participate. Nine editions later and of that pioneering list, 17 proud warriors still hold the distinguished achievement of being a TISC "ever-present". Take a bow Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the United States! By virtue of random draw, it was decided that Latvia would have the honour of delivering the first ever set of votes at TISC. The first 12 points at TISC would go to France for their entry "Fleur de Saison" by Emilie Simon. United States took over pole position after 4 rounds of voting had passed. Their entry "Feelin' Good" by the late Christina Grimmie was proving early on to be a big hit amongst the national juries. During the early stages, one could not have foreseen the twisting road that lay ahead. Abiding memories of that contest are of three titans battling it out at the top, two of which had made early and apparently decisive bids to claim the inaugural TISC title. The third, waiting in the wings throughout, unflinching, biding their time, happy to let others set the pace, all the while keeping them within sight. Three titans, each with different shares in the drama that would unfold. Let us then introduce the first contender, Italy: "Con Te Partiro" - Andrea Bocelli Three consecutive sets of 12 points sent Italy racing out to an early lead by the time jury number 6 had finished delivering their votes. Another 11 points from the next jury from Slovenia and soon Italy had established a 22-point cushion at the top of the leaderboard. Scoring heavily, it looked as though Andrea Bocelli would not be stopped on his onward march to TISC glory. However, the second of our titans had other plans and the battle-lines were well and truly drawn. Enter the United Kingdom.... Anything you can do..... The United Kingdom were being represented by John Lennon with his powerful entry "Imagine". Having endured a slow but steady start to the contest, the United Kingdom were stirred into life and three consecutive sets of 12 points of their own saw them establish themselves as the one to catch at the head of the standings. By the end of the second of three voting sessions, the United Kingdom had opened up a healthy 30-point advantage over their nearest rivals, the healthiest advantage of the day. And with just 11 more juries left to cast votes in the evening session, many juries were already toasting the United Kingdom and John Lennon on their success. However, what was to follow in the evening session was nothing short of astonishing. "Alfred Hitchcock could not write such drama", one jury member from Egypt exclaimed. But, for the United Kingdom, it was a tale more apt for a Stephen King classic.... a horror in the making. All the while, silently biding their time, the third big player was about to make their move and time their killer punch to perfection. Here is how the scoreboard looked going into the final session...... Totallympics Song Contest 2013 Grand Final Scoreboard Juries Voted So Far 23/34 GREECE VOTING Lebanon 0 Latvia 32 Brazil 60 Sweden 135 Poland 28 Russia 23 Czech Republic 28 Vietnam 80 Croatia 52 Argentina 13 India 30 Serbia 65 Greece 17 Kazakhstan 38 Egypt 34 Slovenia 11 Lithuania 39 Denmark 45 United States 79 Guyana 114 Mexico 109 Italy 139 United Kingdom 169 Turkey 18 Canada 102 Romania 22 Morocco 41 Slovakia 6 France 58 Azerbaijan 11 Germany 71 Ireland 57 Malta 42 Ukraine 19 Bulgaria 7 Current Top 5 Positions: 1 UNITED KINGDOM 169 2 ITALY 139 3 SWEDEN 135 4 GUYANA 114 5 MEXICO 109 The Final Session.... As already stated, there was no telling what was to come. Sure, a couple of juries went by without United Kingdom scoring points, but nothing to worry about, they had been scoring healthily all along, the points would start coming soon, or so we thought. And sooner became later, and later, and juries came and went and still the United Kingdom were superglued to their 169 points. 9 straight juries voted without a single point for the United Kingdom. By the end of that horror run, the United Kingdom's chance of lifting the trophy had vanished. Incredibly they only scored 9 points in that final session. 9 points from 11 juries when they had been scoring so heavily in the previous sessions. How it all went so wrong for John Lennon in the final session is still a mystery many TISC fans have been asking ever since. And it was a lesson for all future editions that it never is over until it's over. Meanwhile, Italy resumed their position at the top of the standings, all the while, Sweden stalking their every move, keeping a distance but never to far away to strike. With 5 juries to vote, the contest was as tight as ever..... Current Top 5 Positions after 29/34 Juries Voted: 1 ITALY 174 1 SWEDEN 174 3 UNITED KINGDOM 169 4 GUYANA 150 5 CANADA 121 A further 12 point score and a 10 pointer to boot seemingly set Italy on the road to victory. With just the juries from Malta and Bulgaria left to deliver their verdicts, Italy had totalled 196 points to Sweden's 187. Next up came the votes from Glen, the spokesperson of the Maltese National Jury. The preliminary votes were announced... no Italy, no Sweden to be seen. Then came a powerful blow.....the next vote revealed..... "Italy 10 points". Italy now sat pretty on 206 points vs Sweden's 187. Malta's 11 points came, Sweden were nowhere to be seen..... it looked a desperate cause for Roxette and the Swedes. And then...... "Sweden 12 points". The neutral crowd cheered as Malta delivered on all the suspense and TISC fans would be treated to a final vote shoot-out. Step up Bulgaria and batbobi. Seatbelts were fastened.... TISC would go to a one-by-one vote for the very first time! Current Top 5 Positions after 33/34 Juries voted: 1 ITALY 206 2 SWEDEN 199 3 UNITED KINGDOM 178 4 GUYANA 161 5 CANADA 150 The National Jury of Bulgaria were in the privileged position of crowning TISC's first ever winner. Gasps all around as it was revealed that Bulgaria were not in the mood for a quick finish and instead would deliver the hyper-suspenseful one-by-one vote. Italy knew that 6 points were all that was required to claim the title or alternatively for Sweden to appear anywhere in the first 6 reveals. The odds seemed stacked in the Italian's favour. 1 point came, 2 points, 3 points...... the tension rising with every reveal. 4 points, 5, points, 6 points go by.... no sign of the two contenders. By now, Italy knew the title would be their's if they would show up anywhere in the remaining 6 reveals - in effect, it was 6 more chances to claim the title. The reveals came and went, slower each time, the tension bubbling and boiling over! Bulgaria has used up all their reveals but one... the crucial 12 point reveal. Italy or Sweden? Or neither? "Lebanon 12 points" some users called out amusingly. Others called for a doctor, the strain of the suspense proving too much for some. And then it came, after what seemed an eternity, the refresh buttons battered to oblivion on many a keyboard across the TISC land...... and finally...... "Sweden 12 points!!!". Gasps, roars, cheers, heartbreak..... all the emotions you could think of conveyed in the floods of posts that followed. Heartache for Italy. Rapture for fabwin and Sweden. An incredible and unforgettable finale that will live long in the memory of all TISC fans. Roxette would become the first ever winner of TISC. Sweden who had not led on their own for the entire contest, delivering the killer blow when it mattered. As did TISC, such drama and excitement proved to be too good to resist and we just wanted more and more! And so here we are today, celebrating our 10th Jubilee edition and let us never forget the importance of this great first edition. So to conclude our trip down memory lane, let us pay tribute to our first ever TISC winner...... Long Live TISC !
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    Wait a minute... isn't somebody missing from Team Gramado? ANTARCTICA @Tristan and Eve Of course our penguin friends from Antarctica would cause quite a stir with their arrival at the Gala Event. What an entrance!
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    As today we celebrate the 1-month-to-go mark for the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018 Grand Final, we are proud to announce the cities and venues that will host the music competition. Around the five major regions of Brazil, a total of 10 cities will be the home for the 42 delegations: our capital Brasília (DF), Cuiabá (MT), Fernando de Noronha (PE), Foz do Iguaçu (PR), Gramado (RS), Manaus (AM), Natal (RN), Ouro Preto (MG), Salvador (BA) and São Luís (MA). In addition to those cities, the contest itself will take place in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), home of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The legendary Maracanã stadium will be the venue of unforgettable Opening and Closing ceremonies, while the Olympic Park will have the honour of hosting the contest. Having recently received the Rock in Rio festival, the Park not only will be the main stage for the Annucal TISC, but host a number of events in celebration of our 10th overall contest, such as: the World Music street, in which international artists from our Festival of Music will perform; the Brazilian Roots street, a stage for contemporary and classical artists from the home nation; the TISC Official Exhibition at the Carioca Arena, celebrating the achievements and history of the contests; and last but not least, the Winterfest Special Presentation at the newly refurbished Aquatics/Ice Centre, giving fans a taste of the music from our friends of the south. We hope you will join us in Brazil 2018!
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    All-time voting medal table and all-time voting points table are available from today.
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    IBU should introduce indoor biathlon for German girls, maybe they'd be able to medal in that case
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    @vinipereira @titicow Thank you so so much!!!! This is going to be long in my memory! Thank you!! @dezbee2008 and @Damian really hard way to end great contest, I don't wish anyone to lose in this way. But thank you for making this a memorable race. I can't believe it, this was the most unexpected of them all, I never in my wildest dream imagined when choosing the entry that this would be the outcome! Thanks to all who voted for The Stunning and for all who spent the day with me here making this a really fun weekend. And thanks so much to @amen09 for all his efforts and a wonderful staging of the event. You must have been bursting with excitement when you realised how the draw made for such a climactic finish. But to pull all this off on your own is not easy and you have done an amazing job. Now go and have a well deserved rest Me and this little guy are gonna get rather drunk now.... Go raibh míle maith agaibh!! Thank you!!!
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    Keeping It Nip And Tuck Year in and year out we are proven that winning the desired TISC title is not everything. There are always so many other battles and curiosities that keep us glued to the scoreboard as the Grand Final progresses. One of those things are the battles between certain nations that seem to happen at every single occasion. So, in this article we will focus on some of the biggest rivalries of the TISC family. Algeria and Tunisia's rivalry might be one of the shorter lived ones, but it has been just as intense as some of the longer ones. Algeria and Tunisia have met each other at no less than three contests, starting at the 2015 Open when Algeria made its debut. Back then Tunisia won easily, scoring 82 points to Algeria's 28. However, 2016 brought much tighter affairs between these two African nations. 2016 Annual contest was, generally speaking, the most successful one for the African continent. Both Algeria and Tunisia went over 100 points, becoming the first African nations to do so. However, it was Tunisia that edged out Algeria 126 to 118. 2016 Open contest brought another close battle between these two. Moreover, both nations finished on 70 points! But once again it was Tunisia who finished in front on tie-break, keeping their record clean at 3-0. At the end of the year, Algeria and Tunisia met yet again, but this time in the final round of bidding. Tunisia edged out again and won the hosting rights for the 2017 Open. Will 2017 be Algeria's year? Who says that only winner gets a trophy? Sometimes even finishing in 27th place can bring you a trophy. The Czechs and the Slovaks have friendly rivalries in all kind of things, and TISC is definitely no exception. Sadly, this time we will not see a Czechoslovakian battle, as the Czech team dropped out after failing to submit their votes. The Czechoslovakian trophy has been won by Slovakia on 4 occasions, making them the more successful of the two. Moreover, Slovakia has 100% efficiency when it comes to the Annual Contest. Maybe that's why Czechs dropped out? Or maybe they are still recovering from the nasty defeat at the 2016 Open, when Slovaks defeated them by a single point thanks to the very last jury? It is a well known fact that French and Italians are regular sport rivals. Their sport rivalry has been well translated to the TISC contests. France has won 4 times, while Italy has 3 victories. France is also leading in the all-time points. But perhaps the most curious thing about their battles is the fact that the winning side always seem to crush the other. Italy crushed France by 117 points at the 2013 Open, France crushed Italy by 118 points at the 2014 Open. Their closest battle came at the 2016 Open, when France won by still a big margin of 24 points. Battle of the giants, we should say. Over the years, Great Britain has been pretty much the only nation that could match Ireland's successes on regular basis. This may come as a surprise, but Great Britain has actually been the more successful of the two, defeating Ireland at no less than 4 occasions! Ireland has 3 victories, and all of them actually came when Ireland won the overall contest. It seems like Ireland needs to come up with a winning combination to keep their neighbors at bay! Despite having a positive head-to-head score, the British have only one overall victory. That's indeed some tough luck! This is perhaps the biggest of all TISC rivalries. Canada and the USA have been fighting close battles ever since the TISC contests started. Moreover, at the TISC premiere in 2013 they actually finished on equal 150 points! This prompted users from both nations to desperately seek answers over who won the tie-break. It was Canada that edged out eventually, earning them a top 5 finish. Canadians and Americans kept it nip and tuck at pretty much all of the following contests. Their rivalry culminated once again at the latest 2016 Open contest in Lithuania. Going into the final round of voting, it was the USA that held the final place on the podium. But there was one problem... They were drawn to be the final voters. They awarded points to Canada and, in the process, they also handed them their own place on the podium. Looking at their battles over the years, it seems like the Canadians always get their way in close finishes. They won once on a tie-break, and two more times by single-digit differences. USA, on the other hand, have won only once, and that was by a big 35 points difference! TISC Analytics
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    Who gets it right? The World is already counting hours to the next edition of TISC, which will be held in Kaunas, Lithuania this weekend. Nations from all around the World are gathering as we speak. Some are hoping for a win, some are hoping to get as many points as possible and break their personal bests, while some others are mostly here to enjoy the show. As we approach the Grand Final, we've been wondering which nations usually give points to the winner, and how many points each nation usually gives to the top 3 finishers. To sum it up - we want to see which nations get it right. We start by looking at how often each country gives at least one point to the eventual winner. If you are looking to get a win, you should keep an eye on votes of Canada, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Tunisia and Turkey. These 7 nations have always given points to the winner. Denmark, Italy and Lithuania competed in every edition of TISC, which makes their ability to pick the winner even more amazing. Which nations are on the opposite end of the scale? Indonesia, USA and Romania. Indonesia never gave any points to the winner, however they competed only once. USA on the other hand competed in every edition, but they gave points to the winner only once out of six times! That was at the 2015 Annual contest, when USA interestingly gave maximum 12 points to the winning Irish song. Romania gave points to the winner only once in four participations. This map shows tendencies of each nation to pick the winner. Dark blue nations usually don't award points to winner, light blue nations are around 50-50 in that respect, light red nations give points to the winner most of the times, while red nations always do. Only nations competing in this edition are shown on the map. The second criteria we look at is how many points each nation usually gives to the top 3 finishers. Note: if a nation finished in top 3 at some contest, then a nation that finished 4th at that contest counts as a top 3 finisher. Switzerland (two-time participant) is on the top of the list with an average of 25.00 (33 is the maximum, 12+11+10). They are followed by Denmark (22.83), Italy (22.67), Australia (20.50), Egypt (20.20) and Russia (19.75). Nations that usually give the least number of points to the top 3 finishers are Algeria (4.00), United States (5.83), Portugal (9.50), Colombia (10.67) and Croatia (11.00). Following map shows tendencies of each nation regarding the average number of points that they give to the top 3 finishers. All nations are included. Nations in dark red tend to give considerable amount of points to the top 3 finishers, those in light red usually give a good number of points, those in light blue tend not to give that many points while those in dark blue don't give many points to the top 3 finishers. Note that whole South America as a continent doesn't really give that many points to the highest ranked finishers. Also, Portugal seems to be quite an exception in predominantly red Europe. However, if we have to choose one nation that gets it right the most, then that would be Denmark. Apart from the fact that they gave points to each of the previous winners, they also usually give a lot of points to the eventual top 3 finishers, making Denmark the ultimate TISC trend setter. Special thanks goes to @OlympicIRL who provided most of the data

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