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    However, some of the Trappers' and BeNeLiga's (Dutch/Belgian competition) best players aren't on the roster, according to someone on a Dutch forum with knowledge of these competitions.
  3. 1 point
    Yup and I remember having to learn words like "čučoriedka" and "korytnačka". But I think we only spent one lesson on it in 5th grade and never touched it again
  4. 1 point
    Not nearly enough countries, but it should be in something like the Urban Games or World Games. I don’t know what the UCI has against the World Games, but it’s a shame they won’t like these disciplines try there luck there. Trails would be a great inclusion at something like the European Championships or European Games too.
  5. 1 point
    Well, they are provisionally given to these nations. It will change only once the rankings get established.
  6. 1 point
    Well it's not like Judenburg is a metropolis or something, that's just a bunch of trees they race through basically
  7. 1 point
    Percé has a race, really? Lol that’s a small village in the middle of nowhere xD
  8. 1 point
    Bit late but never saw this before, but...there's not exactly a disguise to the racist tendencies of some of the characters. The whole point is showing exactly things like their racist tendencies, which is why black, white, yellow, red, whatever people are always in one way or another ridiculed, just like women are, men are, straight people are, gay people are, muslims are, Christians are, atheist are, poor people are, rich people are. Almost literally every 'group' one can think of.
  9. 1 point
    That was so classy. Wish I was around for it. Also love how you guys say 'november' @Jan Linha I feel like we met at Pyeongchang lol
  10. 1 point
    some mega ultra retro @ahjfcshfghb @Jan Linha The ending jingle of Czechoslovak Television. With this the Czechoslovak Television ended its broadcasting every day. Love the anthem the Czech part (the first one) showing beautiful lands and architecture, then starts the Slovak part and immediately they showed... Mountains Oh dear, I want our country back
  11. 1 point
    The are more fijians than native americans in the team, they should do a haka
  12. 1 point
    Damn, just finished watching now so also here I'm late to the party, but I'd like to nominate that insane 264kg as one of the moments of 2019 in sports So happy I managed to avoid spoilers all the way to now Well, I hope he does as expected in Tokyo and confirms the gold with his 1st attempt in CJ, so then he can go for 267kg and the all-time record
  13. 1 point
    Only if the team consists of mainly native Americans, otherwise it's just silly and a very 'forced' thing.
  14. 1 point
    close, but not quite! Australia gave Japan a good scare, as they took a 2-0 (soon to be 2-1) early lead that they could maintain until the 7th inning, when Japan took advantage of the lack of pitching depth of the Aussie team and tied the game. Finally, in the 8th the hosts somehow also found the way to win today's match and keep their unbeaten record, together with Mexico and South Korea... Final score, Japan, 3 b. Australia, 2 Boxscore at the Tokyo Dome, instead, the Koreans didn't show any mercy against the young American team... first, they hit a 3-run homer in the first inning and then their experienced pitchers gave the talented but still impatient and undisciplined US hitters a lesson on how to contain the opposing hitting power and how to limit the damage with runners on base... as a result, the US boys, despite summin'up 13 hits and 16 left-on-base, could score only 1 run, which was definitely not enough to match the Koreans... Final score, South Korea, 5 b. USA, 1 Boxscore Tomorrow, another full set of games awaits for us: Australia vs Mexico @ Noon (local time) / 4 a.m. CET and then South Korea vs Chinese Taipei (ZOZO Marine Stadium) and USA vs Japan (Tokyo Dome), both starting at 7 p.m. (local time) / 11 a.m. CET
  15. 1 point
    Rick Pitino has been hired to coach Greece's national basketball team in pre-olympic tournament and (in case we qualify) in Olympics + @Olympian1010
  16. 1 point
    Mexico started their campaign in the Super-Round with a convincing win over Chinese Taipei, 2-0 the final score (with the 2 runs scored in the 5th and 6th inning against a fading starter, Chiang Shao-Ching...and a great team effort by the pitching staff, only 3 hits and 3 base-on-balls given up in total by the 6 guys who took the mound for MEX)... so far, Mexico are undefeated and they're getting closer to earn the Olympic spot for the American continent (even if they still have to look at the US boys, who don't look so strong, but they're definitely not to be underestimated either)... Mexico vs Chinese Taipei Boxscore Australia vs Japan & United States vs South Korea are next, in about half an hour...
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  18. 1 point
    and quotas in final event, Men's 10m Air Pistol
  19. 1 point
    Man, the US election, Olympic Games, Leap Year, and now this 2020 is an early front runner for best year ever!
  20. 1 point
    Are they not the IHHF, or did I just miss a joke? (Realized what I did wrong gayer typing this) Great, ICEland can’t even do well in ICE sports 😑
  21. 1 point
    Yes, Oberliga will have a break too, According to the schedule Trappers plays the 8th December in Hamburg and then the next match against Rostock is the 20th December. The Olympic qualifier tournament is 12th-15th December
  22. 1 point
    Quebec is another animal in itself. The leadership there is definitely questionable. You cannot put the blame on Canada...
  23. 1 point
    men's 5000m Relay Gold: Hungary and South Korea Bronze: Russia Yes, we had a tie to the thousandth of a second!
  24. 1 point
    I am, by no means whatsoever, a person qualified to give advice to anyone. However, I can speak to what your feeling. If you remember back to my 5,000th post, I believe I talked about the long period of depression I went through in middle school. The only reason I’m still alive to this day, is because someone believed in me. A teacher took my aside about 1/3 through 8th grade (the last grade before high school in the US), and essentially told me that I had a gift for writing and deep thinking. That lit up my world. I’ve put a lot of energy into writing, journalism, sports analysis, etc. since then. It’s thankless work. I can stay up for 6 hours writing a masterpiece of political or satirical poetry, and then get shit on by my peers. I’ve submitted to 4-5 internships with pieces that are some of my best, and have never made it to the second round. Often when writing for Totallympics Media, I think “Does anyone even care what I write” or “no one even reads these” or “I’m not happy right now, so why do I do this”. It’s hard. Plus, that’s not mentioning the constant pressure to be at my best. I spend a lot of nights just think “What am I doing!”. I’m 19, I never driven a car, I barely leave my house, I don’t have a paying job, I too lazy to do the simplest of workouts, I do have any life skills etc It takes strength to keep going, and your only as strong as you make yourself. People can tell you what to do, how to fix yourself, that you’ll be nothing, that your works incredibly pointless, etc. At some point you have to decide “this is what I’m doing, and fuck everyone else”. I ran races years, and essentially finished last. Do I feel terrible often for finishing so far back? Yes. Did I often dream of just one time doing exceptionally well? All the time. Did I stop running no? No. What people didn’t see was the work, dedication, and enjoyment behind the scenes. They didnt know how good it felt to be in shape. How good it felt to just run with friends for an hour. They won’t know the feeling of pushing through all the pain to finish. It doesn’t matter to people because they don’t understand the passion. It’s the same with writing. I’ll make to Instagram posts. One is of my cat. That gets, say, 50 little hearts (likes). The second one is a picture of the sunset that took 20 tries to frame properly, accompanied by a poem about the fragility of life. That gets 10 little hearts. I feel crushed. I put in tons of work and into the second post, and people liked the crappy photo of my cat more. It makes me question why I even write poetry. Then, two weeks down the line one person will message me. They’ll say that they really connected to that poem. They feel like I gave them a voice. I remember then why I do poetry. It’s art, it’s subjective, it’s often under appreciated, but I enjoy it. I’m truly myself when I write. There are often times, as I said, where it feels fucking useless, to do anything. I just remember that I’m trying to find that one person to make happy, to brighten their day, to help inform them, to show my true colors. That’s how I get through writing day in, and day out. Sometimes, like you said, I feel like I absolutely love what I do, other times I hate myself and my writing. I’ve decided (a while ago) that’s it’s important to continue writing because it’s the only place where I’m truly me. My opinion matters when I write because some will eventually read it, and want to have a discussion. I’m an average man. I’m about as sadly standard as they come, but I just get through everyday, by trying to brighten, help, or improve someone else’s day. For me, informing people about various sporting events gives me sheer joy. Often no one makes a comment about what I write, but I always know it made someone’s day. I might post a pre-written press release about a Paralympic sport, by I choose to believe deep down, that someone will read and find something they like. Maybe one of their fellow country people won an event, and now they’re fans of them because of my article. Maybe a random fact from my article makes someone realize they love history. Three years later they’re spending hours reading old texts because that’s what they love now. You can’t be believe in anything until you believe in yourself. Think of it like the Greek myth of Pandora. She opened the box of human feelings. Everything scary escaped, and she closed the lid before HOPE could escape. I choose to believe that we, ourselves, have to open our box (our mind, our soul, etc.) and let HOPE out. The world is a sad place without hope. They wouldn’t be happiness without hope. I could spend a lifetime writing reports, articles, political theories, poems, songs, etc. and feel satisfied with my work (even if I’m unhappy) because I know that odds are, it meant something to somebody. @Vojthas you are an incredibly talented, interesting, and funny person. I enjoyed working with you. It pains me to hear about what your going through. I know many entertainers, writers, etc. who have all gone through the same feelings. They got through it because the believed, and choose to continue to hope for opportunities until it finally paid off one day. There are plenty of people who’ve tried thing after thing for 50 years, and one day just hit the freaking jackpot with an idea. That won’t happen if you stop believing in yourself. To me it sounds like you need time to make a choice. Is what you love doing worth it? Is it worth the long nights, the hardships, the glory, the pain, the frustration, the happiness. Or, is it time to move on? Is it not worth it anymore? Is there someone else where you could make a serious impact? Is there something else that will give you the same feeling you loved when you started? I’ve not known you long, and I obviously don’t know you as well as a close friend would, but I know and feel deep down that you’ll make the choice that makes you happy. I spent a long time on this, so hopefully you, or someone else reads it . I ain’t proofreading it, so sorry if the grammar sucks. I hope that it helps, at least in some small way.
  25. 1 point
    Odd story here: I do often think the United States would be better if we just disbanded.
  26. 1 point
    80% of the time the countries responsible for completely destabilizing the politics in South America are the United States and England (mostly in past centuries). Of course things are a lot more complex than simply stating "they started it", but in one way or another these nations are always meddling with politics here, either because they want money (the British in the past), oil (the US) or simply destabilize SA so that the region gets discredited (and loses economic prestige and investments). I'm aware of the complexity of a military coup d'etat, and I know it takes more than influence of a foreign nation to start it. Democracy in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay is fragile and democratic ideals are somewhat recent. Venezuela spent 14 years under Chavez's orders, and Bolivia spent 13 years under Morales' control, but theoretically they were elected in democratic elections. It's very suspicious that the (far right) politicians in these nations had to seek for foreign intervention so they could forcefully depose the presidents of the nations. As I said, I fear for the region. I'm convinced a military coup d'etat will take place in Brazil soon (maybe next year) if Lula keeps getting stronger, since Bolsonaro and the military forces would not be happy with Lula's popularity. Chile is in complete chaos right now, but at least the population is fighting back. Argentina chose a left wing president, so they are (in theory) not in danger of a coup d'etat, but as unlikely as it may seem, I'm afraid that the far right there could simply invoke foreign help to cancel the elections and cause turmoil in the nation. South America is a mess right now.
  27. 1 point
    Ísland! Ísland! Ísland! I really need my favorite Europeans to pull through and win something, anything. I mean, my Oceanian favorites, Fiji, have been more successful as a late. (Obviously not in Ice Hockey, but in other things)
  28. 1 point
    the home woman is on fire also today... women's 500m Gold: Kim Boutin Silver: Martina Valcepina Bronze: Natalia Maliszewska
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    I have a feeling that you won't feel the same way in November next year.
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    Tarania Clarke, only 20, was stabbed to death. Sad.
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