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    That's fine but they should also go harder against arab countries regarding Israel.
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    No, it's anyone's choice whether to go or not. I know it seems really quite traumatic but from personal experience, I found it to be very healing. When my brother died some years ago, he was waked in our home and I thought I wouldn't be able to bear seeing him. But as difficult as it is, it was a real sense of healing, especially having neighbours and family there... it helps get you through the absolute shock and trauma of the situation. But of course everyone is different and everyone grieves and deals with it in their own way. So I understand what you mean with your grandmother and you remembering her as she was, was your way of coping and that's fine.
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    IAAF changed their mind and reverted back to the old qualification system, World Rankings won't count (at least for 2019). Under the Doha 2019 entry system, athletes will be able to qualify in four ways: - By achieving the entry standard within the qualification period. - By winning the Area Championship in all individual events except the marathon, an athlete will be considered to have achieved the entry standard (subject to the approval of the Technical Delegate who will assess the standard of specific events). - By Wild Card, as the reigning World Champion, winner of the 2019 IAAF Diamond League or leader of the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge, Race Walk Challenge and Combined Events Challenge (at the end of the qualification period). However only one athlete can be nominated per country under this clause as there is a limit of four athletes per country in total. - By being among the best ranked athletes on the IAAF Top Performance Lists within the respective qualifying periods (except in the 10,000m, marathon and race walks). https://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/revised-qualification-system-for-iaaf-world-a
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    Wait, do athletes of mixed relay push each other the same way they do in gender relays?
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    Yeah I think it can also depend on the specific situation (apart from people being different of course). My grandma had been struggling with her health for years and it was mostly sort of a relief that she went out in a period in time in which she was doing relatively well. If someone is way younger and pulled out of life all of a sudden (an accident or something like that) it's an entirely different and definitely more shocking situation..
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    For the purposes of the ceremony, you can hand over to Denmark. And if they decide later to refuse hosting rights then that's fine.
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    In Ireland, the dead are traditionally "waked" for 2-3 nights in their home, with an open coffin and neighbours and family and loved ones come to pay respects. A man who lives near me (and the brother of my former teacher) once returned home to his own wake!! There was an accident and a man was killed by a car and they thought it was him! His sisters identified his body....but no it was some other man! Imagine his surprise and his family's surprise at the shock of him returning home during his own wake
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    I see the IAAF have backed off using the as yet unused new World Ranking system for their 2019 World Championships - https://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/revised-qualification-system-for-iaaf-world-a. This would mean they either use it for the very first time for Tokyo 2020, or more likely in my view they will return back to the qualifying times process they have been using for decades. There are too many criticisms of the new system as it currently stands.
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    Bulgaria pulls out of the proposed UN regular migration pact. Other nations that will not sign it are US, Hungary, Poland, Austria and Czech Republic.
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    They should simply have a rather simple rule: no events to any nations that can't or won't guarantee athletes from every single member nation can participate under their own flag.
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    Never heard of them (or any floorball league here ) but Delft is a good city to visit so go Slovakia
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    6th Title from last 8 years, no doubts who is the boss in womens teams tennis Congrats
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    yeah, I saw that later... I just made my excuses on the previous post...
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    IOC tell International Federations not to award events to Spain if the Spanish Government cannot provide guarantees on Kosovo participation and prevent discrimination of athletes from Kosovo. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1072170/ioc-tell-international-federations-not-to-award-events-to-spain-unless-government-provides-guarantees-on-kosovo-participation
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    Severin Freund will make his comeback in Ruka/Kuusamo.
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    I respect your opinion, but mine is the exact opposite...
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    NZ will bid for the Open 2019, but not the Annual.
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    Shooting +12 +1 +3 +5 +19 +18 +9 +6 +2 +10 +4 +4 +9 +18 +1 +16 +2 +3 +15 +14 +2 +23 +3 +5 After conclusion of 2018 Pan American Championships. As with Olympic qualification rules, an athlete who already got a quota place for his/her NOC, either at this event or at the previous qualifiers, could not be awarded another quota place. 11 quotas (8 in women's events & 3 in men's) could not been distributed. Also, 2 wildcards left for non qualifyinf NOC's.
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    We've had so many "firsts" in gymnastics this year! Let me review some of them: World Championships Acrobatic gymnastics - first gold medal for Aerobic gymnastics - first medal for Artistic gymnastics - first medal for , first women's medal for , first gold medal for Trampoline - first medal for , first gold medal for Youth Olympics First world medal in gymnastics for First YOG medals in gymnastics for , , and Iran, of course World Cup series Aerobic gymnastics - first medal for Artistic gymnastics - first ever medals for , , (and only the second time that and earned medals, also a respectable fourth place for ) Rhythmic gymnastics - first medal for (also a respectable fourth place for ) European Championships First ever gold medal for in rhythmic gymnastics after being world champions numerous times.
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    With joke song, im talking about songs that FOR ME are not serious for participate in the contest, being "bizarre" in some way, the song from Tunisia is funny but close to be a joke song, the indonesian is just funny and dont have nothing bizarre (making comparisons). This spanish song has a good music (mixed of some styles) but the singer is VERY BIZARRE and the lyrics are for moments dificult to understand for somebody who talk the same language (me) and dont have any sense, may be is a "methaphor", i dont know. When i show to another people, i have two reactions: take of that..... (bad word here)!! or laughs with WTF is this?, imagine i have 34 years old, the people who see this have more or less my age and they listen 80s music like me.
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    HONG KONG,CHINA 中国香港 OLYMPIC Event World Championships 奥运项目世锦赛 2017 UCI Track Cycling World Championships 场地自行车世锦赛 Women's Sprint Bronze Lee Wai Sze 女子个人争先赛 铜牌 李慧诗 2018 UCI Track Cycling World Championships 场地自行车世锦赛 Women's Keirin Silver Lee Wai Sze 女子凯林赛 银牌 李慧诗 2019 UCI Track Cycling World Championships 场地自行车世锦赛 Women's Sprint Gold Lee Wai Sze 女子个人争先赛 金牌 李慧诗 Women's Keirin Gold Lee Wai Sze 女子凯林赛 金牌 李慧诗 2017 World Table Tennis Championships 世界乒乓球锦标赛 Mixed Doubles Bronze Wong Chun Ting / Doo Hoi Kem 混合双打 铜牌 黄镇廷/杜凯琹 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships 世界乒乓球团体锦标赛 Women's team Bronze 女子团体 铜牌 杜凯琹/李皓晴/麦子咏/吴颖岚/苏慧音 Doo Hoi Kem / Lee Ho Ching / Mak Tze Wing / Ng Wing Nam / Soo Wai Yam Minnie 2017 BWF World Championships 世界羽毛球锦标赛 Mixed Doubles Bronze Lee Chun Hei / Chau Hoi Wah 混合双打 铜牌 李晋熙/周凯华 2018 BWF World Championships 世界羽毛球锦标赛 Mixed Doubles Bronze Tang Chun Man Tse Ying Suet 混合双打 铜牌 邓俊文/谢影雪 2018 World Karate Championships 世界空手道锦标赛 Women's Individual kata Bronze Grace Lau Mo Sheung 女子个人型 铜牌 刘慕裳 2019 World Fencing Championships 世界击剑锦标赛 Women's individual épée Bronze Vivian Kong Man Wai 女子重剑个人 铜牌 江旻憓 CHINESE TAIPEI 中国台北 OLYMPIC Event World Championships 奥运项目世锦赛 2017 World Archery Championships 世界射箭锦标赛 Men's Individual Silver Wei Chun-heng 男子个人 银牌 魏均珩 Women's Individual Bronze Tan Ya-ting 女子个人 铜牌 谭雅婷 Women's team Bronze 女子团体 铜牌 林诗嘉/林昱萱/谭雅婷 Lin Shih-chia / Lin Yu-hsuan / Tan Ya-ting 2019 World Archery Championships 世界射箭锦标赛 Women's Individual Gold Lei Chien-Ying 女子个人 金牌 雷千莹 Women's team Gold 女子团体 金牌 雷千莹/谭雅婷/彭家楙 Lei Chien-Ying / Tan Ya-Ting / Peng Chia-Mao 2017 World Weightlifting Championships 世界举重锦标赛 Women's 58kg Gold Kuo Hsing-chun 女子58公斤级 金牌 郭婞纯 2018 World Weightlifting Championships 世界举重锦标赛 Women's 59kg Gold Kuo Hsing-chun 女子59公斤级 金牌 郭婞纯 2018 AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships 女子拳击世锦赛 Women's Welterweight Chen Nien-chin Gold 女子69公斤级 陈念琴 金牌 2017 World Table Tennis Championships 世界乒乓球锦标赛 Mixed Doubles Silver Chen Chien-an / Cheng I-ching 混合双打 银牌 陈建安/郑怡静 2017 World Taekwondo Championships 世界跆拳道锦标赛 Men's Featherweight (−68 kg) Silver Huang Yu-jen 男子68公斤级 银牌 黄钰仁 2016 World Karate Championships 世界空手道锦标赛 Women's Kumite −55 kg Bronze Wen Tzu-yun 女子组手55公斤级 铜牌 文姿云 2018 World Karate Championships 世界空手道锦标赛 Women's Kumite −55 kg Wen Tzu-yun 女子组手55公斤级 铜牌 文姿云 2018 BWF World Championships 世界羽毛球锦标赛 Men's Doubles Bronze Chen Hung-ling / Wang Chi-lin 男子双打 铜牌 陈宏麟/王齐麟 2018 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships 世界体操锦标赛 Men's Pommel horse Bronze Lee Chih-kai 男子鞍马 铜牌 李智凯 2017 Tennis Year End World Ranking 年终世界排名 Women's Doubles Silver Latisha Chan/Hao-Ching Chan 女子双打 银牌 詹咏然/詹皓晴 (Total Points Year end No. 2) (两人世界排名积分相加年终第二) Mixed Doubles Bronze Cheng-Peng Hsieh/Latisha Chan 混合双打 铜牌谢政鹏/詹咏然 (Total Points Year end No. 3) (两人世界排名积分相加年终第三)
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    Congrats @Agger for the victory Thank you @Glen, @OlympicIRL, @Dolby, @thepharoah, @Janakis, @Werloc, @Pabloffo, @Enrique, @africaboy, @Bohemia @Benolympique, @Griff88, @Agger, @rybak, @Henry_Leon @Gianlu33 @Pablita @SteveParker, @justony, @Memo, @bestmen, @titicow @vinipereira, @FC Mezhgorye for the points! Congrats to @dezbee2008 for the fantastic running the show and my collegue @OlympicIRL for the silver in music'thlon :D
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    here's the video http://dia-algerie.com/berraf-nos-athletes-realisent-de-bons-resultats-niveau-national-grace-dopage-video/ Everything confirmed, 578 Algerian athletes already banned
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    Since the discussion is currently on TV Shows, if anyone wants to watch something AWESOME but still different from the well known American shows, try the South Korean tv show The Genius. Available here - https://www.reddit.com/r/TheGenius/comments/70jog1/links_to_all_subbed_episodes_of_the_genius_s14/ It is my ALL TIME favorite show and nothing else even comes close (and I watch a LOT of TV). It is a show about people playing different and highly interesting cerebral/social games, which should translate very well for Totallympians with our shared love of sport and competition. The only slight issue is that it's in Korean, means you need to follow the english subtitles. Every one who watches the genius has only 1 of 2 reactions - (1) It is AWESOME or (2) I cudn't handle the subtitles. But it's also the first show I ever watched with subtitles, so it's not that difficult and as long as u can handle them, u'll be in for a treat.
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    I can't believe that it's like only a week and then we can start harassing Totallympics members again to enter the TISC contest

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