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    I'm beginning to wonder. Will we ever see @hckosice in the cycling comments again the day that Sagan retires?
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    Yes, no one cares about fencing in Brazil and, yes, she was born in Italy, but I hope this medals puts fencing on the map in Brazil and boosts the confidence of future fencers. You are from Romania, so you must know how much bad results can impact the future of any sport, especially your women's artistic gymnastics team.
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    yeah I know but the word Persia is confusing, as it confused some of you guys here already Persia/Persian is the name for the country, the race and the language !!! but ironically the word "Persian" is not Persian . it's English and it probably comes from "Parsi" which is the old version of Farsi. we call the language "Farsi" and the race as just "Fars" and as I said the name Persia for the country is a bit problematic. other races here don't prefer to use that word for the whole country. for example when they picked the slogan "Princes of Persia" for our football NT for one of the World Cups (2014 if I'm not wrong), some people here didn't like it AT ALL. PS: by using an example from previous World Cups I just tried to make it a bit on-topic
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    Nathalie!!! I'm so, so happy that she finally won the individual Gold Medal...today she has really painted a masterpiece... on the men's side, impressive piece of mental strenght by Oh, who didn't lose his focus after an awful start in the final match and eventually completed a remarkable comeback... today he proved himself definitely the strongest in the field...well deserved gold medal for him... on the Italian side, we can only regret Moellhausen's decision to switch her Nationality...'cause our girls once again have been really disappointing, losing assaults that they should win with closed eyes... Curatoli's Bronze medal is only a small consolation...he could/should have done a bit better also against Oh...he was 9-7 ahead and then he just lost his mind too easily (and it happened many times also in the world cup events...after the break at the 8th hit, he often gives up a break to his opponents...that's a dangerous tendency that should be investigated by himself and his coaching staff)...
  5. 2 points
    Yes, i was a young kid too at that time, I remember watching that tour after school with my parents (there wasn´t a big choice though, we had only 2 TV channels ), the first ever stage I saw in my life was the sprint when Jan Svorada crashed and had to abandon, if I remember correctly it was Moncasin who won..but I may be wrong, I remember also a young talented American Lance Armrstrong competing for a team called Motorola had to abandon in tears too, however, I immediately became addicted. since that day I watched every stage of the tour until today.
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    YES first ever World Championship medal for Iran in fencing. one of the sports I always loved to watch and few years ago it was impossible to think Iran can win a WCH medal someday. well done Moji we are lucky he changed his mind because he retired last year after the Asian Games. only his coach talked him to change his mind.
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    I never heard about this , Bahrain's main football stadium is also in Riffa and our players never had such problems. if there was mistreatment we would hear about this. and this is the 3rd time in 2 years for this group of players to play in Bahrain. Bahrain also hosted 2017 Worlds U19 and 2018 Asian U20 !! they never had problems (and actually won both tournaments) Bahrain was a state of Iran not long time ago, the majority of people there are kind to Iranians (actually most people there have Iranian heritage) but they make it hostile situation sometimes. mostly for football matches (and again we got Bahrain for FIFA WCQ in yesterday draw)
  9. 2 points
    women's Epee quarterfinals Olena Kryvytska vs Kang Young Mi Lee Hye In vs Lin Sheng Vivian Kong Man Wai vs Coraline Vitalis Nathalie Moellhausen vs Lis Rottler-Fautsch
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    He’s not wrong, but the MLS would be stronger if more European (and even American) players gave it a chance.
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    http://www.elahmad.com/tv/bahrain-sport.php Here's a link for Bahrain Sport channel which broadcast the tournament
  13. 1 point
    finally, just a few stats... only on day 1, we already have 8 Nations coming from 3 different Continents in the medal table... in the men's Sabre we had 8 men from 8 different Countries in the quarterfinals and in the women's Epee 8 girls from 7 different Countries at the same stage... in both competitions, the no. 1 seed couldn't even make the podium... this shows how the sport of Fencing has grown in the last few years...now we can really say it's a true global discipline and one of the most widely spread all around the world (at least for what concerns the top level of play)... the time when it was the home garden of the usual 4/5 powerhouses has long gone...
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    well, she was born in Milan (ITA) in 1985... her dad was the son of the at the time German General Consul in Italy, meanwhile her mom is the fashion designer Valeria Ferlini (Brazilian with clear Italian heritage)... as both her parents were living and working in Milan, she grew up in Italy and she used to be one of our best specialists... with our team she won 1 Gold (team) and 2 Bronze (1 individual and 1 team) medals at the world champs and the same did at the European champs (1 Gold and 1 Silver medal with the team, 1 individual bronze) between 2005 and 2012... after the London Games, she decided to stop her fencing career, but then the Brazilian federation convinced her to come back with their team, as the Rio Olympics were approaching (and since she wasn't anymore in our team, she happily accepted to represent her mom's Country)... with Brazil she immediately won the Pan-American champs in 2015, then she made the quarterfinals at the Rio Games and now it's the apotheosis of her career... currently (since quite a few years) she lives and trains in Paris with the great French maestro Le Vavasseur (the man on the bench behind her in the final assault earlier today)... on a personal side, she's a very lively girl and an artist (just look at her personal website and instagram)... to be noticed, I heard from Youtube's broadcaster that she recently lost her father...so, the emotional scenes after her win are explained (when she took off her glove, I think she was kissing the name of her dad tattoed on her wrist)...
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    Security has improved a lot since then, I don't think it would be less safe than Paris or anywhere else. But choosing 2036 would be more dangerous even from that point of view...honestly I would have never thought that there were suggestions to host on the 100th anniversary on purpose.
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    good question. I guess no, since it will be the end of cycling
  18. 1 point
    Apparently Germans still have plans for the 2032 Olympics. It has been mentioned in Aachen today.
  19. 1 point
    Yeah nothing can go wrong when you almost sure you have secured a jersey....
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    Of course it's not over, but I think everyone knows very well the only way for him to not win the green jersey is if he either gets sick or falls or something like that (which of course I hope won't happen). Based on his skills, the green jersey format is absolutely perfect for him and him alone and he is untouchable
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    "A sprint of dying swans", is what a sprint between pure non-sprinters is usually called here
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  24. 1 point
    They played ice hockey. The end
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    men's Sabre quarterfinals Eli Dershwitz vs Andras Szatmari Mojtaba Abedini vs Max Hartung Shaul Gordon vs Luca Curatoli Konstantin Lokhanov vs Oh Sanguk
  26. 1 point
    Laugher just destroy an amazing race 30.60 on the last dive and it's only bronze, what drama
  27. 1 point
    Yes, Martynas Alekna is participating in U20 and his younger brother Mykolas is going to start in the Olympic Youth Festival. They also have a younger sister already in athletics as well.
  28. 1 point
    Oh jesus, this thread's 38th page was absolutely readworthy (before a mod deletes it) I want a Totallympics meet.
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    2nd Group Stage DAY 2 RESULTS 1st to 8th Place Games 9th to 16th place games
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    yeah, those were the "social idiots", but she was angry only with Bruni and the Italians (she also released an interview to the French TV, which then she was forced to apologize for by the French federation)... her rivalry with Bruni dates a long time back...they were both born in 1990 and it's since the youth classes that they're fighting against each other...and in all these years they have developed a harsh mutual contempt...
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    Denmark at the 2020 Olympics Qualified Athletes/Quotas Athletics Quotas: Women's 5000m: 1 Total number of athletes qualified for 2020 Olympics: 27
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    Dressage at the Pan Ams is a mixture of big tour and small tour competition. To be eligible for Olympic qualification, teams must have at least one big tour (upper level) combination, and only Brazil, Canada and Mexico have that. In other disciplines everyone with a team is eligible for qualification.
  34. 1 point
    You know that it was UCI back then, right?
  35. 1 point
    Peru has decided to add additional quotas (as per qualification system) to enter a full team in artistic gymnastics + one individual in rhythmic + group @vinipereira @thiago_simoes
  36. 1 point
    Thx for the explanation Yeah, we were called "Lachs" or "Lachy" by the East Slavics, Turks & other Middle East people since like forever But I was unware this still exists in Iran or maybe other Arabic countries. It comes from this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lendians Most of the countries use the modern name versions of Poland or Polonia now. In Europe I'm fairly sure Lithuania & Hungary still use the "Lachs" version (Lengyel in Hungarian means Polish) but Hungary still uses the vintage version Magyarorszag as country name so it makes sense
  37. 1 point
    That’s what I did in 2015. I was going into high school as a freshmen and streaming was still pretty new so I didn’t think to check ESPN 3. I would sit at my computer at 9, 12, 3, and 6 to check results. I read through every competition and keep my own sheets of results and stats. That’s honestly when I realized how much I loved multi-sports games and the Olympics. The next summer I watched the 2015 European everyday from 8-8 and that cemented my love for international sports. So these games are very sentimental to me and here you talk about how you’re going to follow is making a sentimental (especially since sports (and comedy) really brought me out of a dark place in my life)
  38. 1 point
    the Italians ended up 5th and 6th...with or without her, it wouldn't change anything for them... she just loves to play dirty...and when the judges have enough of her and her methods and get her DSQ, she's only capable of shouting at the "Italian mafia" (see Rio 2016...someone must be really brave to call "injustice" her disqualification after what she did that day)...
  39. 1 point
    Farsi = Persian . this is amazing people don't know that. Farsi is the Persian word for "Persian" in Iran ! we don't use the word Persian or Persia in Iran, in Kabul they call it something else but it's exactly the same. there are other languages in Afghanistan too. same as Iran, half of Iran population speak a second language (Turkish/Azeri, Arabic, Kurdish, Turkmen, etc) of course there are small differences, some common words in Iran are different in Afghanistan. (and Tajikistan, they also speak Persian)
  40. 1 point
    I made this nice list of multi-sports games Broadcast Intros. I think it’s the most extensive collection on YouTube. Enjoy! Playlist: Here
  41. 1 point
    Canada is missing (by my count they have 13 qualifiers)
  42. 1 point
    Women's Pole Vault Xu Huiquin at least 4,70 metres in Jockgrim Here are the live results: https://laportal.net/Competitions/Details/2167 There are currently other women attempting 4,70 metres as well. And later there's the men's competition as well (with Duplantis, among others).
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    team size @vinipereira Athletics: 8 Swimming: 2 Tennis: 1
  44. 1 point
    Number of qualified athletes per nation after the preliminary round (bold indicates nations that have at least one qualified athlete in all 6 events): 23 athletes France 22 athletes Italy, South Korea, United States 21 athletes Russia 20 athletes Hungary 19 athletes China 18 athletes Japan 15 athletes Ukraine 14 athletes Germany 13 athletes Canada, Hong Kong, Poland 10 athletes Great Britain, Romania 9 athletes Spain, Venezuela 7 athletes Egypt 6 athletes Czech Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Turkey 5 athletes Estonia, Mexico 4 athletes Cuba, Iran, Tunisia 3 athletes Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Netherlands, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Vietnam 2 athletes Belgium, Belarus, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Greece, India, Luxembourg, Thailand 1 athlete Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Latvia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia
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    Time for a rendition of the following:
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    I believe it was in Lawn Bowls, but don’t quote me on that.
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