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    No, Tyler Hamilton's twin brother.
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    Hammerschmidt is still recovering from an ankle injury. She was operated back in October. She is now back in the gym, but there is still a bit to go before she is back in the World Cup. She could miss the whole WC season. From Biathlonworld
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    Maryna Gasienica Daniel has won the FIS European Cup GS in Andalo Paganella today! https://www.fis-ski.com/DB/general/results.html?sectorcode=AL&raceid=95606 That's the first win for a alpine skier in the European Cup since February 2006 (K.Karasinska in Ga-Pa slalom where she beat Nina Loseth plus some future Olympic champions https://www.fis-ski.com/DB/general/results.html?sectorcode=AL&competitorid=29352&raceid=36921 ).
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    i told you Egypt is ready to host it
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    I'm pretty impressed that Wang Yichun, who only turned 13 this year, qualified to the Women's 50m Butterfly final. http://omegatiming.com/File/Download?id=000112010C0204EB02FFFFFFFFFFFF01
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    It's like @MHSN wrote: tied rounds are just ignored, then if the score is tied after the total of the 3 rounds, there's the Golden Point phase... p.s. and in each round you automatically lose that stint at the 5th Gam-jeong (for instance, our Dell'Aquila in the men's -58kg earlier this morning lost to the Thai Olympic Silver medallist because of that when he was ahead in the score with only 20 secs to go in the 3rd and decisive round )... it looks like the old Wrestling kind of scoring system used, among others, at the Beijing Olympics... personally, I really hate it...I find it unfair...you can score the grand total of 2 points in the whole match and your opponent can score 20 points and you still have a chance to win it...it sucks big time! p.p.s. yesterday there were 3 matches gone to the Golden Point: Nur Tatar over Gao Pan (women's -67kg), Li Chen over Raphaella Galacho (women's +67kg) and Sajjad Mardani over Stephen Lambdin (men's +80kg)
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    What a surprise! I only remember them being Brazilian champions in 2001 and then basically disappearing for the next years. They don't seem to have many supporters even in their own state.
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    Atletico Paranaense is 2018 Sudamericana Cup Champion after defeating Junior f.c on penalties
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    Ali Khalafalla qualifies to Men's 50m free Semis in 21.38 Sec. it was worth not watching penalties of Sudamericana Cup final for this race
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    I'm not 100% sure but it seems we will have Golden Score only if they are tried after 3 rounds. if I'm not wrong in case of a tie they consider that round null. they consider that Golden Score round as a separate round that's why we have lots of 2-1 results. some of them are probably 1-1 (plus golden score)
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    Austrian police came to Russians few hours ago & blamed people from this list in anti-doping rules violation during the WCH 2017:
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    If he did it two years earlier it would at least have been a bit of a worthy end to a career like his... This is kinda the XC equivalent of fantastic footballers who end up playing in some crappy Qatari league and then announce their retirement and everyone goes like "oh I thought he retired 5 years ago"
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    Milan is out of Europa League after losing to Olympiacos 3-1 , disastrous week for Italian teams at Europe
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    After avoiding the penalty lap in the prone shooting (0+3), Bruna hit a grand total of 1 target with 8 shots in the standing shooting (4+6) Ok, her rifle is half-broken due to someone else's fault, but I'm fairly sure she had hoped for a bit more.