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    Livestreams Wed. 08:55 Wed. 14:55 Thu. 08:55 Thu. 14:55 Fri. 08:55 Fri. 14:25 Sat. 08:55 Sat. 11:30 Sat. 14:55 Sun. 10:05 Sun. 11:30 Sun. 14:25
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    I have a dream, just not stop to kick the ass of the person responsible of removing the K4-1000 from the Olympic program
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    When you're so atention starved you don't think clear
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    It certainly was a qualification event, in terms of points, for the mixed relay - and quite a generous one, as it happens with the same 800 max points as a world series mixed relay event. I think only there may be only one mixed relay scoring event left, the World Series vent in Abu Dabai next march, before the cutoff on 31 March. I don't think there are any continental champs left to score in... The top 7 nations in the rankings get an auto 2+2 athletes in both individual and relay race, while a further three can win 2+2 and relay spots in the final qualifier mixed relay race proper in May in Chengdu - the lucky top 7 will, of course, be excluded from that race, as will any lucky countries who've managed to hit 2+2 'organically' within the individual rankings - the indy rankings will award 26 places 'sequentially' on rankings, but will a) ignore the first two for the 'lucky 7' (sensibly enough), and will also, of course ignore any from a nation that has hit it's max of 3 per NOC in that individual event - several US, GB and French, for example, will be skipped over - notably GB for example, hit it's women limit as high as world ranked number 7 (non standford, currently GB #4 - which is not to say GB can't select Non, they can, but they only get three spots, come what may) - the effect is that ranking qualifications could very easily go into the mid forties early fifties, and even into sixties and seventies, despite technically only going to #26 Given all that, my rough and ready calculation is that no team outside the top 7 can catch Germany, who are currently 6th, even if Germany don't even turn up in Abu Dabai - The Netherlands, currently seventh, can be caught, theoretically by Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Canada, but Germany are simply too far ahead. so, to all intents and purposes the following teams have already mathematically secured a minimum 2+2 from the mixed relay: FRA, AUS, USA, GBR, NZL and GER. The following has a guaranteed host 2+2: JPN Slightly more mathematically tenuous, I think the following have guaranteed relay spots by dint of having athletes who cannot be squeezed out of 2+2 individual spots; Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, South Africa. The three nations most likely to need the Chengdu event, it seems to me are likely to come from Canada, Russia, Portugal, Norway and Brazil - decently strong relay teams, with some very strong individuals, but lacking in numbers (all 5 have an automatic 2+1 from individual rankings) unless a final qualifier makes a late surge. Canada, however, could still realistically take the seventh spot through the Abu Dabai event, in which case the netherlands are probably safe anyway, and it becomes three from 4.
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    Standings after Speed Competition... 4.22 5.39 6.81 9.41 9.83 10.36 10.63 11.07 13.90 16.65 16.74 22.56 22.70 25.53 28.86
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    Now you missed an excellent chance for a Pita joke
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    Is this supposed to be the Canoe'athlon?
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    Live results:
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    Heavy attendance for the swimming finals today
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    and another year passed. it´s 51 years now from the night of 20-21 August and the coward occupation of the warsaw Pact armies under the control of USSR of Czechoslovakia during the night. destroying and stopping the hope of liberalization of millions of czechs and slovaks #neverforget
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    Women's 800 metres Christina Hering 1:59,41 minutes in Pfungstadt:
  13. 1 point
    Gender equality my friend, the freaking gender equality in all canoeing sprint/slalom events
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  19. 1 point
    no , this's because financial reasons , that's why they cut the number of participants
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    Finalists Women's K2 200m - Men's C2 200m - Men's K4 1000m -
  21. 1 point
    I know SVT shows it on their live stream service. (Access with a VPN)
  22. 1 point
    "There is no secret potion for endurance." Good one.
  23. 1 point
    The lead in combined is so much better than the actual lead competition in terms of how ties are broken: simply based on the time in the final instead of results of previous rounds. So. Much. Better.
  24. 1 point
    That's disappointing Just let Senegal or Mali or some other country sort of south of the Saraha but north of South Africa host it and you won't have a high enough number for the atmosphere (ok, not a significantly higher score for information and overall organization, but still, I prefer atmosphere )
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    Always adding content:
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    This raises my hopes to next african championship
  27. 1 point
    So I thought I’d make a rankings list of all the continental games this Olympiad cycle. The rankings are purely my opinion. I’ll do this again after the 2020 Winter YOG except I’ll compare all the multi-sports games of this cycle. Branding (a.k.a Graphic design, colors, logo, etc.): 1. 2019 African Games 10/10 2. 2019 Pacific Games 10/10 3. 2019 European Games 10/10 4. 2018 Asian Games 9/10 5. 2019 Pan American Games 8/10 Availability of Information: 1. 2019 Pan American Games 9.5/10 2. 2019 European Games 8.5/10 3. 2018 Asian Games 7.5/10 4. 2019 Pacific Games 3/10 5. 2019 African Games 1/10 Atmosphere: 1. 2018 Asian Games 10/10 2. 2019 Pacific Games 9.75/10 3. 2019 European Games 9/10 4. 2019 Pan American Games 8/10 5. 2019 African Games 1/10 Ceremonies: 1. 2018 Asian Games 11/10 (scored as 10) 2. 2019 European Games 10/10 3. 2019 Pacific Games 8.5/10 4. 2019 Pan American Games 8/10 5. 2019 African Games 3/10 Streaming/Broadcasting/Television: 1. 2019 European Games 9.75/10 2. 2018 Asian Games 9.5/10 3. 2019 Pan American Games 9/10 4. 2019 Pacific Games 9/10 5. 2019 African Games 3/10 Level of Athletes: 1. 2018 Asian Games 10/10 2. 2019 Pan American Games 8.5/10 3. 2019 European Games 8/10 4. 2019 African Games 7/10 5. 2019 Pacific Games 3/10 Diversity of Medalists: 1. 2019 European Games 9.25/10 2. 2018 Asian Games 9/10 3. 2019 Pan American Games 9/10 4. 2019 Pacific Games 8/10 Unknown. 2019 African Games Sports Program: 1. 2019 Pan American Games 9.75/10 2. 2018 Asian Games 9/10 3. 2019 Pacific Games 8/10 4. 2019 African Games 7.5/10 5. 2019 European Games 5/10 My Personal Ranking: 1. 2019 Pacific Games 10/10 2. 2018 Asian Games 9.5/10 3. 2019 European Games 9/10 4. 2019 Pan American Games 8/10 5. 2019 African Games unknown (could rise, but doubtful) Final Ranking: (Will be revealed after African Games)
  28. 1 point
    Alright some more streaming and broadcast information for y’all. SNRT TNT Schedule for 8/21: 12:00 Handball v. 15:00 Taekwondo (Afternoon Prelims) 17:00 Swimming (Finals Session) 19:00 Taekwondo (Finals Session) 24:00 Daily Highlights SNRT SAT will show the 2019 European Games boxing finals at 15:00 for those interested (they showed basketball 3x3 yesterday) Also Olympic Channel will broadcast daily the only international program available. This will be a 50:00-1:00:00 highlights package
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  30. 1 point
    imagine if sagan plays the role of the seller of soap in one Publicity certainly hckosice will buy everyday 100
  31. 1 point
    ..and #1 seed Akane Yamaguchi lost her opening match to Yeo Jia Min .
  32. 1 point
    Believe it or not, Irish team has a newly appointed Serbian head coach. @DaniSRB @dareza
  33. 1 point
    The king of Morocco most have the hardest erection right now. I mean could the ceremony be more about him? There was a whole segment that was the national flag, followed by his seal, followed by pictures of him jet skiing.
  34. 1 point
    My god they have performance drones. I’ve found the budget! @thiago_simoes
  35. 1 point
    Triple gold medallist from last year's WCH, Laurence Vincent-Lapointe, has failed a doping test and has been provisionally suspended.
  36. 1 point
    I mean, it's about time they transition from the heptathlon to the decathlon.
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  38. 1 point
    I see they know no fear... :S It was the biggest amount of drug police caught at the Sziget fesztivál. Ever. On day 0... Even printing flyers with price list. Idiots.
  39. 1 point
    I can kinda see this happening now though. Some Dutch sprinter providing her with the goods and Marit sailing her boat to the other side of the world
  40. 1 point
    How did you think the relatively strong performances of late were funded?
  41. 0 points
    Rai is a shit... They remove the frist 2 hours of equestrian fron the schedule. What shame
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