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    Ustiugov climbs Cermis and at the end is fine. I go upstairs and after it I need to be recovered in intensive care.
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    Well yeah, that happens in every sport ever. If the Kobayashi's of today start falling behind one day, we will be like "there are no more stars like Kobayashi anymore" It's the sports version of "everything was better in earlier years".
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    How can an event with a rich history suddenly become so ugly, basically overnight? And based on what do you think Lizeraux could win a race? Hirscher, Pinturault, Feller is hardly a surprising or random podium, just like any other podium from this season. And for the record, about 7/9 DNFers had slower splits (or slower 1st run) than Istok. So, yes, this top 10 does mean a thing.
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    Correction, there have not been any favorites in slalom in 2-3 years. Hirscher wins and anyone else can be 2nd or 22nd in any given race. Ugly discipline i agree.
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    Istok will even start with a bib26. Pinturault now in top7 slalom group as well and Schwarz fell back to 8-15 range. Noel back to the 8-15 group as well.
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    3 x top 30 and a top 7 I was not at home so couldn´t watch it, but I definitely will rewatch it tonight Adam
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    Me too he reminds me of Essam El Hadary our goalkeeper
  11. 1 point
    That is the save he is awarded for. This says how little attention NHL get´s in Danish medias, when a journalist for the Danish tv-station broadcasting it can't even remember what club he made his save against.
  12. 1 point
    Are you sure it was from the match against Vegas ? he had a huge season, but THE save of the year was certainly against the Bruins Awesome
  13. 1 point
    anže kopitar scored his 300th goal in nhl la kings are having bad season,but they lift their form now
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    Damn! That’s some extreme sailing
  15. 1 point
    Alright @Finnator123, you guys win this one (feel free to win the next Olympics while your at it)
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    GOOLDDDD MEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN NORTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    oh no. actually in that specific match there was a penalty for Iran in first half that referee didn't see. but I'm talking about the heroic Iran-Australia match in 1997. the whole story of that match was unbelievable. the way Iran came to that last chance (Iran had 3 chances to qualify but wasted them all in dramatic ways) against a much much better team (Australia finished 2nd in Confederations Cup only behind Brazil) and Australia deserved to score 5-6 goals only in first half. but they just relaxed after 2-0 and the miracle happened for Iran. but our first goal was clearly offside in a weird situation that nobody even noticed that during the match. that was indeed the biggest match of our football history. they still somehow celebrate that day in Iran calling it "Melbourne miracle". and still talk about that. still make documentaries about that match even after more than 20 years. (nobody talks about USA match after 1-2 years) if you watch the entire match that was nothing but a miracle for Iran. and that match changed the Iranian football which was dying at the time. and not just football but the whole sports got lots of media attention since then and you can see a jump in Iran's performance at the Olympics since 2000. that was probably the only time in my life that I saw the whole country ( I mean 100%) celebrating something together. PS: who knows maybe with VAR we could beat Argentina in 2014 but still I won't exchange that Australia match with anything else. not even winning the world cup
  18. 1 point
    only for the knockout rounds. even though I'm not a big fan of VAR but that's probably necessary in AFC more than anywhere else. the whole story of AFC Asian Cup would be different if we had VAR in previous tournaments. the ref didn't call it himself. that guy behind the goal told him to do that. of course you always can justify such penalties. they call exactly the same penalty with VAR in Juventus Sampdoria match few days ago. but as far as I know the hand was right next to the body. that wasn't a penalty IMO. his hand was in natural position. PS: we football fans probably want VAR when our favorite team gets hurt by bad officiating but when I watch a match as neutral fan, I really don't like VAR to stop the match for few minutes and for example disallowing a goal after a long celebration ! and beside the biggest match of Iran football history happened with a referee mistake (in favor of Iran) . so I guess I can live without VAR
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    Bahrain scored Sorry, I learned today that the curly hair player is injured and he's not playing this tournament. Syria will be the surprise then
  21. 1 point
    he took 2 years vacation you will not see him until tokyo2020
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    na muški rukomet ja trenutno gledam kao na skijanje
  23. 1 point
    COPACI confirmed the quotas for Cycling (pending only 1 BMX Freestyle quota in Women's that will go to Mexico, Colombia, Chile or Uruguay). Wikipedia projections were mostly right except for Trinidad that actually has much more quotas than predicted. I've corrected everything in the first page. Like @Olympian1010 said, I guess the nations will be free regarding the athlete's placements in Road/Track events.
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    Wow. 2008 world allround champion Paulien van Deutekom has died yesterday, aged 37, after she was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago. This was apparently rather unknown among fans (possibly she didn't make this a public affair), meaning nobody saw this coming in any way, shape or form.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulien_van_Deutekom