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    Hello everyone, from 2019 on, we will have a sports calendar here on Totallympics, with the aim of having the most detailed list of all the international sports events going on day by day/week by week/month by month, both for winter and summer sports, both for Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Here is the link to the Calendar and you can also see a shortcut in the home page under the Totallympics logo. The instructions for the Calendar are really quite simple, you can choose 4 different views, by month, by week, by day or "Event Stream" which is a more detailed list by month (the monthly view can get very "heavy" when there are a lot of events going on). All the users will be able to add a new event to the calendar, so to make this project successful we need the help of all of you. If you want to add a new event to the calendar, you just have to click on "Create Event" You can then choose if you want to add the event in the Summer Sports, Winter Sports or Multi-Sport Games calendar and you will be redirected to another page in which you have to choose the dates the event is running: You should always select "This is an all day event" (We are not adding timings to the sport events, it's ok they cover all day). And if the event last for more than one unselect "Single day event" and you will then have to add the Event End. In the bottom part you have a normal text box where you can add the details of the event. You can try and follow the format of the other events already added in the Calendar (example) and a moderator will fix the format if necessary. We are trying to keep track of every single international event (so the National Championships will not be added unless they are with international participation) so the most events we have in the calendar, the better it is. In the following post you will find a list of the sports already added and those already to add in the Calendar for 2019. Keep in mind you can keep adding new events for each sport when you spot a new event which is missing in the calendar. I hope you enjoy it and with the community help we can have the most detailed sports calendar around the web
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    My mom put a lot of effort into these hedgehog-looking cookies so forgive me for spamming.
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    Can we nominate the AIBA as biggest idiots of the year?
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    Merry Christmas to the forum and all of his users!
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    The day has finally come. This is probably the biggest day for many children in Denmark. Tonight they can finally open their Christmas presents. My Christmas is going to pretty relaxed this year with my mother, father and grandmother. Last year we had my cousins over for Christmas, which meant the highlight of the night was when Santa (which was me last year) came with their presents for them. This year "Santa" will enjoy his mother's delicious roasted duck with sugar-coated potatoes, red cabbage, chips and the star of tonight, the Christmas sauce. Merry Christmas, everyone!
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    Merry Christmas to all!! May the true spirit of joy and peace be with you and your cherished ones. Enjoy your festivities!
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    as one of the rare countries the christmas main and most important day here is today so just want to quickly wish you a Merry Christmas everybody before to return to the kitchen to "help" and prepare the carp and one link, If anyone interested about Slovak Christmas version https://www.welcometobratislava.eu/christmas-slovakia/
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    Merry Christmas Merry Christmas everyone who celebrates. Wishing you and yours all the best for the holidays
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    Merry Christmas to all users who celebrate today, have a great day! I am interested in world holidays, if you have time, write what kind of food is prepared today, are there any rituals performed, etc. Thanks Question for Italians, do you lit candle on this day?
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    Happy new year, full of sport emoction for all
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    Happy Christmas at all @DaniSRB no, I don't never listen something like lit a candle in the Christmas night.
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    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, And, if you don't, have a good day anyway...
  21. 4 points
    Double podium pics today because yeah..they are two today there...we never experienced something like this in Biathlon, this is the first time ever we can say that we had 2 girls in the race today and they finished 1st and 2nd Nastya 34th careers WC podium, 14th win. 1st seasons podium and win. Paja 5th careers WC podium, 4th seasons, 3rd second place.
  22. 4 points
    Shocked results in the women competition at the Russian championship 1 Anna Shcherbakova 229.785 (14 years old) 2 Alexandra Trusova 229.712 (14 years old) 3 Alena Kostornaia 226.543 (15 years old) 4 Stanislava Konstantinova 212.924 5 Alina Zagitova 212.031 (Olympic champion 2018) 6 Sofia Samodurova 209.776 (Started in the Grand Prix 2018 final) 7 Evgenia Medvedeva 205.901 (Silver olympic medalist 2018). Elizaveta Tuktamysheva didn't participate. No one from top-3 can't start at the European Championship 2019 because they didn't reach 15 years old for the moment of the official start season (1 July 2018)
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    This is the first photo I’ve ever seen of real-life bestmen
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    someone decorated his house with this fox-doll , look at what happened:
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    They need this manual: Australia ≠ Austria Slovakia ≠ Slovenia Iraq ≠ Iran Sweden ≠ Switzerland Dominican Republic ≠ Dominica