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    Tests done. Guys, I am proud to announce you that I got my certificate and From today I am officially a Volunteer Firefighter
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    Where Are They Now? As part of our TISC Jubilee celebrations, I introduce the first in the series of "Where Are They Now?" posts. Let us commemorate those artists who competed at the very first edition of the TISC Annual back in 2014. To remember their pioneering achievements, let's take a trip down memory lane by listening once more to their contribution to our first Annual contest and follow it up with something more recent. First up I give you Taylor Henderson, AR Rahman and Son Pascal Australia Song: Borrow My Heart Artist: Taylor Henderson Song: Light Up The Dark Artist: Taylor Henderson India Song: Patakha Guddi Artist: AR Rahman Song: Ginga Artist: AR Rahman Kazakhstan Song: Ainalain Artist: Son Pascal feat Al Bano Song: Men Seni Suyemin Artist: Son Pascal
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    Full disclosure: I planned to enter Despacito. Perhaps you saved me from a ban.
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    I simply cannot believe this. Another fantastic race by the Danes!
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    She was lucky not to have Soviet, Bulgarian and North Korean gymnasts competing against her, but she was still able to beat gymnasts from strong nations such as Germany, Spain and Japan (and Romania, though the country had never had any good results in this sport before 1984). But I agree that the most significant medal Canada has ever earned was at the World Cup in 1990. All the big guns competed against Fuzesi, so walking away with a medal was nothing short of extraordinary.
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    I guess we can say this is the "opening theme" of the telenovela? And yes, these are very popular here also
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    I was listening to this song today (I was searching for some music from the nations that had participated at least once in the contest)
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    I have added to the second post of this thread the section "Follow the Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2018", which contains important links that might be useful for some users. I know... I should have done this since the beginning of the contest, but better late than never, I guess
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    Darn, my nation is taken already ..... hmm, I'll have South Africa and Philippines then
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    Represented Nations Users Songs Australia vinipereira "My My My!" Troye Sivan Belgium Werloc "Million Eyes" Loïc Nottet Chile vinipereira "Abrázame" Camila Gallardo DR Congo Wanderer "Tokoliana" KOKOKO! Cyprus rybak "Afto Ton Kero" Ivi Adamou Czech Republic hckosice "Holomráz" Slza Iceland Glen "The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World" Steindi Jr Jamaica mrv86 "Lions" Skip Marley Latvia carivan "Stūre" Carnival Youth Liechtenstein dcro "Pay Day" NazB, Al Walser Macedonia rybak "Kilometri" Lozano Mongolia Griff88 "Huh Shorgooljnii Domog" Javhlan Montenegro DaniSRB "Istine i laži" Sergej Nicaragua konig "Rompamos el Hielo" Israel Lanuza Nigeria IoNuTzZ "If" Davido North Korea Griff88 "Bangapseumnida" Ri Kyong Suk Philippines OlympicIRL "Maybe the Night" Ben & Ben Puerto Rico konig "Mayores" Becky G, Bad Bunny St. Vincent and the Gren. dcro "Slow Motion" Kevin Lyttle Singapore carivan "#0000FF" Jasmine Sokko South Africa OlympicIRL "Sunday Blues" Langa Mavuso Spain mrv86 "No Vaya a Ser" Pablo Alborán Swaziland Wanderer "Love Me" Tendaness, Velemseni, Bholoja
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    As we continue our celebrations for the 10th edition of TISC, today we mark the continuation of a tradition that was with us right from the start. That tradition is the Festival of Music. Since the very first edition of our contest back in 2013, TISC has proudly showcased the music from nations who sadly are not with us in the contest. Originating as a "Wish You Were Here" idea, The Festival of Music was born and it flourished into what would soon become a staple part of any TISC edition. This wonderful Festival takes centre stage in the run up to our live shows and it is here where we get a chance to say hello to all the nations of the world of music. Participating members have certainly embraced this Festival and it has provided us with a window to share in the music from the wider world. And, hopefully, one day some of the nations represented at the Festival of Music can someday be a part of our very own TISC celebration as participating members. Austria and Venezuela are two such graduates from the Festival of Music and we are delighted to welcome them into the TISC family for the very first time this year! As usual, Totallympics members are free to participate in the Festival, choosing 1 or 2 (max.) nations that are not registered at the Annual contest. For each nation, the user must pick one song (preferably) released on or after January 1st, 2017, showcasing recent records that could have taken part at our contest this year. Festival of Music entries will be accepted until the next Saturday (April 21st). For the first time ever, a poll will be open to decide 3 best songs that will be honored at the festivities two weeks from now. The table in the next post will be updated with the songs posted in the coming days - as hosts, Brazil picked its nations first
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    For the qualification events calendar i have it till now waiting for other sports qualification pdf Competition.xlsx
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    Apparently one of the Kenyans in women's marathon is 2:38 runner. She must be like 250th best Kenyan in this event.
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    Also, what a games for winning 6 medals! The most ever for them. Though it could be argued that the 3 boxing medals were because of a favourable draw, but one of them knocked down the Indian gold medalist twice in his match... so there was potential.
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    I'd bet that shooting will be added as the 18th sport like beach volleyball was here. This sport allows many small nations to compete. Dumb decision to omit it completely. THough I would prefer beach volleyball be added too. 17 seems like a low number for this event.
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    USA is at least 50 years ahead of Russia obviously, don;t know what to prove any more but what GB and France have to do there?
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    Always the same countries make s*it
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    This is disaster really We've experienced the same thing and that was really a terrible and traumatic experience. I hope the Syrians will be persistent and will not allow the villains to destroy them,
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    Here is the provisional voting schedule for the Grand Final on Saturday, April 28th. Currently, the live show is scheduled to being at 07:00 (local time of the host). The schedule is subject to change and for now is only provisional..... Provisional Voting Schedule Voting Order NATION Voting Time Host Voting Time Local EARLY-MORNING SESSION #1 1 BRAZIL 07:00 07:00 2 GERMANY 07:12 12:12 3 ARGENTINA 07:24 07:24 4 ESTONIA 07:36 13:36 5 INDONESIA 07:48 17:48 6 SWEDEN 08:00 13:00 7 ITALY 08:12 13:12 8 IRAN 08:24 15:54 9 UNITED STATES 08:36 07:36 10 ANTARCTICA 08:48 23:48 Tea Break 09:00 - 10:00 60 mins MID-MORNING SESSION #2 11 INDIA 10:00 18:30 12 CANADA 10:12 09:12 13 SERBIA 10:24 15:24 14 FINLAND 10:36 16:36 15 AZERBAIJAN 10:48 17:48 16 ALGERIA 11:00 15:00 17 PORTUGAL 11:12 15:12 18 MEXICO 11:24 09:24 19 BULGARIA 11:36 17:36 20 COLOMBIA 11:48 09:48 21 LITHUANIA 12:00 18:00 Lunch 12:00- 14:00 120 mins AFTERNOON SESSION #3 22 RUSSIA 14:00 20:00 23 CROATIA 14:12 19:12 24 MOLDOVA 14:24 20:24 25 SWITZERLAND 14:36 19:36 26 GREAT BRITAIN 14:48 18:48 27 AUSTRIA 15:00 20:00 28 GREECE 15:12 21:12 29 VENEZUELA 15:24 14:24 30 SLOVAKIA 15:36 20:36 31 SLOVENIA 15:48 20:48 32 DENMARK 16:00 21:00 Dinner Break 16:30 - 18:00 1h 30 mins EVENING SESSION #4 33 FRANCE 18:00 23:00 34 NORWAY 18:12 23:12 35 IRELAND 18:24 22:24 36 NEW ZEALAND 18:36 09:36 (Sun) 37 POLAND 18:48 23:48 38 TUNISIA 19:00 23:00 39 ROMANIA 19:12 01:12 40 KAZAKHSTAN 19:24 04:24 41 MALTA 19:36 00:36 42 NETHERLANDS 19:48 00:48