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    But why? Why fact that after four runs they both had exactly the same time is disappointing? I think it was the best two-man competition since SLC. Why not have additional tiebreakers? Say, the best run wins, so Germany.
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    2 penalty shots in the same play was in the game Lada vs. Chelmet in VHL in September. There were foul and the goalkeeper come in before 6th player got away. Chelmet missed both chances but they won anyway.
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    @phelps Another bizarre stuff happened at the Junior World Championships last night in the vs match For the first time in Ice Hockey history, a team received 2 penalty shots in the same play This in fact probably never happened anywhere before. no one in the stands understood what just happened In the same attack Marc Lehmann was 2 times fouled by Dmitri Samorukov, as the foul occured on a attacking player in breakaway as the last man in front of opponents net and thus losing a clear chance to score Switzerland received a penalty shot, but since there were actually 2 fouls, they received 2 penalty shots, so 2 chances to scores. Something you´ll probably never see anywhere outside of the Basketball free throws I guess the funny thing is that SUI missed both penalties then EPIC
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    A little too late, but I'll answer. The one who has better position in WC has better position in qualifications ;-)
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    Happy New Year New Zealand, @Wanderer, Fiji, Tonga and a whole bunch of islands
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    Ivana i Miomir počeli sezone pobedama u GŽ Protiv Garsije i L. Majera!
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