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    The ICF have published that very same document on their website. The March date contained in the URL below suggests it is effectively the final version. https://www.canoeicf.com/sites/default/files/final_2018-03-16_tokyo_2020_qualification_system_canoe_slalom_eng.pdf The canoe sprint QS isn't ready yet, though there is talk of changing the quota from one event berth per NOC to two (whether that applies to all events or some is currently unknown).
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    Hate Speech is defined a purposeful hatred, discrimination, or violence in action or speech towards a group of people.
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    These snowflakes i'm referring to comes from a White majority, who are so misguided. And Let's say if in America black minority causes more violent crimes than whites, that's not hate speech. That's a fact (Assuming in this conversation). Many of these "Snowflakes" get triggered when they hear something that actually & factually makes sense. Btw, I'm proud white male, who thinks that Antifa's actions have nothing to do with being anti-facist. Am i a white supremacist?
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    When you are in a position of privilege, it's easy to call minorities "snowflakes" with feelings that can be easily hurt. When you suffer the consequences of hate speech, even when hate speech is disguised through "facts", you urge to make the world a better place for you to live, and this means not accepting any made up speech as factual truth (which, quite often, is not). The nazi tried to pass eugenics as the truth, and we all know the terrible consequences this has caused to the world. So, it is important to always pay attention to WHO is talking, and WHAT motivates the discourse which is being spoken/written/etc. And if one's "opinion" makes the world a bad place for another person to live, with all due respect, one can shove his/her opinion up his ass.
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    In America, they seem to fight against almost everybody lol Especially against Trump supporters. They shout "Nazi!" at every god damn human being, if you disagree with them. And what about this freedom of speech? A conservative speaker called Ben Shapiro have lectures about many interesting subjects & everytime when people are protesting against him, the reason is somehow hate speech. Using facts & logic is not hate speech. Facts don't care about your feelings. A bunch of offended snowflakes calling every white guy with different opinions a white supremacist....
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    Well currently their trying to stop hate speech and neo-nazi rallies, which do not count as freedom of speech, since they violate other parts of our 1st Amendment.
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    Completely disagree. They fight against white supremacists and neonazis. It's one thing to have free speech, it's another thing when your free speech hurts other people and promote, ultimately, segregation to the point where even a genocide could be "explained" through your beliefs. I've had enough of disgusting people who would recruit other people to harass, hurt and even murder black people, gays, lesbians, immigrants, jews and other minorities. They might use violence to achieve their goals, but we're not all supposed to be Gandhis and Mother Teresas when we are dealing with fascists.
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    Big news from Argentina: Sergio Romero injured his knee during training and is apparently out of the World Cup.
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    Never forget 2011 World Championships....
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    How should I know the personal relations of players when basically all Dutch team players I know are Celeste Plak and Robin de Kruif? Obrigado
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    è uno scandalo...annunciato, per di più... e questo fa ancora più male... vorrei prendere tutti i responsabili di questo scempio a mazzate con tanto di mazza ferrata medievale...
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    they could switch CAN and RUS and everybody would be happy, I guess... p.s. for Italy these groups (RUS or CAN doesn't make any difference) are better than expected...having AUT and NOR in our group, gives us a more than slim chance to avoid relegation...honestly, those 2 teams are the only ones we can play with thinking that we can get a positive result against them... p.p.s. I remember going to the Worlds here in Milan in 1994...it was an amazing and unforgettable experience...so, enjoy this opportunity as much as you can...
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    Buijs, her girlfriend, of course If you want other options you can choose Tandara, Adenizia, Jaque (If she is). You can also dance a samba with Mara, because it seems that is the only thing she does in the national team.
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    Maybe Carol, who must be crazy to see Anne
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    And it´s Official !!!! Slovakia will play all preliminary round matches in KOŠICE !!!! can you even believe it ? I can not even describe the feeling when I heard the official news in the radio. Wow I feel like a kid that everyone forgets in a pastry shop the whole night or so this is really something that can happen only once in a life https://www.new-iihf.com/en/events/2018/wm/news/3359/groups-for-2019
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    This is why I said it was a prediction. A meteor could crash against the Earth tomorrow, who knows? Nothing is certain in life. Still, the quality of our gymnasts compared to the rest of the field makes it "safe" to assume they might do well.
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    It's not 2020 yet, bestmen.
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    it's going to be a real disaster for europe, once again we privilege america, i hope that among men italy, serbia, poland, france, russia. and among women germany, poland, russia, italy and serbia
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    @hckosice Are you gonna visit a match, you think?
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    It's very sad to hear, that so many Palestine guys are dying. But i did read somewhere that It's Hamas that uses masses to get access to Israel(Jerusalem mostly). Like the people are trying to breach Israel borders, forcing Israeli troops to respond with gunfire. That's just something i read somewhere. Different point of view...
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    Will play with sunglasses from now ?
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    Here are my predictions based off of 2017 results. Note, not all events had world championships/equivalents, biggest being women's boxing and equestrian. Weightlifting has been adjusted due to many nations missing out (though the nations missing out aren't compensated). Also nations with only one medal chance have been rounded down to 0 and I have not excluded any athletes which have retired. United States - 102 Russia - 61 China - 60 Great Britain - 46 France - 44 Japan - 43 Germany - 37 Australia - 30 Italy - 29 Canada - 26 Netherlands - 26 Poland - 24 South Korea - 22 Hungary - 21 Spain - 21 Ukraine - 18 Brazil - 16 New Zealand - 15 Belarus - 12 Czech Republic - 12 Turkey - 12 Cuba - 11 Switzerland - 10 Denmark - 9 Iran - 9 Kenya - 9 Serbia - 9 Sweden - 9 Colombia - 8 Georgia - 8 Mexico - 8 Azerbaijan - 7 Belgium - 7 Croatia - 7 Jamaica - 7 Uzbekistan - 7 Ethiopia - 6 India - 6 Kazakhstan - 6 Lithuania - 6 Mongolia - 6 Chinese Taipei - 6 Greece - 5 Norway - 5 Romania - 5 Slovakia - 5 Slovenia - 5 South Africa - 5 Thailand - 5 Austria - 4 Bulgaria - 4 Portugal - 4 Bahrain - 3 Dominican Republic - 3 Egypt - 3 Estonia - 3 Hong Kong - 3 Israel - 3 Morocco - 3 North Korea - 3 Trinidad and Tobago - 3 Venezuela - 3 Argentina - 2 Armenia - 2 Bahamas - 2 Botswana - 2 Chile - 2 Ecuador - 2 Finland - 2 Indonesia - 2 Ireland - 2 Latvia - 2 Malaysia - 2 Qatar - 2 Singapore - 2 Tunisia - 2 Vietnam - 2 Albania - 1 Cote d'Ivoire - 1 Cyprus - 1 Eritrea - 1 Fiji - 1 Guatemala - 1 Kyrgyzstan - 1 Moldova - 1 Montenegro - 1 Nigeria - 1 Puerto Rico - 1 Tajikistan - 1 Turkmenistan - 1 Zambia - 1
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    I hope Brazil returns to the old results, 17 medals to be exact. Chances for this exist, but should be between 14 or 15 medals. Big Sports - Volleyball (Indoor/Beach), Judo, Football, Swimming... - 9/10 medals. Traditional Sports - Athletics, Gymnastics, Boxing, Taekwondo - 1/2 medals New Sports - Karate/Skateboard/Surfing - 3/6 medals Canoeing - 1/2 medals (Probably 1) I do not believe we can win a medal in a other sport, but there are chances in tennis, table tennis, cycling, slalom canoeing ...
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    https://www.oasport.it/2018/05/ciclismo-su-pista-allarme-italia-velodromo-di-montichiari-ormai-inagibile-azzurri-costretti-ad-allenarsi-allestero/ http://www.tuttobiciweb.it/index.php?page=news&cod=112322&tp=n