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    People who could beat Peru, People who couldn’t beat Peru, and Peru.
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    Next DL meeting Stockholm Transfers Status OPEN until Thursday, May 30th at 14:15:00 (UTC) @tuniscof @ady48 @africaboy @heywoodu @wumo26 @Olympian1010 @Dunadan @Vojthas @toulousain @SteveParker @rybak @Dragon The "Totallympics Fantasy Diamond" for meeting Shanghai, goes to: wumo26 with 177pts, the best Totallympics coach* ........and I'm in Top100 (#76) Combined Ranking (*between both leagues) after 2/13 Meetings ( League "Totallympics Club" - code 4123014) Rank User Nat Pts TotallyWin 1 Henry.Leon 345 2 OlympicIRL 338 3 Dunadan 330 4 wumo26 327 1 5 ady48 326 1 6 africaboy 315 7 Dragon 305 8 Heywoodu 301 9 rybak 260 10 SteveParker 245 11 toulousain 177 12 Olympian1010 167 13 tuniscof 142 14 Vojthas 123
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    I am going to sound more and more negative, but FIVB has just confirmed the new qualification system for the FIVB World Championship 1) Top 2 of each continental championship qulaify to World Champs 2) Only 24 not yet qualified teams will be able to compete for the 12 remaining spots. While the first point seems to be a step in the right direction, the second one is ridiculous and basically eliminates all sorts of competition in volleyball, and is very very bad news for countries such as , , and nearly 150 different countries which participated in this edition's qualification tournaments, but may not get any chance to qualify at all if they don't perform well in the continental championship . And. FIVB knows very well that for many poor countries from Africa or the Caribbeans the World Championship qualifiers are the only tournament they can present themselves, many simply can't afford to participate in continental qualification AND Continental Championship AND another qualification tournament (if they get enough ranking points). This is all to make sure the "proper" a.k.a rich teams qualify. This is yet another step in turning volleyball into a farce. First, they turn World League into a circus no one gives a damn about and top teams send their Z team to compete, knowing well that even if they lose all games 0-3 they won't be relegated, then more and more pathetic Olympic qualification systems, and now this. Not to mention their stupid PPV streaming system If i was a conspiracy theorist, I'd think that there is someone in the FIVB who just doesn't like how many new NT's appeared in Volleyball recently (Iran, Germany, Slovenia, Belgium, Canada, even France) and just wants volley to stay this sport dominated by Poland, Brazil, Russia, and Italy it used to be a decade ago. Sometimes I wish I could just switch to another sport
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    2019 World Cup, Stage #6 (Munich, GER) Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Gold: Lin Junmin Silver: Clement Bessaguet Bronze: Jean Quiquampoix Olympic Quota: France, Russia, Germany
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    Final golf quotas: +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +2 +4 +2 +4 :MEX +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +4
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    So that means the Olympic quotas went to
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    Has anyone opened that PDF about the dress code needing to change? It's so bad https://www.issf-sports.org/getfile.aspx?inst=439&pane=1&mod=docf&file=Dress-code concept.pdf Not nice! Not attractive!
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    Uruguayan girl qualifying for the final of women's 10m air pistol is just about the biggest surprise in shootnig this season.
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    2019 World Cup, Stage #6 (Munich, GER) Women's 50m 3-Position Rifle, Shooters Qualified to the Final Jolyn Beer Sanja Vukasinovic Katrine Lund Seonaid McIntosh* Shi Mengyao* Agnieszka Nagay Yulia Zikova Petra Zublasing *NOT eligible for Olympic Quota
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    It has just been moved in the non-olympic sports section
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    He did actually go through the national selection process though. He stated he only wanted to be selected based on merit. After all he is already a Pacific Games medalist
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    looks to have declined a quota in 57 kg judo, next in line is
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    Peru really wants a medal. With that group I think they can qualify for semifinals.
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    lol Group B in women!? The top 3 teams in one group? lol
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    VOLLEYBALL GROUPS Men's Group A Group B: NORCECA team Women's Group A: Group B:
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    Brazil announced its Judo team. Mostly new names that have never participated in the Pan Am Games, since others will focus on the World Championship. There are a few exceptions as Olympic medalists Rafaela Silva, Mayra Aguiar and Rafael Silva will go to Lima (none of them won a Pan Am gold before, and that might be their last chance).
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    Canoe slalom quotas, the canoe flatwater is still being determined! I hope the unused spots are reallocated to sprint. @vinipereira
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    Karlovic won the match of the "old" men, 7-6, 7-5, 6-7, 7-5., against Lopez Some photos from the match:
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    Just follow the beach volleyball concept. That should be enough to make TV stations interested.
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    Dude is an absolute unit.
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    Samoan Prime Minister will compete in archery. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1079725/samoan-prime-minister-qualifies-to-compete-in-pacific-games-archery
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    I need just 3 more job applications to finally reach 100 applications without positive outcome EDIT: without positive outcome or without any real chance of get an interview even if I have not received an answer yet

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