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    I also watched yesterday's replay, did you guys know IOC president Thomas Bach is also a Olympic gold medalist in fencing in Montreal 1976?
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    Micic u finalu Taj decko je pretalentovan ja kazem verovtno u top 3 na svetu sada.
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    ACM and Inter: San Siro will be demolished, new one ready by 2023 Comune de Milano: TU NON PUOI PASSERE!
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    Listen? Do you here that? It’s me telling you that Today In Minsk episode 4 is here: https://anchor.fm/twu/episodes/Today-In-Minsk--Day-4-e4ealg
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    Hoping for a vs final If Monaco gets the Olympic quota they'll become the 100th nation to qualify for Tokyo 2020.
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    You should have listened to our podcast "Today in Minsk" from Day 1 The singles quota which will be won by the later qualified team member will be redistributed at the other European Qualification Tournament, which will be held in April 2020 in Moscow.
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    Either/both or/and will win their first medal at European Games. https://minsk2019.by/en/tsrd/TTE/results/brackets?gender=W&event=SINGLES-----------&stage=QFNL---- Good for them that have so many table tennis players that they can export them.
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    Pools for Colomiers : Pool A : France, Portugal, Italy, Hungary Pool B : Ireland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine Pool C : England, Germany, Georgia, Lithuania Semis expected : France-Spain/Germany, England/Ireland
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    Stupid decision by idiot officials to add these "sports". I won't be surprised if something like a competitive hot dog eating contest will be added as the next sport in the future edition of olympics unless some vegans react.
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    Like facing the best team in the world in QF or having an early goal disallowed for no obvious reasons. EVERYTHING, sure...
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    Better team lost today. Japan deserved more.
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    I doubt it's that intriguing. Pretty much every Italian defeat in history of boxing has been a robbery, apparently.
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    que suce! how disgusting! che schifo! das saugt! que chupa! isso è uma porcaria! Это сосет!
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    top 4...Norway, Sweden, USA and Italy... take notice...
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    I imagine the 3 28-28 judges favoured Lacruz Edit: Nevermind, the site can't do math, Lacruz won because the three judges had 29-28 scores
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    I can not believe it, but we just secured our 2nd medal. Bravo "Bandy" Bravo !
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    Let's make Totallympics brakdancing troupe
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    Elevator ? I know, I know...I thougth you was pointing she did something a la Otčenáš like leading the race and then missing last 5 targets (or something like going the wrong way in the last km in her case in cycling )
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    According the Qualification Document, the reallocation works like this for Continental tournaments. (I believe European Games is one): 1. Continental Qualification Tournament (Teams/Singles/Mixed Doubles) Any unused quota places obtained at the Continental Qualification Tournaments will be reallocated to the next best-placed eligible team / athlete of the same gender or mixed doubles pair, not yet qualified, from the respective Continental Qualification Tournament. If the continental quotas are not filled by 15th May 2020, the remaining quota places will be reallocated to the next best-ranked eligible athlete of the same gender or mixed double pair of the same continent on the ITTF Olympic Teams/Singles/Mixed Doubles Ranking list of May 2020. http://www.ittf.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/2018-05-14-Tokyo-2020-Qualification-system-Table-Tennis-eng.pdf @prso1000 Edit: Of course quotas for the singles could be reallocated to the European Qualification Event in Moscow in April. 3 quotas are availble at the moment and maybe the unused quotas from the European games are added. But to be clear, I'm not sure about this part.
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    It's Romania and Germany, that was the semi-final
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    Either Luxembourg or Monaco will earn a quota place for the Olympics (hopefully both).
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    IOC will vote today for the new sports to add in Paris. In december 2020 IOC will do a final check
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    Letizia Paternoster and Martin Otcenas should hang around some time.
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    I'd say he was correct, excluding the word "so". Yes, IOC is corrupted. And yes, the result was expected. But this time the first one doesn't influence the second one, I think.
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    Quarterfinals Prediction Design available HERE
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    Man what a day. Published a successful episode of the podcast. Manage to watch every event at the European Games up to today. And now I’ve just learned that I’ve gotten lucky enough to get Olympics tickets!!! I’ve got more tickets to check on, but I won’t know until tomorrow...
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    YES is expected, there isn't match agaist the weak dossier of Sweden...... WE have a strong plan and (hope) we will realize anda great show, the Winter Olympic Games (without spend a lot of € uselessly)
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    Disappoint of Italy EuroU21, this big fail wasn't expected and maybe will be "hide" behind the goaless draw of France-Romania, but isn't true. No excuses this year our Under21 had all the talents available in the roster, and a semifinals was the MINIMUM target..... We failed the match against Poland (his defence conceded 7 goals!!!!!) without score a single goal, when a draw was enough. With this tecnical staff we reached ONE semifinals in last three editions and were out after group stage in TWO editions. Failed this edition (underrated Poland?) and failed 2015 edition when in first match left on the bench the best players (rested?) against Sweden "the less strong team" of our group.... they won the Euro!) Hope we the coach will be fired!!!!!!
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    Money, Money, Money...sometimes it´s so easy to earn some bucks
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    to Tokyo. Congrats. I wonder just how many people won money betting today.
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    a win in badminton. Okay, now I saw everything
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    He married a Polish woman 11 years ago...
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    Right tip @Dolby And for posting the format, thanks at @wumo26 Have time until 17:30 (GMT+2) for post the Women's Football FIFA World Cup 2019 - Knockout Round Knockout Round
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    Sorry, I can't find it. IWUF should release the result book in a few days.
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    From now on,Eileen Gu is Chinese.
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    CURLING 冰壶 2018-2019 Season International Competition Results 18/19赛季国际比赛成绩单 BEIJING (CHN) Curling World Cup 2019 GRAND FINAL, May 08-12 冰壶世界杯总决赛·北京 5月8日至12日 Women 女子冰壶 China 5th 中国队 第5名 4. Yilun Jiang (S) 姜懿伦 四垒队长 3. Lijun Zhang (V) 张丽君 三垒副队长 2. Ziqi Dong 董子齐 二垒 1. Xindi Jiang 姜馨迪 一垒 Group Stage Win-Loss 3-3 3rd 小组赛 3胜3负 第3名 CHN 9-2 USA,CHN 1-4 CAN 中国9-2美国,中国1-4加拿大 CHN 5-6 JPN,CHN 7-3 USA 中国5-6日本,中国7-3美国 CHN 7-4 CAN,CHN 2-7 JPN 中国7-4加拿大,中国2-7日本 Men 男子冰壶 China Silver 中国队 银牌 4. Dexin Ba (V) 巴德鑫 四垒副队长 3. Zou Qiang (S) 邹强 三垒队长 2. Wang Zhiyu 王智宇 二垒 1. Xu Jingtao 许静韬 一垒 Group Stage Win-Loss 4-2 1st 小组赛 4胜2负 第1名 CHN 7-6 SWE,CHN 3-7 USA 中国7-6瑞典,中国3-7美国 CHN 7-5 CAN1,CHN 0-5 SWE 中国7-5加拿大1队,中国0-5瑞典 CHN 6-3 USA,CHN 4-3 CAN1 中国6-3美国,中国4-3加拿大1队 Final CHN 3-5 CAN2 中国 3-5 加拿大2队 Mixed Doubles 混合双人冰壶 China 7th 中国队 第7名 Female: Cao Chang 女运动员:曹畅 Male: Yuan Mingjie 男运动员:苑明杰 Group Stage Win-Loss 1-5 4th 小组赛 1胜5负 第4名 CHN 3-7 CAN1,CHN 9-7 SUI1 中国3-7加拿大1队,中国9-7瑞士1队 CHN 4-13 USA,CHN 2-9 CAN1 中国4-13美国,中国2-9加拿大1队 CHN 1-10 SUI1,CHN 5-7 USA 中国1-10瑞士1队,中国5-7美国
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    CURLING 冰壶 2018-2019 Season International Competition Results 18/19赛季国际比赛成绩单 Stavanger (NOR) World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2019 April 20-27 世界混合双人冰壶锦标赛 4月20日至27日 Mixed Doubles 混合双人冰壶 CHN 中国队 19th 第19名 Female: Yiwei Fu 女运动员:付一玮 Male: Dejia Zou 男运动员:邹德佳 Group Stage Win-Loss 5-2 4th 小组赛 5胜2负 第4名 CHN 13-2 NGR, CHN 5-2 AUS 中国13-2尼日利亚,中国5-2澳大利亚 CHN 7-9 ITA, CHN 12-1 FRA 中国7-9意大利,中国12-1法国 CHN 9-2 WAL, CHN 8-10 CZE 中国9-2威尔士,中国8-10捷克 CHN 10-2 CRO 中国10-2克罗地亚
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    ICE HOCKEY 冰球 2018-2019 Season International Competition Results 18/19赛季国际比赛成绩单 Belgrade (SRB) IIHF World Championship Division II Group A April 09-15, 2019 世界男子冰球锦标赛乙级A组 4月9-15日 PLAYERS 参赛名单 J# NAME 韩鹏飞 1 HAN Pengfei 王刚 2 WANG Gang 刘博 4 LIU Bo 司瀚文 5 SI Hanwen 陈梓蒙 6 CHEN Zimeng 胡天宇 7 HU Tianyu 杨明熙 8 YANG Mingxi 张泽森 9 ZHANG Zesen 张铖 10 ZHANG Cheng 张鹏飞 11 ZHANG Pengfei 刘勇伸 12 LIU Yongshen 张文晴怀 13 ZHANG Wenqinghuai 李航 14 LI Hang 张昊 15 ZHANG Hao 陈凌 16 CHEN Ling 项旭东 17 XIANG Xudong 陈磊 18 CHEN Lei 黄千一 19 HUANG Qianyi 英如镝 21 YING Rudi 梁文斌 23 LIANG Wenbin 夏田翔 24 XIA Tianxiang 孙泽浩 25 SUN Zehao CHINA 中国队 5th 第5名 Round Robin Win-Loss 循环赛 CHN 3-5 ESP, CHN 0-7 CRO 中国3-5西班牙,中国0-7克罗地亚 CHN 5-6 SRB, CHN 2-3 AUS 中国-塞尔维亚,中国-澳大利亚 CHN 4-0 BEL 中国4-0比利时
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    SNOWBOARD 单板滑雪 2018-2019 Season International Competition Results 18/19赛季国际比赛成绩单 Klaeppen (SWE) FIS JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019, April 08-13 世界青年单板滑雪大跳台&坡面障碍技巧锦标赛 4月8-13日 Ladies' Slopestyle 女子坡面障碍技巧 REN Zizheng 21st 任子筝 第21名 REN Ziyan 25th 任子妍 第25名 SUN Lianxin 41st 孙连心 第41名 Men's Slopestyle 男子坡面障碍技巧 SU Yiming 47th 苏翊鸣 第47名 WANG Liwen 59th 王莅文 第59名 GAO Xuesong 88th 高雪松 第88名 YAO Kangping DNS 姚康平 未出发 Ladies' Big Air 女子大跳台 REN Ziyan 14th 任子妍 第14名 SUN Lianxin 17th 孙连心 第17名 REN Zizheng 20th 任子筝 第20名 Men's Big Air 男子大跳台 SU Yiming 23rd 苏翊鸣 第23名 GAO Xuesong 47th 高雪松 第47名 WANG Liwen 80th 王莅文 第80名
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    FREESTYLE SKIING 自由式滑雪 2018-2019 Season International Competition Results 18/19赛季国际比赛成绩单 Klaeppen (SWE) FIS JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019, April 07-11 世界青年自由式滑雪大跳台&坡面障碍技巧锦标赛 4月7-11日 Ladies' Slopestyle 女子坡面障碍技巧 YANG Shuorui 14th 杨硕瑞 第14名 Men's Slopestyle 男子坡面障碍技巧 ZHAO Qinglin 54th 赵庆林 第54名 ZHANG Shihao 59th 张世豪 第59名 Ladies' Big Air 女子大跳台 YANG Shuorui DNS 杨硕瑞 未出发 Men's Big Air 男子大跳台 ZHANG Shihao 46th 张世豪 第46名 ZHAO Qinglin 52nd 赵庆林 第52名
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    ICE HOCKEY 冰球 2018-2019 Season International Competition Results 18/19赛季国际比赛成绩单 Beijing (CHN) IIHF World Women's Championship Division I Group B April 06-12, 2019 世界女子冰球锦标赛甲级B组 4月6-12日 PLAYERS 参赛名单 J# NAME 何思晔 1 HE Siye 于柏巍 2 YU Baiwei 朱 瑞 3 ZHU Rui 皮云琳 4 PI Yunlin 田乃元 5 TIAN Naiyuan 刘智新 6 LIU Zhixin 张梦莹 7 ZHANG Mengying 邓迪 8 DENG Di 邢历雪 9 XING Lixue 何 欣 10 HE Xin 鲁 双 11 LU Shuang 王 畅 12 WANG Chang 赵启男 13 ZHAO Qinan 管莹莹 14 GUAN Yingying 孔明会 15 KONG Minghui 马蕊 16 MA Rui 吕 悦 17 LYU Yue 杨丽莹 18 YANG Liying 侯 悦 19 HOU Yue 刘思杨 21 LIU Siyang 方 新 23 FANG Xin 王雨晴 25 WANG Yuqing CHINA 中国队 4th 第4名 Round Robin Win-Loss 2-3 循环赛 2胜3负 CHN 3-0 LAT, CHN 5-2 KOR 中国3-0拉脱维亚,中国5-2韩国 CHN 0-4 NED, CHN 3-4 POL 中国0-4荷兰,中国3-4波兰 CHN 1-2 KAZ 中国-哈萨克斯坦
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    Ma jel moguce vise ovo? Ja svarno ne znam sta da kazem. On kao da je od stakla. Taman se oporavi udje u formu i opet se povredi. Do sada b imao min medlja sa EP i SP da je bio zdrav.
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    you're right... still, his equation makes him an idiot...
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    Olympics is business. Professional sports is business. China & the oil-power countries can afford to invest money without looking at revenue, hell, China has followed diplomacy thru sports for decades. Europe has suffered an economical nosedive in the last decade and people are unwilling to spend public money on Olympics anymore. It's not viewed as a window to the world anymore unlike some of these Middle East or Far East countries that basically hosted nothing in the XX century. Qatar & China are piling money into hosting big events in particular, the Western world is counting every penny instead. Even the Nordic ain't doing much and in some traditional winter sport countries there is no public support for this at all. So we get the snowy land of China instead, I can almost foresee how repulsive the alpine skiing venues will be there.
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    Fault of goalkeeper... goal for Angola 1-1

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