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    Hi, folks! I'm a sports fan from Uruguay. I love motorsport since I was a toddler. Last year I attended the Indianapolis 500. Of course I watch football / soccer, as any Uruguay citizen must. And I enjoy other sports as well. I'm a Wikipedia editor, so feel free to ask anything. See you!
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    Weightlifting qualification for Lima 2019 Pan American Games Men: 6 quotas (host nation, automatically gets 6 quotas) 4 quotas 3 quotas 2 quotas 1 quota +1 WC Women 6 quotas (host nation, automatically gets 6 quotas) 4 quotas 3 quotas 2 quotas 1 quota +1 WC Canada would have qualified a few more athletes had it decided to send more athletes to the qualifiers.
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    Women's Field Hockey FIH Hockey Series 2018 - 2019 Various Cities - 5 June 2018 - TBD 2019 Totallympics Results Thread
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    Results in this competetion are more than random, anyone can win
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    Some tunnels soooooo goodbye images of the exciting first part of this stage. And welcome back 19th century
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    I don’t get why he couldn’t just train in Norway, maybe with the team but compete for Korea? That’s what Andrew Musgrave and the GB team do for some of the year and I’m sure many other teams do as well!
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    Sounds smart. Going from a country where he has no chance of representing their national team to move to a country where it's way easier to get into the national team. Oh wait.
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    Hello, you are now my favourite Totallympian
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    Bad race for Nibali and Quintana...
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    Here's my photos of the 2018 Punta del Este ePrix. Jean-Éric Vergne has been dominating this season. Sam Bird would need pretty much a miracle to catch up.
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    It was much less impressive when the Blues did it because a. the league had six expansion teams that year (so half the league) and b. all six expansion teams where in the same division, which meant one was guaranteed to advance to the Stanley Cup finals.
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    Is there really demand for that? In the US at least International baseball is an afterthought at best - I'm pretty sure the Little League World Series (which is played by literal pre-pubescent children) is a bigger deal than any International Baseball event here.
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    Sarcasm is easy, when you use it. Sarcasm is difficult, when somebody uses it against you. I somewhat hate it, when people can't be straightfoward. It's not hard to be. Not at all.
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    Big news from Argentina: Sergio Romero injured his knee during training and is apparently out of the World Cup.
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    The only possible swap can be CAN for SWE, but I don´t see this realistic, They will certainly not have more fans than Sweden to put them in Bratislava I was in 2011 at CAN-FRA game and it was something unbelievable, + I enjoyed every second of the tournament, I remember the French and Swiss fans making great atmosphere in the local pubs But this will be even better with our National team. Hopefully I´ll grab some tickets. wow, I´m so excited
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    This is super duper early. I can't make any serious prediction this early, but I can make an "analysis" of the current situation of our top athletes.. Medalists in Rio 2016: -Field Hockey men's NT: Currently ranked 2nd, won silver medal at most recent world league, same coach but a high average age of players. Honestly I don't think they can keep the level until 2020. -Paula Pareto (Judo): Took almost complete off year in 2017 to focus on her job. Will come back to compete in full calendar this year. Change of rules doesn't favor her defensive Judo, but who knows. -Nacra 17 team (Sailing): barely took part in competitions last year, had poor WCh. Santiago Lange is too old, so it's to be seen if he can make 2020 healthy. -Juan Martin del Potro (Tennis): Currently ranked 10th, is playing well and doesn't show signs of injury/decline. Will be 31 in Tokyo. 4th to 8th place finishers in Rio 2016: -Basketball men's NT: Many old players retired, youngsters aren't as good. Don't think they can fight for anything high soon. -Hockey women's NT: Had a "disappointing" 5th place in world league (with an unfair system IMO), u21 team won wch in 2016 and now many of those impressive young girls have been introduced to senior NT. Will and has to challenge for Gold in 2020. -Rugby Sevens men's NT: Every 4 years is start again for this team with many players moving to XV rugby. Is having ok performances, with young players improving. Had great 2nd place in latest Cape Town stage. -Volleyball men's NT: Had ok year in world league without Facundo Conte in all the season and without De Cecco in most games. U23 team won Wch, many young and exciting players are rising, to be seen if they challenge the top teams. -Alberto Melian and Yamil Peralta (Boxing): Melian is pro now, Peralta remains in olympic team but he never seems to improve. -Matias Albarracin (Equestrian Jumping): Don't know if he has done anything after Rio. -Emiliano Grillo (Golf): Had an average 2017, not much to say, he's still far from the top players. -Klaus Lange & Yago Lange (Sailing 49er): they usually are within top 10 in all competitions, still have to make the "big jump". -Patricia Bermudez (Freestyle Wrestling): Had poor Wch, but you never know.. it's not that difficult to improve in female wrestling. Special mention: -Federico Gil (skeet shooting): Almost always makes the final or wins medals in world cups, but still has to perform well in a big competition. Good option for our "dark horse" in 2020 though. Medalists in junior/youth world championships over the last 4 years: -Agustin Vernice (canoe-kayak): won 2 medals in last U23 WCh, then was 7th place at senior Wch in K1-1000. -Exequiel Torres & Gonzalo Molina (Cycling BMX): Torres won gold in junior Wch 2015, Molina won silver in 2014. Both made a 1-2 finish in last year world cup stage in Santiago del Estero with all top riders present. Will be 23/24 in Tokyo, perfect age to make upset maybe? -Tomas Contte (Track Cycling): won silver at cadet Wch 2016 in omnium. -Agustin Gil (Judo): won silver at last cadet Wch in -81kg. -Francisco Saubidet Birkner (Sailing RSX): gold medal in 2014 YOG, silver x2 in 2014 and 2015 youth Wch. Now transitioning to senior. -Facundo Olezza (Sailing Finn): Won bronze at last year's U23 Wch. In senior has been already 9th in Rio and 8th at last year's Gold Cup. -Delfina Pignatiello (Swimming): at last year's junior WCh she won gold in 800 and 1500 freestyle and silver in the 400m. Her time in the 1500 was 5th best in the world last year. Will be aged 20 in Tokyo which is pretty much the "prime" for female swimmers.
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    For Canada this has to be the most successful Olympics minus La84. I would estimate 23-26 medals.
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    Super early predictions indeed, but let's see. I guess Brazil's situation can be compared only to Greece among the recent hosts: Greece Medals in Sydney: 13 (4 golds) Medals in Athens: 16 (6 golds) Medals in Beijing: 3 (no golds) Brazil: Medals in London: 17 (3 golds) Medals in Rio: 19 (7 golds) Medals in Tokyo: ??? If we're talking about total medals, Brazil and Greece didn't improve a lot at home compared to the previous edition, but had a very good result counting gold medals only. I expect a fall of those numbers for Tokyo, maybe not so big like Greece's, but right now I'm predicting 12 medals. (for this prediction, I won't predict the "colors", because it's too early for this) Sports that gaves us medals in almost every edition since 1996 Volleyball/Beach Volleyball: 2 to 3 medals should be reachable. Judo: 2 to 3 medals. I think we have a good chance at the new team event. Football: 1 medal, but now that we have a gold, will we care to send the best team? Sailing: 1 medal. Total: 5-8 medals Sports that occasionally gave us medals in the last two decades Athletics/Swimming: I think we can reach 2 medals from the two big sports combined, or at least 1 (Open water?). Canoeing: 1 medal should be possible if Isaquias mantains his level. Boxing/Taekwondo: 1 medal, but I could easily see Brazil getting none here. Equestrian/Gymnastics/Modern Pentathlon/Shooting: maybe 1 medal among these. Total: 2-5 medals The other sports (including the "new" ones) Basketball: the only other sport not previously mentioned in which we have medals. Pretty sure we won't return to the podium in Tokyo (we won't even qualify). Karate/Skateboarding/Surfing: If everything goes according to plan, we should get at least 2 medals among those. If not, at least 1 medal. Other sports: unless some new name rises, I don't think we will medal in a new sport (except for the ones included for the first time in Tokyo). Tennis should be a possibility, but Melo/Soares aren't great playing together. Total: 1-2 medals Pessimistic: 8 medals Optmistic: 15 medals Early prediction: 12 medals
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    Magnus Kim will represent Norway from now on http://www.ocasia.org/News/IndexNewsRM.aspx?WKegervtea2/m4hGWqSGeA==
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    Hamburg is relegated to 2nd division for the 1st time in their history
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    I'm shocked. If this turns out to be true, and it must be since there are many people accusing the coach, this guy is a monster. In short: former national team coach Fernando Lopes has been accused by 42 male gymnasts of sexually abusing, physically and morally insulting them when they were children (as young as 10 years old). The first report report was around 2001, and the last one was in 2016, when Lopes was formally removed from his position one month before the Olympic Games. According to reports from the gymnasts to the newspaper O Globo, Lopez touched the private areas of the boys, slept with them, broke into the bathroom while they showered, and even asked them to masturbate in front of him (one of the guys said Lopes masturbated him while he was sleeping). Investigations were formally started in 2016, but the process has been slow, so the newspaper decided to publicly disclose the whole story. This is infuriating and unacceptable. I hope the guy rots in jail.