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    Skateboarders look like gas station workers.
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    Here’s another look at the Brazilian, American, and French uniforms for Skateboard. I honestly quite like these, but I’ll probably be in the minority as always. Little bit of background on them: https://nylon.com/nike-2020-olympic-skateboard-uniform What do you guys think @bmo @Bohemia @vinipereira @thiago_simoes @Rdbc @Benolympique
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    It's not that simple. You can't delete a contract in the NBA. Drummond has a player option at the end of the season and he can join whatever the team he wants, the Pistons could have lost him for nothing.
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    I mean it’s reminds me of Stromae’s clothing so much 😅 I guess it something that he would have wear
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    Welcome @Dnl! I decided I should probably give you a proper welcome since you seem to be a active user (which we love)
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    Italian Biathlon is dead just before the most important event in its history (the home worlds, for the first time with reasonable ambition to win more medals)... earlier today, in fact, Lisa Vittozzi released an interview to a local (to her) newspaper where she explicitly says that our coaches are the only responsible for her losing the overall world cup, because they favoured Wierer all the time, especially at the world champs, when they allowed Doro to miss the women's relay just 24 hours before her mass start triumph (which, according to Vittozzi, is a proof of the fact that Wierer wasn't sick at all, as they said to justify her absence from the relay)... she also said that her and Doro are not friends at all, just members of the same NT, but fierce rivals, that they have nothing to share with each other and so on... and Vittozzi's mom threw oil on the fire on her social media accounts... perfect timing, I'd say... to me, Vittozzi should be kicked out of the team immediately (at least until Doro is active and successful)... this whole story reminds me the stupid feud between Di Francisca and Errigo in Fencing...it's really sad to see how every time we have more than one very competitive woman in the same team, sooner or later they're going to destroy everything around... I'm really disappointed and annoyed by this farce...nothing's gonna be the same anymore when I watch women's Biathlon in terms of the Italian results perspective...
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    Several athletes were banned from 2014 youth Olympic in Nanjing because they came from West Africa due to Ebola crisis. Why should Chinese athletes get a free pass.
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    And I think that by publishing this article They did more harm than they could ever imagine
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    When things come to China, there always be a lot of comments full of bias. If the government hide the information about the virus from others, how do people from other country know the truth? As I know, sars was from Feb. ended up around Jun., how do some people say it took the whole year? As for the athletes from China, they are well protected than anyone, even though a normal people who wear a mask would't get infected, how could the athletes contaminate others? Hope China can stay strong
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    Let's ask @brunamoura to make a video of the start if she isn't participating in it herself
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    All based on his 'and I refuse to watch any of them'
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    You can write in your application that you'd go to Madrid and work 12 hours a day for free, your chance of being hired would skyrocket.
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    Kirk Douglas passed at 103. I'll remember him from the Ace in the Hole and Paths of Glory.
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    I was looking at more photos of the different uniforms Nike released today, and I can say is wow! The athletes are gonna look dope as fuck this summer. The soccer uniforms are awesome (Nigeria again receiving the best uniforms). USA basketball going to back to a retro look. USA podium wear gives a nod to the space industry. All the new shoes look awesome. Nike also unveiled its latest universally available running shoe that some claim will be better than the Vaporfly.
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    Kaz-Brazil-istan also qualified after beating Czech Republic. playoffs in Europe are also set vs vs 3rd place match in Africa is also a World Cup playoff vs Finland and Angola have chance for their World Cup debut in South America, it will be most probably and the winner of /. if Venezuela qualifies it will be their first time. while in Asia, they postponed the Asian Championship to an unknown date and it seems nobody knows when ! even though 5 quotas is too much for AFC and Iran is 100% safe to qualify
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    Protests in Montenegro Podgorica: Niksic Berane Pljevlja Bijelo Polje Budva Bar
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    Djokovic are singing "Una Terra Promessa" in the 2nd day of Festival of Sanremo
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    Matt is shorrer than Olympian1010, and it even ends with double t.
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    Still weird to see people use my real name I don’t care which one people use the by the way. It’s not really a secret anymore believe it or not.
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    Ladies & Gentlemen ................ the movie....................
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    Updated map Returning countries (3): (A2017), (O2013), (O2017) Countries who participated at O2019 and have not yet confirmed the participation (12):
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    Alexandra Soldatova hospitalized following suicide attempt, it seems she cut her veins https://www.unian.info/world/10862324-russia-s-star-gymnast-hospitalized-following-suicide-attempt.html

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