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    I was checking some Asian Games results and I found something very weird and of course interesting. there is a guy from Sri Lanka who represented his country in 3 different sports in the Asian Games and by different I mean really different ! his name is Mahamadaachchi Sajeev De Silva (born 11 Dec 1991) first he participated in Rowing at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. last year he tried his chance in Cross-Country Skiing in Sapporo and this year he was participating in Archery in Jakarta ! I wonder what will be his next sport ? Judo or Modern pentathlon maybe PS: I did my homework. he is surely the same person.
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    favourite Music 2018 [ESC-style] 2018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #12 #11 #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 Here we go, my favourite songs from 2018. Nothing too difficult here, haven't heard too many things I like this year.
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    In which trimester is OEB coming back for his 100th win?
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    4 Hills Tournament Stage 1 Oberstdorf KO Round Starting Order Q Athlete Pairing Athlete Q 26 Antti AALTO 1 Simon AMMANN 25 27 Naoki NAKAMURA 2 Severin FREUND 24 28 Anders FANNEMEL 3 Karl GEIGER 23 29 Jakub WOLNY 4 Felix HOFFMANN 22 30 Markus EISENBICHLER 5 Jernej DAMJAN 21 31 Stefan HULA 6 Michael HAYBOECK 20 32 Bor PAVLOVCIC 7 Viktor POLASEK 19 33 Aleksander ZNISZCZOL 8 Evgeniy KLIMOV 18 34 Martin HAMANN 9 Stephan LEYHE 17 35 Daniel Andre TANDE 10 Pius PASCHKE 16 36 Moritz BAER 11 Timi ZAJC 15 37 Manuel FETTNER 12 Constantin SCHMID 14 38 Robin PEDERSEN 13 Robert JOHANSSON 13 39 Vladimir ZOGRAFSKI 14 Richard FREITAG 12 40 Philipp ASCHENWALD 15 Yukiya SATO 11 41 Markus SCHIFFNER 16 Andreas WELLINGER 10 42 Lukas HLAVA 17 Dawid KUBACKI 9 43 Killian PEIER 18 Kamil STOCH 8 44 Junshiro KOBAYASHI 19 David SIEGEL 7 45 Anze SEMENIC 20 Roman KOUDELKA 6 46 Peter PREVC 21 Daniel HUBER 5 47 Daiki ITO 22 Andreas STJERNEN 4 48 Johann Andre FORFANG 23 Piotr ZYLA 3 49 Mackenzie BOYD-CLOWES 24 Ryoyu KOBAYASHI 2 50 Jonathan LEAROYD 25 Stefan KRAFT 1
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    Can you try again now ? It should work. Same as above, this problem should now be fixed It was not deleted, but changed with the following one (link). Reason of that below. The problem of that is for some events it would be very difficoult to choose one starting time, and even more a finishing time. And with the aim of having a lot of sport events added in the calendar, it would also be time consuming (and sometimes impossible) to search at what time the Day 2 of Taekwondo African Youth Championships start. Also you can not differentiate by day, so let's say in FIFA World Cup Day 1 matches start at 8pm and in Day 2 they stat at 2pm, you can not insert that in any way. We start with events from January 1st 2019 on (except darts and ice hockey junior world championships which start before but finish in January). That's the reason why some events have not been approved. But just 3 days are left in 2018 so that's not a big deal at all They have all been approved now. Keep up the good job and keep adding events!
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    Male sportsman of the year : Lasha Talakhadze(Weightlifting) Female sportsman of the year: Tai Tzu Ying(Badminton) (Don't follow the winter games much, yet Tai was undoubtedly the best and most consistent and 2 Olympic golds in 2 sports can't replace it ) Team of the year: Netherlands Women's Hockey Team Unbeaten throughout the year along with the World Cup Win Special mention : Irish women's hockey team Junior sportsman of the year (under 20 years old at 1/1/2018): Alben Esow (Winning a silver and that too in cycling is not why I chose him, but because he is from the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar,where having someone in national team is only a big thing, facing political mistreatment (no state govt for the islands) ,lack of equipment and infrastructure etc ... Junior sportswoman of the year (under 20 years old at 1/1/2018): Manu Bhaker - Easily the best youth and junior athlete with CWG golds, senior record equalling performance at asiad, multiple junior and senior ISSF world cups . Greatest moment of the year: Indian table tennis team 1.CWG women's team before finals being told by commentators difficult to win a game but later going on to win gold 2.Asiad men's team winning bronze 3.Asiad mixed doubles bronze 4.Women's singles gold at CWG won by Manika Batra. Biggest idiot of the year:1.Steve Smith (cricket) for his famous ball tampering incident against South Africa.. 2.North Korean Weightlifting team coach
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    Russia scored two goals on Czech power plays, Czech player scored with his face.
  11. 1 point
    She is most definitely here, yes She's leaving on 9 January to go to the IBU Cup in Poland (and the next week I'm going to the IBU Cup in Arber)
  12. 1 point
    No pressure ! Just for laugh, man ! Hope you both are doing well is she still with you in for the new year´s eve ?
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    Yeah, I think athletes from other sports could learn a lot from eventers. In no other sport can you win the most prestigious event one week, and then be lying in a ditch somewhere the following week (literally). And that's not some theoretical-only chance, it happens more often than you would expect.
  14. 1 point
    It looks like it may be a really hard job sometimes Anyway, really nice. btw what´s new about the wedding invitations, we talked about last year ? I look at the mail every day, but I still did not get anything yet.
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    It's not as much making a mockery of it as it is a matter of trying to see the positive in it Like in biathlon when you miss 8 shots in a sprint, one can say at least you hit twice
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    This downhill without a training run must not be mistaken for a super-g
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    Shooting is my guess https://totallympics.com/index.php?/topic/374-biathlon-2016-2017-discussion-thread/&do=findComment&comment=61730
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    The World Team Challenge is a commercial biathlon competition, which is held every year after Christmas since 2002 in Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen. This edition might be particularly interesting to biathlon fans as three recently retired biathlon legends will participate, including Anton Shipulin, Darya Domracheva and Ole Einar Bjørndalen. Teams: Yurlova-Percht / Shipulin I Preuss/Schempp II Hermann/Doll Domracheva / Bjørndalen Dzhyma / Pryma Wierer / Hofer Tachizaki / Tachizak Hauser / Landertinger Bescond / Jacquelin Vitkova / Krčmár
  21. 1 point
    I added one event, which was then deleted without notice. Good going.
  22. 1 point
    This could also be a Couple Challenge for Domracheva/Bjorndalen. If one of them doesn't perform well here, who knows if they will still be a couple on Sunday?
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