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  1. 8 points
    Some pics I took while hillwalking at home.... Flynn was enjoying himself, exploring every inch of woodland. And he spotted a nice place to cool down.... Ok, Flynn I think you have had enough bath time. Time to go home...
  2. 7 points
    I am on vacation in Singapore, and I have some (Youth) Olympic pilgrimage :D
  3. 7 points
    Alrighty, so it appears it is time for an update. I have been working on my exciting projects lately, of which I will go into further detail in a moment. I had deleted the Totallympics TV YouTube channel in order to better serve my needs. It will now be easier for me to access those playlists and post them on here (hopefully). I will be updating the links on the front page and in other posts over the following days. I will try to provide a weekly streaming schedule sometime in the feature for all multi-sport and Olympic qualification events. So now let’s talk about some of the exciting projects: 1: I now have the ability to record and broadcast live sport. I don’t know how useful this could be, but It could be used for at least small journalistic segments, and as a way to post highlights I have been authorized to. This is more for personal honestly, but I will try to use it to create some cool stuff for my Totallympics friends too. 2: I have my own website and blog. I talk mostly about sports and politics because that is what I like. I also have links to my sports and nature photography on there as well. You can also find my poetry on there too. 3: I have a new YouTube channel where I can hopefully post/broadcast some exciting stuff. 4: This is the most important new edition for my Totallympic friends. Me and @Vojthas have put around a month of work into getting a podcast of the ground. It is called the “Totallympics Weekly Update” and it (at least for now) focuses on recapping the sports from the week (obviously). I hope in the future to post special episodes that talk about weird sport stories, Olympic facts, explain weird sports, etc. I can also announce now that daily shows are planned for the African Beach Games, European Games, and Pan American Games. I will add a schedule somewhere for people to view episodes, episode length, topics, etc. This is a new Project and it’s something me and @Vojthas are really happy to bring you guys. We ask for your support in both helping to make it and listen to it. In the future it may be uploaded to YouTube with pics, photos, etc.. You can currently find our podcast on Spotify, Pocketcasts, and Anchor; all you have to do is search the name. If your interesting in helping out please DM me. That is the end of the Update, here is a link to the first episode: https://anchor.fm/matthew-nelsen
  4. 7 points
    Again I create a topic here, again I need to explain my situation, and why have I been missing for so long. The matter was quite personal for me,, as just a few weeks after my grandmother has passed away from leukemia, my mother has also been diagnosed with cancer, and if that wasn’t enough, that was around the same time I’ve lost my first job. So I wasn’t in the best condition emotionally or physically, and I have had to quit school and other hobbies, including Totallympics. Luckily, the situation turned out not to be as bad, as cancer turned out to be curable, and she responds very well to chemotherapy, and thanks to that I’ve lately managed to set my life on the right path again, at least partially :) Lately, everything is going quite good, so I’d like to return, especially after Sindo contacted me, and I want to repay for the days I missed. Still, for the first few days, i may not be very active, but I’ll do my best to help with the forum, and I’ll log in as often as I can. Hopefully, other things will resolve too, and I hope to have a good time on Totallympics again like I used to all those months ago BTW wow, nearly 1000 notifications it's nice to see Totallympics so busy while I was gone
  5. 7 points
    Totallympics International Song Contest - Announcements: A couple of important announcements to be made in the world of TISC today. The first announcement relates to the length of time it takes between the date the TISC thread opens and the day of the Grand Final. I think it is fair to say that some momentum is being lost from the time songs are selected and voted upon until we get to the Grand Final. Therefore, I think a reduction in the length of time for the registration period, voting period and more importantly, a reduction in the length of time between the date the voting closes and the Grand Final would be beneficial. The reductions won't be anything drastic, but if it cuts maybe 2 weeks off the overall period of time, it may allow for a more dynamic process and hopefully will keep interest in the thread at a consistent level throughout. The current rules state the following: Perhaps we should reduce the period of registration time to 2 weeks and keep the voting window at 2 weeks. Meaning we have 4 weeks given in total to registration and voting? There would still be a couple of days given to the host to cast their votes in between both windows, but this might help keep the momentum right through the process. Also, I would recommend then to have the Grand Final no more than 2 weeks after the voting window closes. Obviously if the host needs more time then we will allow that, just like we always do, but that would be the recommendation. Any thoughts on this? I will conduct a vote on this proposal in the next week so if there are any suggestions, please feel free to write them so we can include them there. Secondly, and more importantly, the host of the next TISC Annual in 2020 has now been settled. Ladies and Gentlemen I am happy to announce that @heywoodu has agreed to take on the hosting duties after his runner-up finish at TISC Annual 2019. Therefore get your tickets booked, for TISC 2020 we are making our way to the Netherlands Netherlands 2020
  6. 6 points
    Some information for our records and statistics section since the last update: April and May post counts have been added to the 2019 Posts Per Month table.... Totallympics Posts Per Month: 2019 January 2019 3971 February 2019 4556 March 2019 5716 April 2019 4564 May 2019 6402 May 2019 enters the Top 10 Posts Per Month table, sharing 10th place.... Posts Per Month: Top 10 1 August 2016 15731 2 February 2018 12621 3 August 2018 9398 4 July 2016 8374 5 June 2016 8287 6 July 2018 6933 7 May 2016 6728 8 September 2018 6564 9 August 2017 6444 =10 July 2017 6402 =10 May 2019 6402 TISC Grand Final day continued its tradition of being one of the busiest days on the forum. May 4th, 2019, TISC Annual 2018 Grand Final Day slots in to 8th place in the Posts Per Day Top 10 table.... Posts Per Day: Top 10 1 November 18th, 2017 (TISC Grand Final) 1577 2 November 10th, 2018 (TISC Grand Final) 1440 3 April 29th, 2017 (TISC Grand Final) 1387 4 April 28th, 2018 (TISC Grand Final) 1351 5 June 4th, 2016 (TISC Grand Final) 1300 6 November 19th, 2016 (TISC Grand Final) 1232 7 August 6th, 2016 1219 8 May 4th, 2019 (TISC Grand Final) 1187 9 February 11th, 2018 901 10 August 16th, 2016 822 And finally, some TISC user group and Active User stats to update: Totallympics User Groups Statistics Number of Registered Users 582 Number of Users in User Group: Newbie 303 Number of Users in User Group: Member 62 Number of Users in User Group: Senior Member 32 Number of Users in User Group: Fanatic 44 Number of Users in User Group: Addicted 49 Number of Users in User Group: Professional 27 Number of Users in User Group: World Class 18 Number of Users in User Group: Bronze Medallist 19 Number of Users in User Group: Silver Medallist 15 Number of Users in User Group: Gold Medallist 4 Number of Users in User Group: Superstar 1 Number of Users in User Group: Legend 1 Number of Users in User Group: Grand Master 0 Number of Users in User Group: G.O.A.T. 0 Number of Users in User Group: Admin / Prediction Contest 7 League Table of Nations per Number of Active Users Updated as of June 1st, 2019: Note: For the purposes of this table, an active user shall be defined as any registered member who has posted something, reacted to another post or updated their profile within the past 12 months. Rank Nation No. of Users 1 India 24 2 Poland 21 3 Bulgaria 15 4 Italy 14 5 Great Britain 12 6 Brazil 11 6 Croatia 11 8 Serbia 10 9 United States 8 10 Germany 7 11 Canada 6 11 France 6 11 Netherlands 6 11 Spain 6 15 Romania 5 15 Sweden 5 17 Czech Republic 4 17 Greece 4 17 Russia 4 17 Turkey 4 21 Argentina 3 21 Egypt 3 21 Iran 3 21 Ireland 3 21 Slovenia 3 26 Australia 2 26 China 2 26 Colombia 2 26 Denmark 2 26 Estonia 2 26 Indonesia 2 26 Lithuania 2 26 Mexico 2 26 New Zealand 2 26 Philippines 2 26 Portugal 2 26 Tunisia 2 38 Algeria 1 38 Austria 1 38 Azerbaijan 1 38 Belgium 1 38 Chile 1 38 Finland 1 38 Hungary 1 38 Japan 1 38 Malta 1 38 Moldova 1 38 Montenegro 1 38 Norway 1 38 Slovakia 1 38 Ukraine 1 38 Uruguay 1 38 Venezuela 1 - Kazakhstan - - Switzerland - Total Number of Nations Total Number of Users 53 238 Rank Nation No. of Nations No. of Users 1 Europe 33 160 2 Americas 9 35 3 Asia 6 33 4 Africa 3 6 5 Oceania 2 4 India maintains its position as the most active nation on Totallympics. Meanwhile we have added Belgium and Japan to the list of active nations but sadly we say goodbye to Kazakhstan and Switzerland. Here is the breakdown of gains and losses per nation: Active User Gains: +2 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Active User Gains: +11 users Active Nation Gains: +2 Nations (Belgium, Japan) Active User Losses: -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 :SUI -1 Active User Losses: -10 users Active Nation Losses: -2 (Kazakhstan, Switzerland) Active User Net Gain / Loss: +1 User Active Nations Net Gain / Loss: +0 Nations
  7. 6 points
    When I was a boy we had to wait for the carrier pigeon to arrive from Athens before we knew the results. I remember the whole town getting drunk to celebrate Milon of Kroton's 4th Olympic title,
  8. 5 points
    https://www.olympic.org/-/media/Document Library/OlympicOrg/News/2019/06/ANNEX-1-Tokyo-2020-Qualification-System-Boxing.pdf Boxing
  9. 5 points
    I'd say it was a pole vault, unless this 5,81 was measured in cm and it was a real "lisek" (for those not speaking Polish - "little fox").
  10. 5 points
    That's what happens when you only have 10 athletes per event, but still want to guarantee continental representation. Combat sports should have a minimum of 16 athletes per event.
  11. 5 points
    Here comes my conspiracy theory about why heywoodu must secretly love Trump. Heywoodu is Dutch, so he has been raised to love the colour orange. Who is the most powerful orange person in the world at the moment...
  12. 4 points
    Just letting you all know of an update to my Road To Tokyo tool. The data capture process now reads performances (IAAF Top List) as well as the IAAF World Rankings. The filtered rankings, e.g. top 3 per nation, are based on athletes with the standard first (ordered by performance), then athletes without the standard (ordered by IAAF world rankings points as before). Unfortunately it doesn't take account of the oddities like finishing in the top 10 at a Gold Level marathon where athletes are awarded the standard irrespective of time. If you select "See All" you'll see all the athletes who have the standard. The tool is hosted (replicated) in the following 2 locations: https://bluecattechnical.shinyapps.io/RoadtoTokyo/ https://www.bluecattechnical.uk/RoadToTokyo/
  13. 4 points
    Episode 3 is out! Give it a listen: https://anchor.fm/twu/episodes/Too-Much-Football-e4borc We will be making some changes next week that hopefully make the podcast even better, so stay tuned. (Also, I apologize for the quality of my parts since I was on the road all week, and didn’t have much time to prepare for 2 podcasts back to back)
  14. 4 points
    The Raptors are NBA CHAMPIONS!!! I have lived through years of mediocrity from this team to finally win a championships is unbelievable!!
  15. 4 points
    Men's Shot Put Bob Bertemes, 21,29m http://www.tageblatt.lu/headlines/2129m-bob-bertemes-stoesst-neuen-landesrekord-und-schafft-die-olympia-qualifikation/
  16. 4 points
    It was played by British officials in Kabul 180 years ago but, unlike India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, it never was played by the normal Afghan population after the British left. There's a good documentary about it
  17. 4 points
    Occasionally I write a poem I become very found of. The following is a political poem about asylum seeker and refugees, inspired by the argument presented in Capernaum. Sanctuary I am no one, I matter to none. They bomb my house My country is like an outhouse, Full of shit. It’s split. At the seams where people tear, Each other apart without care. The soldiers shoot the innocent. War is their sad little instrument. They play an tune of death, And sell large amounts of meth. I want a better life, Away from all this strife. One where I can actually live past ten. One where I can play again. One where I don’t live in fear, Where imagination is my only frontier. I want to live. These “refugees” take our jobs. I don’t really feel a need to sob. Who are they to steal the American dream? They all just want to sit around and eat ice cream. They are lazy, And their “truths” are all so hazy. How am I supposed to sell a house? I’m caught in a political trap like a mouse. Ah, I’ve got it! Parent with child, make em’ split. Asylum seekers at my gate I’ll disseminate hate. “Build that wall!” I’ll yell. Then we’ll throw them all in a cell. I had this notion, That I would one day swim in an ocean. Drifting carelessly in the water Away from all the manslaughter. I would be free, My life long and lengthy. Instead in live nowhere. I am no one. I am nothing. I am an afterthought, Just waiting to be shot. You are the worst. America First.
  18. 4 points
    few days before the end of the fasting month , people prepare it by making the best various of cakes they can it's different in each country , this is how is the table of the first morning of l'Eid
  19. 4 points
    Next DL meeting Stockholm Transfers Status OPEN until Thursday, May 30th at 14:15:00 (UTC) @tuniscof @ady48 @africaboy @heywoodu @wumo26 @Olympian1010 @Dunadan @Vojthas @toulousain @SteveParker @rybak @Dragon The "Totallympics Fantasy Diamond" for meeting Shanghai, goes to: wumo26 with 177pts, the best Totallympics coach* ........and I'm in Top100 (#76) Combined Ranking (*between both leagues) after 2/13 Meetings ( League "Totallympics Club" - code 4123014) Rank User Nat Pts TotallyWin 1 Henry.Leon 345 2 OlympicIRL 338 3 Dunadan 330 4 wumo26 327 1 5 ady48 326 1 6 africaboy 315 7 Dragon 305 8 Heywoodu 301 9 rybak 260 10 SteveParker 245 11 toulousain 177 12 Olympian1010 167 13 tuniscof 142 14 Vojthas 123
  20. 4 points
    People who could beat Peru, People who couldn’t beat Peru, and Peru.
  21. 3 points
    Me😀 active in national thread
  22. 3 points
    We ran together all the way, GPS was wrong Well, we ran until around 19.5 when cramp started to kick in for me and it was a matter of walking/running/walking/running towards the finish for if I'm not mistaken a 2:04.38 finish.
  23. 3 points
    In case someone really has no better sports to follow tomorrow from 10:30 CET, through this app (once in there, select Amersfoort Marathon) my epic/deadly half marathon debut can be followed (if it all works well ). http://live.sporthive.com/event/5087/app Bibs 686 and 691 for us
  24. 3 points
  25. 3 points
    Very happy for the Raptors, though I have to admit they got lucky with the injuries.
  26. 3 points
    2017-20 Athlete Performance Database Link I'm in the middle of creating an athlete database and I'm wondering if some of you want to beta test it before coming fully online by the end of the month. Basically I want to know if it works for everyone and whether there are any formatting errors. The other big thing would be whether or not the names for some athletes are spelt correctly. Sadly a lot of times there are mistranslations when the name is romanized, additionally some athletes change their name (mostly due to marriage) or even nationality.
  27. 3 points
    Yeah, Mongolian is the worst of the European languages
  28. 3 points
    It depends by the lunar calendar and the conjunction of the planets.
  29. 3 points
    Tomorrow i give you live score and live pictures...
  30. 3 points
    i don't know for what reason you posted this fake news the day before the gala you don't explain correctly ( i thought they cancelled the stage of tomorrow) , other way one news like that is not important at all Roma or Milano stop taking the marijuana Gianlu
  31. 3 points
    Thank God it is is brand new.
  32. 3 points
    Marquez got to meet Wierer, how cool for him
  33. 3 points
  34. 3 points
    To play this game you need to be invaded by the british at some point
  35. 3 points
    Could you give me a hand? Sorry, I'd rather not talk about it.
  36. 3 points
    I wouldn't have a clue what was going on if it wasn't for the commentary team providing their in-depth analysis of what is happening.
  37. 3 points
  38. 3 points
    How often do you see Peru dominating Venezuela in something?
  39. 3 points
    some fans doesnt know how to behave,disgrace
  40. 3 points
  41. 3 points
    The world is going to be a better place now.
  42. 3 points
    This tournament is a complete joke. Not just because of the b teams, but mostly because everyone plays like they don't give two shits. Nothing really matters, this doesn't qualify for anything, it's just a bother amid preparation for the real qualifiers which are in 2 months, ranking points are laughable, it's 15 games just to make the finals, the main leagues finished like 2 days ago... I miss the old World League of the 90s/early 00s almost all teams cared, B teams were rare and the title had prestige.
  43. 3 points
    Bestmen is talking about Trump and you want to stay realistic.
  44. 3 points
    it's so sad not to see the C2 race anymore in the schedule... ICF! give us the C2 back!!!
  45. 3 points
    Final Standing available here Vojthas Finnator123 Topicmaster1010 What an end of the contest! It was exciting to follow the changes in the top three positions. Almost like Game of Thrones, but here the winner is not that unexpected, since @Vojthas hold the position at one moment. This one is final, and brings him first gold medal in prediction contests if I remember well. Congratulation! And finally, after so many attempts, @Finnator123-I-never-medal-in-these-contests wins his first ever medal in Totallympics Prediction contests and first one for Finland after many years! On top of that, Finland won the World Championship! Many congratulations to Finland on gold and Finnator123 on silver medal! Canada won silver and @Topicmaster1010 was close to defend his title from last year, but being almost out of top 10 last two days, this result is excellent recovery! Congratulation on bronze medal @hckosice will wait for real hockey it seems, but luckily next year is Olympic year, so no need to wait 4 years for hockey world championship Thank you all who participated, and with this we are closing winter sports, and can turn on summer full of football! Women's FIFA World Cup prediction contest is already opened, so join in!
  46. 3 points
    Hope you meant they were eliminated not that someone attacked them with an axe...
  47. 3 points
    Stacchiotti is going for 10 gold medals. (this was before San Marino 2017 )
  48. 3 points
    And here is the list for women's events: 50m Freestyle (2x) (2x) (2x) 100m Freestyle (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) 200m Freestyle (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) 400m Freestyle (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) 800m Freestyle (2x) (2x) (2x) 1500m Freestyle (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) 100m Breaststroke (2x) (2x) (2x) 200m Breaststroke (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) 100m Backstroke (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) 200m Backstroke (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) 100m Butterfly (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) 200m Butterfly (2x) (2x) (2x) 200m Individual Medley (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) (2x) 400m Individual Medley (2x)
  49. 3 points
    Qualified in Men´s Ice Hockey qualified as host country for Men´s Ice Hockey and will host next year the 3 Final Olympic Qualifiers Tournaments
  50. 3 points
    Almost nothing makes sense except for Sansa getting independence for the North. Dialogues are comical. That meeting of the remaining high lords is laughable. Really disappointed with the way story is closed. I hope GRRM really finishes the books before he, you know... It looks like it was all directed by Brandon the Broken! At least "the wheel" is broken. So, is House Stark going to exist after Sansa?
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