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    Ice Hockey Tournament at Sankt Moritz 1928 The Canadian team, 1928 Olympic champions The Ice Hockey Tournament of the 1928 Winter Olympics took place from 11th to 19th February in the Badrutts Park in Sankt Moritz, Switzerland, the tournament was counted as the 3rd World Championships and the 13th Ice Hockey European Championship as well. The tournament was attended by eleven teams, and the Canadians who were directly seeded to the final group took the Gold medals without conceding any single goal again. The title of the European Champions was won by the silver medalists Swedes. This time from the overseas came Only a Canadian team, this time from the Toronto Varsity Grads, which had enough time to rest as they were automatically seeded in the final group. The remaining ten teams were divided into three preliminary groups, of which only the winners got into the final medal pool. All the groups presented very interesting games and big dramas until the end, only the Hungarians went home without any single point and the Germans did not score any single goal but reached 1 point thanks a 0-0 draw with Austria. The most unpredictable situation was in Group A, in which the first three teams defeated each other and the British topped the group only by the best overall score which was the first tiebreak to determine the tied teams. The toughest and closest results were achieved in Group C, which was won by the Swiss hockey players, a result which obviously made the home fans really happy and eagerly excited for the later parts of the tournament. The Czechoslovak national ice hockey team arrived to Sankt Moritz in a strangely created squad, which was in fact build under complicated conditions, as the oldest generation of players knew that it was their last chance to go on such a tournament. But Still, the young players prevailed in it, for example the legendary scorer Jirkovský was not even called for this tourney. The most important and decisive match for this team came immediately at the start of the games against Sweden. The Czechoslovak players unfortunately did not scored any goal in this match and their hopes to qualify for the medal round were destroyed already the first day with the lose 0-3, in their next and last match of the tournament they defeated the Poles by a tight win 3-2. The final group was entirely under the direction of the Canadian hockey players who defeated everyone there by double-digit results. The Swedes were the first to compete against them, and then they could at least calmly concentrate and focusing on next matxhes and winning the silver medals and the title of European Champions. The Home hockey players after beating the British team 4-0 won the Bronze medals for the enjoyment of the home fans. Picture from the action in the Match between Canada and Switzerland in the final round Final Ranking: 1. Canada (Represented by Toronto Varsity Grads) 2. Sweden 3. Switzerland 4. Great Britain 5. France 6. Austria 7. Czechoslovakia 8. Belgium 9. Poland 10. Germany 11. Hungary Entry of the Poland´s Ice Hockey team during the Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations The parade of Nations in video
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    Group D was strongest group in this championship I really don't now how we won match against Latvia I still think that 1/4 is our maximum on this championship. We will see.
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    DNA found in warm Antarctic caves could mean New discoveries the Aliens
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    latvia is strong.it should be a semifinal match,not quarterfinal
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