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    Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2017 Ashgabat (TKM) - 17 September 2017 - 27 September 2017 Totallympics Results Thread
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    I'm in too. Really sorry for missing the last contest voting. Let's hope things in personal life and work won't be as busy as they were.
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    These 2 events today (jiujitsu and traditional wrestling) are Turkmen show. Same thing you can expect in wrestling-related events too. But not in the mainstream sports like track cycling, swimming, athletics, etc.
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    This other channel also broadcast the Games: http://tv.online.tm/ch006.html Basically you can just switch between channels at that site, Turkmen Sport and Asgabat are the ones that will be non-stop broadcasting
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    joj kakav debakl juniorki na ep u dzudou. Bez pobede Takozvana super generacija. Ne znam sta se desilo stvarno. MI ocekujemo da se neka plasira u Tokio Mislim ja ne ocekujem Meni je dovoljno Nikolic i Rogic da osvoje kvotu.
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    Don't know the names, but I've got a feeling this show of pure comedy gold is part of it (look from 1:40) That was a good reminder of the epic Gewiss-Ballan team in the 1994 Fleche Wallone (who basically came straight out of a nucleair power plant)
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    Well, there was a mistake in Women's Football UEFA Euro 2017 Prediction Contest results. I swapped a set of results for matchday 11, ISL-AUT and SUI-FRA. Points have been corrected as well as Final Standing. You can check corrected results. Many changes, one of them including @heywoodu being a gold medalist, followed by @Dunadan and @africaboy on second and third place. Pablita is now fourth My apologies for the mistake
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    bestmen the adventure man will go to Tunisia ع السلامة برشا برشا
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    Slovak girls defeated Norway in todays second match of the U17 European championships 25:23 and achieved first win after yesterdays easy lose with Spain. Last seconds of the match Congrats Girls.