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    Grigor Dimitrov wins Bulgarian sportsperson of the year. Top 10 is: 1. Grigor Dimitrov (tennis) 2. Radoslav Yankov (snowboard) 3. Nevyana Vladinova (rhythmic gymnastics) 4. Antani Ivanov (swimming) 5. Daniel Asenov (boxing) 6. Aleksander Vazenkov (basketball) 7. Vladimir Iliev (biathlon) 8. Boyan Petrov (alpinism) 9. Vladimir Dalakliev (taekwondo) 10. Tihomir Ivanov (athletics) Team of the year is the national rhythmic gymnastics ensemble. Coach of the year is the coach of the national rhythmic gymnastics ensemble. Sportsperson with disability is Ruzhdi Ruzhdi.
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    It currently is for alpine skiing. In snowboarding the top 16 from each course qualifies for the second preliminary round, and the top 16 combined times from both courses make it through.
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    Dafne Schippers (athletics) won the Dutch sportswoman of the year award, beating Marit Bouwmeester (sailing) and Anna van der Breggen (cycling). Jac Orie (coach of the LottoNL-Jumbo speed skating team) won the coach of the year award, and Jetze Plat (paratriathlon) got the disabled sportsperson of the year award. Now on to the men.
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    42 out of 61 Norwegian cross-country skiing medals since 1992 were taken by users of asthma medication (or at least who have spoken openly about it). But the problem is mainly that they've been using it preventive (at least officially) meaning that also healthy skiers have been doing so. That's what's truly worrying (I don't remember if they stopped this after the Sundby case) and kind of suspicious.