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  1. 4 points
    Bestmen is right about this, it's all about power... the legal/illegal discussion is all bullshit. Spain has power and is EU/NATO member so they will keep Catalunya. Serbia is a small country and not EU member, that's why they lost Kosovo.
  2. 2 points
    ^You sure do travel a lot for being just an 17 year old (according to your profile). What are you, the Richie Rich of Algeria or something?
  3. 1 point
  4. 1 point
    Thijsje Oenema has been spotted in Heerenveen, watching the races. Very good news, since she retired because of rather serious cancer which definitely wasn't sure if it could be cured. She looked pretty healthy (don't know if she actually is, but it was good to see her there)
  5. 1 point
  6. 1 point
    Who care about other government reaction? We must wait the people reactions..
  7. 1 point
    Live stream, for those who have nothing better to do https://nos.nl/livestream/2199171-kpn-nk-afstanden.html
  8. 1 point
    LOL these stats count the legal migrants only while 90% are not
  9. 1 point
    25 October 2017 - Day 2 Today Route Patras → Antirrio → Nafpaktos → Missolonghi → Agrinio → Arta → Ioannina Celebrations Welcome the arrival of the Olympic flame in Antirrio at the sculpture of the runner; Nafpaktos at sculpture dedicated to Giorgos Anemogiannis, a hero of the Greek revolution who set fire to hostile ships; in Messolonghi, Agrinio, Arta and Ioannina at central squares.
  10. 1 point
    Interview with Paulina Fialkova @hckosice https://biathlon23.wordpress.com/2017/10/26/paulina-fialkova-the-interview/
  11. 1 point
    In our reality Kosovo is Serbian southern province, but in real world..... European countries started all this mess after recognision of ilegal independence of Kosovo. The question is, is Basque country is next?
  12. 1 point
    I really hope that Spanish government will act responsible and avoid military conflict with Barcelona
  13. 1 point
    In a fact it was, YES won. But actually if you look more deep, it wasn't. Not even half of the census of Catalonia voted, and the referendum was a big mess. People voted like three times. And when the police close some of the schools were the votes were planned, they took the booths out so people could vote. They are videos of it in youtube were you see multiple people in a crowd voting without any checks. Then, the results are totally hideous. There are cities with more votes for the yes than people living there....
  14. 1 point
  15. 1 point
    Torben Grimmel ending his carreer with a world record!
  16. 1 point
  17. 1 point
    whoa, looks awesome, I want one too Congrats
  18. 0 points
    Apparently only 457 tickets have been sold for the 2018 Winter Paralympics! With only 191 tickets sold for the opening ceremony. This is very worrying and will need a surge of enthusiasm during the 2018 Olympics to boost ticket sales for the Paralympics.
  19. 0 points
    my situation here is much worse , i bought my airline ticket for barcelona 1 week ago , i paid the hotel and everything
  20. 0 points
    So, this is a sad day for me. Today seems to be the last day of my country as I have know it all my life. The parlament of Catalonia will declare today the independence of the so called Republic of Catalonya. Seems like the parliment is going to vote about it today, and they had absolute mayority. They have some broken strings in their parties and maybe a few wild votes from the independence team, but they have a mayority of four, so I don't think they would miss so many votes. Also, seems like two parlamentaries from an spanish sided party may go wild and vote a yes. It's really sad all it's happening. The don't have the peoples votes, neither an international recognition and their economy is going down as more and more business are leaving the cities and the tourism is going down in Barcelona.