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  1. 8 points
    Coming to you this September.... TISC #11 Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2018 Are you ready?
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    3 golds already for my country we only had 1 in Incheon 2014 so this is a huge improvement.
  3. 3 points
    that was just a mistake. they fixed it now. of course Japan is leading not Pakistan
  4. 3 points
    No one noticed that Kathinka von Deichmann became first ever tennis player from to play in GS singles main draw. She won all three matches in qualifications without dropping a set.
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    The regular season of the 2018 AFL premiership concluded today: The final "Ladder" The defending "premiers", Richmond Tigers, tops the ladder with an impressive 18-4 record. In the bottom, Carlton lost its first seven matches, the longest losing streak to start a season in the club's history. Their final record of 2-20 is the worst season in their history. Their preivous worst season was in 1901. Another notable story from this season is that Port Adelaide became the first team since the "Final Eight" was introduced in 1994 to fail to qualify for the finals after having 12 wins and 6 losses at one point. They ended with a 12-10 record. Finally, and on a more happier note, Melbourne Demons qualified for the finals for the first time since 2006. Next is the "Finals series". The best eight teams of season are ready to battle for a place in "The Grand Final", which takes place September 29 at legendary Melbourne Cricket Ground. "The Finals Tree"
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    Smells like some unsuccessful cheating
  7. 1 point
    3rd Speedway GP Careers win for Martin Vaculík yesterday
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    Yassss, our hot (straight) twink got silver as for girls... another 4th place, lol. Hanna Kovalenko fell & bruised her ribs & knees because somebody's bib number fell off and stuck in her roller skis.
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  12. 1 point
    Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Silver for this guys
  13. 1 point
    Nikolina, zenski dvosed prosle godine Milica, Marko, k-2 1000m?
  14. 1 point
    probably they're still trying to figure out what event they want to take into consideration... maybe they would use next year's Asian Champs instead of these AGs (also Africa and Oceania don't have their continental event chosen)...
  15. 1 point
    Yesterday in Romanian League. Thank God we have stewards...as you can see a lot of fans fighting
  16. 1 point
    of course he has to blame himself first. I think he probably underestimated his final opponent. he was celebrating too much after beating Saymatov in semifinal who was supposed to be his main rival. I also think he had to start better, I'm sure if he could score 1-2 at first things would be much easier for him. from what I see the whole day the Video review accepted almost all challenges from Indonesian coach (not in this match but all Indonesian matches) they probably wanted to show they are "fair" with only few seconds left . I also think that 3 pts didn't land.
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    http://www.telewebion.com/live/varzesh but today morning they are showing karate and jujitsu (through skype !!!! since there is no tv coverage for other mat
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    ` Wow, how do you make a mistake like that lmfao
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    Wow its 7 -0 !!! What is going on lol
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  22. 1 point
    John McCain has died, aged 81.
  23. 1 point
    Sri Lanka's long jumper has the number 1 jump in the field this season (8.12) but he only got 7.56 in the qualifiers. Their 4x400 relay team should challenge for a medal. Their 200m women sprinter won silver last year at Asian championships along with their 800m runners (gold and silver). This season performances haven't been as good, but I think the big names are missing? Their 3000m steeplechase women athlete broke the NR, and has third ranked time in Asia. The men's Rugby sevens team should also challenge for a medal (ranked fourth in Asia). I hope at least one medal comes out of that!
  24. 1 point
    @hckosice Not bad. I guess. He was having his moment today, the 1st start after such long absense so tomorrow will be... different((. After having a nervous breakdown, bitching/threatening/screaming at the Head coach, allegedly physically attacking his team partner & being kicked out of the team in the middle of the season... literally he was left at the side of the road with his bags He blamed ex-Russian biathletes that they are paid more (they said it themselves) and that Sanitra is pro-Russian. Kilchitskiy is known for helping our army so the situation became quite dangerous. The president of our federation called him mentally unstable. He had to work as a hockey coach, go through a mental expertise and prove that he's not crazy and he can carry a weapons. The president of the federation allowed him to come back and Sanitra worked on his shooting + cross-country in the mountains. Today we've got the result Damn, he had a lot of things to prove! And dayyyuuum, we can't live without drama
  25. 1 point
    Oman has a chance with a couple of sailing crews.