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    I think we have a prize winner in the "Most stupid doper of all time" category. Iuri Dudoglo was born in Moldova. He competed for Moldova in weightlifting from 2009 to 2013 the moved to Azerbaijan. In his 1st championship for Azerbaijan he fails a drug test and is banned for 2 years (2013-2015). He then moves back to Moldova and competes for then between 2015 and 2017 before failing another drug test at the 2017 European Championships. Because it's a second offense he gets an 8 year ban. He can return when he's 34 in 2025, But the IWF keep him on their testing list (I guess because he doesn't announce his retirement). So this year, 7 years before he can return to competition he fails another test.... This time it will be a life ban...
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    Mislim da je greška staviti najbolje pojedince u čamac, mora se miksovati dok se ne pronađe najbolji tim za duži vremenski period.
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    Dakle Nikolina je ta koja je u losoj fomi u zenskom k4. Posto je Milica lagano usla u finale k1, Kristina i Marija u finale k2 1000.
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    and finally, mong the women, Diana Bacosi, thanks to a couple of decent (23/25) final rounds, saved the honor of Italy and will take part into the final 6 of the Women's Skeet competition... the qualified shooters are: Amber Hill (GBR), Caitlin O'Connor (USA), Amber English (USA), Zhang Dongliang (CHN), Diana Bacosi (ITA) and, just to make our friend @hckosice happy Veronika Sykorova (SVK)... I remember once again, the final is scheduled for 6 p.m. CET later today...
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    Alright, so we'll need Svitolina to win Wimbledon and Pliskova to win US Open to make 2018 the year of chokers that delivered.
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    @ChandlerMne, jedna vest za tebe, Una Tuba se vraca rvanju
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    The competition is also shown live on Maltese tv on this link https://www.tvm.com.mt/mt/live-tvm2/
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    Nope, it will start 2nd july
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    Not only is Eller the first Danish player to lift the trophy. He even scored the deciding goal! So happy for him!
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    I totally agree. If you can't get five countries to participate in any event, cancel the event. A similar thing occurred at the Asian Trampoline Championships this year. Only three athletes competed on the women's individual trampoline event: two from India and one from the Philippines. The two Indian trampolinists are so bad that even the Bolivian trampolinists at the SAG were better than them. And given the final score, the trampolinist from the Phillipines managed to execute one skill out of ten, fell off, and got a bronze medal. Three gymnasts with a ridiculously low level, maybe the lowest I've ever seen in international competition, got continental medals because no one else wanted to participate. Then, why not just cancel the whole thing?
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    Brazil managed to win a bronze medal in the 4x100m men's relay with a "improvised" team that included an athlete from the 400m event and another from decathlon. We would also participate in the 4x100m women's relay with a long jumper, but I guess they didn't try. I think only 3 nations have participated and that's a little ridiculous?
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    Some comments and trivia about gymnastics. With the medal earned after the group all-around event, Argentina is the only nation in South America to have earned at least one medal in all of the events in gymnastics in the history of the South American Games. This includes trampoline, which was first competed this edition, and Argentina won two medals here. Amazing feat. Also, Argentina had a ridiculous increase in medals in gymnastics. For example, Argentina got zero medals in women's artistic last edition, and now they earned a medal in every event, including a gold medal, and against the A team from Brazil. Also an amazing feat. This was the most diverse edition ever when it comes to medalists in rhythmic gymnastics. Five nations (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela) earned medals. This edition marks the debut of trampoline, so the Olympic program in gymnastics was fully replicated here (and expanded with six extra events in rhythmic gymnastics). In the future, I hope for three more events: team event in rhythmic gymnastics and men's and women's synchronized trampoline. Also, I don't understand why Aerobic Gymnastics has never been competed, since it is a very important discipline in South America. Scores throughout the different events were very weird. They were a little lower than they were supposed to be in artistic gymnastics and ridiculously low in rhythmic gymnastics. Some routines in rhythmics would have gotten up to 3 or 4 more points in international competition, I suspect. This is insane. Peru must be somewhat disappointed with the results. They have invested a lot of money in gymnastics, and I thought they had a medal in the bag on men's floor, and a gold medal guaranteed on men's vault. In the end, no medal on floor and just a bronze medal on vault, behind Brazil and Uruguay. Speaking of which, Uruguay got their first medal ever at the South American Games in gymnastics. I knew they had enough potential for a medal, but I also knew it would be pretty hard to actually get one. Turns out it wasn't so much. Great achievement for the nation. Finally, I'm happy that my predictions for Brazil (15 gold medals and 25 medals overall) were greatly surpassed (19 gold medals and 33 medals overall), but I'm also kind of sad because I thought we would have had a lot more competition for the gold medals. It's not so nice when one single country earns most of the titles in a competition, so I would have liked a little more diversity. But I hope this makes the other nations train hard to beat our gymnasts. It's great for South America to have as much competition as possible.
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    Estou achando o clima de Copa meio fraco por aqui. Não vi muitas ruas pintadas e enfeitadas (uma das que vi, coincidentemente, é a rua onde moro). E discussão de Copa animada mesmo só tenho visto em fóruns de internet e no Whatsapp, ao vivo o pessoal ainda tá meio tímido. Chegando perto creio (ou melhor, torço rs) que esquente mais o clima de Copa.
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    Well I don’t see any differences between Algeria and Tunisia and Morocco, so I’m glad we’re on the same page. Also, just so you know Asia has 5-7 games, Europe has 5-6 games, Africa has 3 games and commonwealth, so let’s not pretend that America has too many games. Also, North and South America are two Continents connected by a land bridge, like Africa and Asia.
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    A) I respected your Mediterranean Games B) the level is actually about par with other international games C) It been around since before the Pan American and South American Games D) It gives smaller countries an opportunity to compete on a big stage and win medals E) It helps countries qualify for the Pan American Games F) to turn your words back on you “if you don’t like sports games why are you here?”
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    Yeah, same number of world class athletes, just as much media attention and available live streams, basically it's just as big. And the most important thing I'm forgetting, it's a perfect rehearsal for the time schedule of Tokyo 2020 and it's time difference with where I live...
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    Ah, Portugal was not a member yet. You do learn something new every day ^^ I allways assumed they were, and allways assumed that it was perfect normal for them not to score any medal too
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    I read on Wikipedia that Israel and Palestine would like to join but they will only do it together. As far as concerns Portugal, technically it is not over Mediterranean, this is true, but its history is totally bind to it: this also is a factor that I considered in saying that. As regards Gibraltar, that would be nice to have a team from there: I suppose Spain would support them rather than oppose to it; honestly, however, I don't think Gibraltar is interested in it
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    They technically don't border the Mediterranean, but neither do Andorra nor San Marino. Macedonia and Serbia don't either, but they get a pass because they were all part of Yugoslavia when they joined. By adding Portugal you could make an argument for nations like Bulgaria or Jordan to join. I imagine Israel and Palestine don't compete for political reasons. I guess the UK could technically compete because of Gibraltar, but I doubt Spain would want that (even if it was just a Gibraltar team)
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    Colombian players seem to be angry and play dirty on women's volleyball. One of the players just smashed the ball against the face of the Argentinian player and she never apologized. Just like their men's football squad, I can't ever cheer for them.