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    Okay, managed to catch up before the start of the women's race. Wow This is THE BEST world cup result for Lithuanian biathlon since 2014 from Kaukėnas (not counting Olympics, World Championships) AND from the 'weakest' man of the three It is also the first time for Karol Dombrovski after so many competitive seasons that he scores his first points. Lastly, we had combined 90% accuracy, which is not what we're famous for. Lithuania is satisfied for today
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    I still think it's too early to get all that done less than two years before the Olympics...it can't be good for the event to have a repeat of last year's world championships....where there was almost zero competition between the not even 10 participants.
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    Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2019 Host Nation Draw The draw to find our next host is scheduled for Friday, 7th December @ 19:00 GMT. Here is the ticket where the draw can be verified: http://www.randomresult.com/ticket.php?t=999256HU5VA Good luck to Algeria, Croatia and Mexico @bestmen @dcro @mrv86
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    The cancelled snowboardcross event in Montafon will be rescheduled to Cervinia. Qualification: Thursday, 20th December Race 1: Friday, 21st December Qualification and Race 2: Saturday, 22nd December
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    Not the socks, but the shoes are pretty similar here too, although presents are also often used instead of candy (definitely not fruit, come on what's next, broccoli? ) If you've got a family with some young children, presents often come on the evening of 5 December in a big bag, which is for example brought 'by Sinterklaas' during the night before, or people get creative about it (I remember when I was young apparently my parents put all the presents in a bag, gave the bag to our neighbour and somewhere - purely coincidental - after we had finished dinner and showers and were all ready for the night, the doorbell would ring and there would be nobody...just a bag of presents I remember once I got all excited because my dad had opened the door and came back and said he saw 'Zwarte Piet' run away and I was like "wow really?!" )
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    But she had a real shot at winning here and still has a real podium shot, how can the TV directors have missed her so bad?
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    Well yeah but if I could shoot 90% and ski as fast as Eberhard I would also win World Cups, but you know, 'if'
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    That's not a fact yet, the race is still going on which means @hckosice is now going to put you on his list of enemies for jinxing
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    Well you can go nuts, Hojnisz is gonna beat her. Looks like Lithuanian female athletes are not the best in choosing partners...this one choose Bricis who then found another, and that long jumper found Richard Kilty.
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    Rasimovičiūtė was married to Bricis. Then Bricis found a younger girl.
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    right, only sprints/pursuits/mass starts and womens relays, but actually she will reconsider her program after the first trimester, if she´ll see that she is ok and good placed in the world cup, she ´ll try to compete the whole season, if not she´ll may skip some stages and fully focus on the world champs
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    these will very probably be also the winners
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    It's not just the NBA players, Euroleague players are also excluded from this qualification in most of the windows. For example, Greece has 1 NBA player (but in this case and many others one can make big difference especially given Giannis quality, he's top MVP candidate for now this season) but has many EL players. Greek team that played in Belgrade this week is not going to China, maybe 1 or 2 players from that roster. Serbian team maybe 3,4 guys. German team that played in this last window also missing half of it's roster at least. Spain, France teams that played this window, maybe 1,2 or maybe none players will go to China. Turkey 3 or 4. I'm guessing but it's not too far out. If Montenegro qualifies this team is the nearest to actual team in China but still they are weakened too.
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    That's just plain stupid. In any sport btw.
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    Love the comparison. Having a non-European team in floorball quarterfinals is indeed equally likely as Togo winning an Olympic ice hockey gold.
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    Previše se mrači. Ne samo ovde nego generalno se stekao utisak u javnosti da kad god ne bude neka medalja, neki ogroman uspeh da je to neuspeh u bilo kom sportu. Ne stoji da u kom god sastavu treba da dobijemo npr Gruziju. Ako pogledaš tim Gruzije koji je sada igrao ovaj prozor videćeš da je to tim koji bi sigurno bio favorit protiv našeg koji je igrao u Izraelu. Bitadze je recimo igrač koga nema po kvalitetu u tom našem rosteru, budući NBA igrač vrlo moguće. Šermadini koji ima gomilu uspešnih sezona iza sebe, Cincadze koji je takođe iskusan igrač itd. Mekfaden plejmejker koji istina u padu forme ali dosta bolji igrač za njih od Pena i Avramovića za nas. Mi smo imali Gagija Milosavljevića koji nikada od povrede nije bio prvi igrač bilo koje ekipe, Raduljicu koji igra rekreativnu ligu u Kini i Simonovića koji je igrač uloge i polako pri zalasku karijere od iskusnijih igrača. Na EP smo osvojili srebro bez dosta igrača ali je taj tim imao Bogdana, imao Marjanovića koji su u top 5 naših igrača, nije za porediti sa timom kome nedostaju bukvalno 3 petorke. Čim su se pojavili Jović i Micić koji su suštini druga i treća naša petorka videla se razlika u svemu. Ne slažem se sa tobom ni da su ovo pripreme. Nažalost a to pokazuje apsurd ovog takmičenja u 12 igrača na SP mogu da se nađu možda 3 gore pomenuta i to verovatno ne sva trojica i veliko pitanje sa kojim ulogama ako i uđu u 12. Ne računam Jovića i Micića. Nema priprema u ovom nakaradnom sistemu takmičenja. Moram opet o njemu jer zaista što se mene tiče sva priča počinje i završava se time.
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    The girls attending the meetings with IAAF social media:
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    Of all traditions and stuff I've learned on Totallympics, this is by far the weirdest (and funniest) Next year I'm just gonna go ahead and throw buckets of ice cold water on random women and go like "hey this is super urban in Slovakia, if you complain about it you're just not being inclusive enough".
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    It's mostly celebrated on the evening of 5 December (with those weird Belgians as exception, who celebrate it on the 6th), although for practical reasons some people celebrate it the weekend before if 5 December is on a weekday (for example on Saturday night children generally stay up later than they woudl today, when tomorrow is a school day). We don't really celebrate it anymore, although we got each other a few small gifts and had a nice dinner
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    Totallympics TV I am proud to announce that the 2015 Parapan American Games Replay List is now ready. Prepare yourselves for next years addition by rewatching Athletics, Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball, and Wheelchair Rugby. My early Christmas gift to my Pan American friends (rivals) is viewable Here!