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    As usual, good work @gvaisakh. I hope you will continue to give daily predictions/assessments at least. Regarding arguments, completely agree. With the huge increase in members, some friction is bound to happen. Already we had some heated discussions regarding Tennis and Wrestling. During Olympics, passion would be higher, so number and level of arguments is bound to increase. I, personally, follow some rules to minimize the arguments I am part of. I am sharing them here, so others may follow it if they want. 1) Ignore users who I find biased, bigoted, silly or just looking for trouble. Luckily, I don't find any such users in Indian community but there are a couple in the forum. So, I only reply to them with fact and never with opinion. I even try and avoid posting about those users' countries as much as possible. 2) Limit number of posts on a particular topic. If I find that an argument is going on for a long time, I tend to stop posting about it even if the discussion has been civil. 3) Assume that other users are not idiots, are genuine sports fans and have no malice. 4) When in a real bad mood, just log off. I follow these rules because I don't see any benefit from participating in arguments here from a strictly Return On Investment point of view. Also, I would like to give one more advice to some of the new users, post in other threads as well. It will improve your experience here.
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    UPDATED (1st Page - 3rd Post) Sorry for the delay. Got held up with work 4th post will include the result of all athletes at Rio 2016 5th post will include the daily schedule of Indian athletes at Rio 2016 (Will be updated by 31st July) Those who were part of the old Totallympics and were members during London 2012 knew that I posted detailed list of each athlete and predicted the expected performance of each & every one. I might not do it this time due to crunch of time and also other members have already made lot of predictions (hence, it will be more of duplicate posts) ONE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL INDIAN MEMBERS HERE - During London 2012, there were lot of arguments among our members and some of them turned out to be bad ones and I was forced to warn few members. This time, since the number of Indian members has increased, I am expecting more arguments but please make it healthy discussions and please avoid foul language or disrespect any member or nation or athlete WISHING EVERYONE AN ENJOYABLE RIO OLYMPICS 2016 & WISHING BEST WISHES TO INDIAN CONTINGENT
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    I remember there were reports some time back about AFI not knowing where Seema was. It was later revealed that she was training in Russia. So, sadly, won't be surprised if she fails the test. Similarly, for Nirmala, with Yuri Ogorodnik as coach, it is quite possible.
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    Côte d'Ivoire - Murielle Ahouré - Athletics (source)
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    http://olympstats.com/2016/07/28/the-olympic-records-and-bests/ Anybody need a great book of statistics and records on Rio 2016
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    Justin Gatlin - twice banned for doping - go to Rio Yelena Isinbayeva - negative on the all doping tests - banned to go on OG Justice?
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    And this is why a complete ban would have been the only correct possibility! They still live in another world...
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    Wow, for a moment I thought his name was Swimmer and that he was a swimmer, that would have been awesome His name however is Aminath Shajan, which is nice too
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    I found Video clips with uniforms, its intresting
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    Carambola ("starfruit") is the best in my opinion. Also, "carambola" is a funny name