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    Gledajući i slušajući Dragicu mi je jasno zašto je njena generacija bila TOLIKO dobra... I što Dare kaže, nekako je gotivna, njen odnos prema igračicama, pristup i sve to lepo deluje. Maksić i Erić takođe obavljaju dobar posao. Lepo su skockali ovaj tim, moram priznati nisam očekivao da to izgleda ovako dobro. Igra se brzo, glavni aduti su nam krila, plejmejker je plejmejker. Deluje to fino za sada. Možemo i protiv Šveđanki ako odigramo kao danas. Gledao sam ih sa Slovenijom i nisu ništa posebno, meh.
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    was in the team that won silver in youth wc in 2008 from this team also Zivkovic, Kolundzic, Nikolic, Obradovic, Trifunovic Cvijic was in that team, too
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    This is just too good to be true
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    I think it was a good moment to introduce new - younger players to the NT, this doesn't look bad at all! I like Dragica's approach, she's not as clueless as she used to be
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    Things that are possible with this Spanish team on the court
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    Live stream: http://live.robinwidget.com/streamvideo8/swimming-vs-championships-windsor-live-stream-70808.html
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    Yeah we had a few club hockey players called Holub I think and a biathlete called Holubec, which I guess kind of means 'Pigeon person'?
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    yes. We call this "Belgrade sea". It is on river Sava and it is like a lake This is base for our canoeing and rowing team when they are in Belgrade And next year world cup in rowing and EC for u23 and juniors will be on this lake and btw this is 10 minutes from downtown.
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    Sorry to change the topic (actually, not that much sorry, the discussion is getting nowhere but to insults ) but.... I'm really surprised that land-locked Serbia has a beach! (yes I know it's a river beach but still I got surprised, I still have a lot to learn about balcan area sights ) And I looked for photos on google, it really looks nice! (is this one right?)