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    Maybe this somehow will help to increase more users and countries
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    Argentina Entry Fito Paez - Mariposa Tecknicolor Hope you like this song, it came out in 1994 and it's a popular song even to this day. BTW the correct title of the song is the one I wrote above, not the one in the video, but it doesn't really matter There is spanish lyrics in the video and an english translation below (I tried my best with it, but the lyrics are bit difficult).
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    Well, yeah, now I know the whopping amount of 5 teams as well when I followed your link. Banga means "wave" translated from Lithuanian, which is why it's a very popular name for sports teams coming from Klaipėda/Palanga that has the Baltic Sea around them. I cannot really comment if people know Gintra, I doubt that a random person or a person that does not really follow the sports scene would have a clue. The only reason why I know Gintra is because I sometimes scroll past the articles whilst trying to get to Athletics/Rowing/Swimming and other interesting news
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    Who would have thought choosing a song would be so tough. My first pick turned out to be little too new for this contest. Started thinking about other songs and to my surprise so many of them were actually covers of foreign artists But now I have finally decided and try to post it tomorrow if I have time, can't find English lyrics anywhere, gotta use friend Translator then
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    The sound was terrible in the beginning (guitars were way too high) and Keith Richards can't sing, but other than that it was great!
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    Following an appeal by the Gymnastics Federation of Chile due to a problem with the structure of the competition floor that occurred during Men’s qualifications, the FIG Jury of Appeal has made the exceptional decision to allow Tomas Gonzalez (CHI) to participate in the Floor final. So, nine athetes will compete in men's floor final
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    and last, but not least, some predictions... here you can find those of the main NHL analysts on the official website of the League: https://www.nhl.com/news/2017-18-stanley-cup-expert-picks-predictions/c-291463038?tid=280204614 and this is my personal prediction: Atlantic Division 1: Tampa Bay Lightning 2: Toronto Maple Leafs 3: Montreal Canadiens Metropolitan Division 1: Pittsburgh Penguins 2: Washington Capitals 3: New York Islanders Eastern Conference Wild Cards 1: New York Rangers 2: Carolina Hurricanes Central Division 1: Dallas Stars 2: Chicago Blackhawks 3: Nashville Predators Pacific Division 1: Edmonton Oilers 2: Anaheim Ducks 3: San Jose Sharks Western Conference Wild Cards No. 1: Los Angeles Kings No. 2: Minnesota Wild Conference champions East: Tampa Bay Lightning West: Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup champion: Edmonton Oilers Hart Trophy (RS MVP) winner: Connor McDavid (EDM) Norris Trophy (RS Best Defenseman) winner: Victor Hedman (TB) Vezina Trophy (RS Best Goaltender) winner: Matt Murray (PIT) Calder Trophy (RS Best Rookie) winner: Nico Hischier (NJ) Art Ross Trophy (RS Top Scorer) winner: Connor McDavid (EDM) Maurice Richard Trophy (RS Best Goal Scorer) winner: Patrick Laine (WPG) Conn Smythe Trophy (Playoffs MVP) winner: Connor McDavid (EDM)
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    Israel will take part in the contest in 2018 But this mean that any Arabic nation will not compete
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    Still a good result, and every international confrontations are a new and good experience for the players, since the club is the actual base of your National Team and btw congrats for another Team sport Gold we really need to start to learn something from your team sports program or just start to naturalize some Serbian B, C level players, that should be enough for us to at least participate in Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Water polo etc... championships
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    Of course our main hope for a medal is out injured (Rebeca Andrade). She now has missed the Youth Olympics, Pan American Games and 2 World Championships because of injuries - her only big competition was, of course, the Rio Games. Honestly, I'm not sure if she will come back from this. At least she will always have the home Olympics to remember...