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  1. 10 points
    GRAND FINAL SCOREBOARD FINAL STANDINGS 1 IRELAND 229 20 GREECE 73 2 NETHERLANDS 171 21 PORTUGAL 69 3 AUSTRALIA 145 22 ROMANIA 68 4 DENMARK 134 23 MEXICO 67 5 FRANCE 131 24 UNITED STATES 65 6 GERMANY 116 25 SLOVAKIA 64 7 ITALY 111 26 SPAIN 58 8 TUNISIA 106 27 FINLAND 57 9 NEW ZEALAND 97 28 INDONESIA 57 10 COLOMBIA 96 29 VENEZUELA 50 11 P.R. OF CHINA 91 30 SLOVENIA 48 12 POLAND 86 31 TURKEY 43 13 ALGERIA 84 32 SERBIA 41 14 LITHUANIA 84 33 RUSSIA 32 15 BRAZIL 84 34 INDIA 28 16 GREAT BRITAIN 80 35 NORWAY 27 17 CROATIA 77 36 EGYPT 24 18 ARGENTINA 75 37 BULGARIA 12 19 MALTA 74 38 CHILE 10 Dearest friends and spectators it has been a pleasure to share these hours in your great company; please join us tomorrow for the Closing Ceremony and the award presentation for the winners of the team competition. Have a good night!
  2. 8 points
    Thank you everyone for the kind words and for everyone who voted for Kodaline. I can honestly say I did not expect this in a million years. Kodaline are my favourite Irish band of the last 5-6 years, and the fact you have shown so much support for them here makes this a very special win. Really mean that - thank you For @mrv86 thank you for all your efforts and for an amazing show. Everything looked beautiful and all went like clockwork.... even some time-travel added in This was a huge task to take on so we owe you a lot for the great day we spent here. Have a well deserved breather now and much rest And all those who added in the extra like the medal tables, team standings updates, and added the extra stats and commentary to keep everyone informed and make things more enjoyable - you know who you are. And thanks to everyone who participated. As always, it's nice getting to know you all a little better. I believe Séamus has put some money behind the bar so feel free to join in the celebrations Just thank you again, I love you all
  3. 8 points
  4. 8 points
    The Final. Every sports themed event reaches the last part; and we could not do it better, than by revealing the Scoreboard for tomorrow's Grand Final: GRAND FINAL SCOREBOARD AFTER 0/38 JURIES SLOVENIA 0 CROATIA 0 TUNISIA 0 BULGARIA 0 INDONESIA 0 MEXICO 0 CHILE 0 FINLAND 0 SPAIN 0 GREAT BRITAIN 0 NORWAY 0 LITHUANIA 0 SERBIA 0 ITALY 0 P.R. OF CHINA 0 UNITED STATES 0 POLAND 0 ALGERIA 0 INDIA 0 TURKEY 0 ROMANIA 0 NEW ZEALAND 0 RUSSIA 0 PORTUGAL 0 SLOVAKIA 0 VENEZUELA 0 NETHERLANDS 0 BRAZIL 0 FRANCE 0 DENMARK 0 GERMANY 0 COLOMBIA 0 ARGENTINA 0 EGYPT 0 GREECE 0 IRELAND 0 MALTA 0 AUSTRALIA 0 But not everything has to be nostalgic at this point. As every Mexican knows, we can't leave this arena without singing "Cielito Lindo" Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes the Opening Ceremony. We expect tomorrow at 7:00 GMT-5 for the Grand Final! Thank you and good night!
  5. 7 points
    Hello, fellow Totallympians, this is Denmark calling! These are the results of the votes of the Danish National Jury:   ITALY 10 GREAT BRITAIN 9 NEW ZEALAND 8 INDONESIA 7 FRANCE 6 POLAND 5 CROATIA 4 LITHUANIA 3 P.R. OF CHINA 2 ARGENTINA 1
  6. 7 points
  7. 7 points
  8. 7 points
  9. 7 points
  10. 7 points
  11. 7 points
    Today at 8.30pm CET the 200000th post has been posted
  12. 6 points
    Helloooo everybody, Yesterday I spend the whole day in the Košice fanzone and it was something absolutely FANTASTIC ! Despite everything there being too much expensive, the atmosphere was just epic, I spend the day drinking hectoliters of beer with and fans. Especially the finns are incredible, they invaded Košice, did anyone stay in Finland ? because it looks like the whole country population came to Slovakia, you can not find a place in the pubs or pubs beer garden, you see only Suomi jerseys everywhere and finally, the evening program and the WIN over USA !!! OMG, what a absolutely insane atmosphere it was, I lost my voice. It was just unreal performance and efforts from our guys. Thank you guys ! Thank you so much for yesterdays experience.
  13. 6 points
    Congrats to @KingOfTheRhinos for leading Australia’s first appearance and first podium, and a late thank you for the points. I would like to thank all, of the very few, countries that gave the US song points. It was a rough year for the US jury, but we’ll bounce back for the open. I would once again like to apologize for my mistake in posting my votes during Croatia’s time @dcro. Of course it would be unfair to not congratulate @OlympicIRL and Ireland on a dominating win, Kodaline was already a band on my favorite playlist, so I found it hard to vibe with a song I didn’t think was their best (I gave it 8 points personally). I would again like to thank @Werloc for his original entry, I liked very much (I gave it 9 points personally). Only two songs made my top playlist from this version and that would Turkey (@Memo ) and Poland ( @Monzanator ) I though very were both technically brilliant, difficult to sing, and highly amazing songs. I would like to thank @mrv86 for hosting this contest. I will also congratulate the masters division winner @heywoodu on his silver medal and amazing time travel work at the end. Finally, one last shout-out to ( @Dolby ), India is officially the highest scoring country in my personal rankings in the two edition I’ve votes in (Lithuania is a close second).
  14. 6 points
    Anyways, I don't know in which page this message will end up, but just wanted to say that I'm happy with the result for Lithuania. I remember five years ago when I entered this competition, I was just a kid and the song was just a simple piano track with me and my friend doing the vocals. That time I think I was very close to last place with 12 points or something. This time Lithuania's in the first half and got some high points from multiple juries with which I'm very happy and thankful. At the end of the day, I'm aiming for my music to be listened to outside of Lithuania, so this competition is an indication that it's possible for me to find those listeners out of my comfort zone. Even though I planned to enter with a different song, but it got stuck in production, I'm happy that this song got a chance too. So thanks to everyone that voted and to everyone that listened. Congrats @OlympicIRL with another commanding win. And congrats to everyone else that feel that they've accomplished what they set out to do in TISC 2019
  15. 6 points
    Just some small numbers... a total of 29 countries (!!) had vote in the Italian Jury and the minimum for archive a points was a combined score of 14 (So, a country that do only a 12 wasn't in the italian scoreboard). Special mention to the song that I voted and didn't reach the top 12: and . I will reveal my points at the end of the contest, as usual
  16. 6 points
    I was with my partner in a little trip and i put the Indian song, he said: WHAT IS THAT? I answer: Indian rap He: i really dont know where you find this kind of things.......
  17. 6 points
  18. 6 points
    I always knew having two shirtless old men in a video is a safe way to win TISC.
  19. 6 points
  20. 6 points
    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Mexico is delighted to receive each one of you again. And once more, we welcome you with our arms open, new and old participants, and those faithful spectators that has made every edition of TOTALLYMPICS INTERNATIONAL SONG CONTEST, a feat of its own. After many obstacles have been overcomed, we can now finally say to you. ¡B I E N V E N I D O S!
  21. 6 points
    All users can join in the new league "Totallympics Club " League Pin : 4123014 The transfers option will be locked down at: May 3rd, h 13:00:00 (UTC) @tuniscof @ady48 @africaboy @Olympian1010 @Gianlu33 @Dragon Already in the league: @wumo26 @Dunadan @rybak @SteveParker @toulousain @Vojthas (Ps: the new members can't join it in the old league "totallympics"; however the league runs)
  22. 6 points
    It’s official and I’m sorry for those users who may miss it, @dcro and @konig, but I’m moving it again.
  23. 6 points
    Announcement: After many failed attempts, I started sending templates. You should receive them during this day. As for the Openning and Grand Final, new schedule have been updated in the first post
  24. 5 points
    Here are my votes: 12 pts 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 1st res 2nd res 3rd res Thanks for the votes. Haven't had much time to follow this time, but I will be back for the Open with a great edition in cooperation with @wumo26
  25. 5 points
    Finally caught up with this thread lol Though it's not among our best efforts, as @Olympian1010 said earlier, we'll bounce back for the open (we do much better in the open contest anyways lol), but I want to congratulate @OlympicIRL for his win, by far my favorite song in this edition and it always makes me happy to see my 12 pointer win, even if my own entry fails (and now I need to know how many of my 12 pointers have gone on to win the contest because I believe that's an exclusive club right there lol) Also, my thanks to several of you who gave us points, especially to @Memo and @KingOfTheRhinos for the 12 points, because honestly, I was worried that goal wouldn't be reached (and it was reached 11/12 contests or something like that), and I'll also add @Function CR Lee @stefanbg @Finnator123 @vinipereira @titicow @Damian to the list of those that had our back. Also, I send congrats to @mrv86 for hosting this contest, though it wasn't easy, especially when you had internet problems, which is always the worst thing that can happen to the host jury, but you stuck it out in the end and made it all possible, and having hosted the last open contest, I could sympathize what you had to go through to make it work. Also, congrats to @heywoodu and @KingOfTheRhinos for your 2nd and 3rd places. Both of you made to my second listen, but Australia made it to my reserves and Netherlands, unfortunately, missed out on it Finally, my personal votes from the US east coast (since I saw while going through the pages that @Olympian1010 made a comment about being on the west coast) 12 -- Ireland 11 -- India 10 -- China 9 -- Bulgaria 8 -- Greece 7 -- Norway 6 -- Germany 5 -- Colombia 4 -- Chile 3 -- Romania 2 -- Spain 1 -- Great Britain R1 -- Mexico R2 -- Algeria R3 -- Australia R4 -- Lithuania Yeah, funny how my top 2 is also the combined top 2
  26. 5 points
    My votes for TAISC 2019: 12 point 11 point 10 point 9 points 8 points 7 points 6 points 5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 points RESERVES 1st Reserve 2nd Reserve 3rd Reserve 4th Reserve After the first listening, there was no doubt that was going to receive my 12 points. I love Within Temptation and enjoy many of their songs, mostly those who came out many years ago. Sharon den Adel, what a voice! The places from 2-4 were also pretty much set after the first listening. and are two very beautiful songs. Zsa Zsa is just so amazing. great lyrics and a really catchy melody, especially the chorus. It has been stuck in my head for months now. and have really grown on me. They started out in the bottom of my top 12, but they have since rised up to 5th and 6th place on my top 12. The atmosphere of song is something I really like. brings back nostalgia. It reminds me of my late teens when I used to listen to a lot of indie-inspired songs like this one. are songs who have something where I can't stop humming those parts. They were also never out of my top 12 at any point. All great songs. The rest, 11-12, reserves, and many more, were all good songs, in my opinion, and it was very difficult to only select two of them for my top 12. It ended up being and . started as a reserve, but grew on me and became my favourite of the "rest". was the first song that was revealed for this contest and I think that has played a big role why it ended up being in my top 12. "Iba raz", those two words are constantly in my head with the very catchy chorus this song has. A big thanks goes to the fantastic @mrv86 for hosting a great contest, even though there was some technical issues during the process. The Danish Jury has really enjoyed their stay in beautiful Dolores Hidalgo, a city that is truly Pueblo Mágico. Guadalajara was likewise a great experience. Though, one juror of the Danish Jury got a bit sunburned, but nothing to worry about.
  27. 5 points
    Here's the backup remote VENEZUELA 12 SERBIA 11 INDONESIA 10 P.R. OF CHINA 9 SLOVAKIA 8 FRANCE 7 COLOMBIA 6 RUSSIA 5 CROATIA 4 TURKEY 3 SLOVENIA 2 MALTA 1 These were the votes of Algeria. Thank you all!
  28. 5 points
    هووووولا مكسيكو شكرا على المجهود المبذول لإنجاح هذا الإستعراض وكان التصويت من الجزائر لأحسن الأغاني كالتالي Buenas tardes mexico Good Evening the Ire-Gland contest , Good Evening the Group of kinky-Voters this is Algeria calling! These are the results of the votes of the Algerian National Jury: INDONESIA 10 P.R. OF CHINA 9 SLOVAKIA 8 FRANCE 7 COLOMBIA 6 RUSSIA 5 CROATIA 4 TURKEY 3 SLOVENIA 2 MALTA 1
  29. 5 points
    INDIA 12 NETHERLANDS 11 AUSTRALIA 10 IRELAND 9 TUNISIA 8 CHINA 7 POLAND 6 MALTA 5 COLOMBIA 4 CROATIA 3 SLOVAKIA 2 FINLAND 1 < Concluding message in national language > These were the votes of Argentina. Thank you all!
  30. 5 points
    India wow, all shooting and wrestling golds in Tokyo for you ! Indonesia, China, India... that feeling when you realize that Slovakia is more porpular in Asia than at its own continent except the beloved and unique Serbia
  31. 5 points
    There is more drama than it's going to be in today's GoT episode
  32. 5 points
    That's a little drastic, isn't it? "Son, how come you still have no children?" "Because a song contest on an online forum was postponed for a bit due to internet problems and so I cut off my balls. Obviously."
  33. 5 points
    Well at least he didn't have to work on how to spell "paste"
  34. 5 points
  35. 4 points
    The calculation is quite simple: (The factor of Ireland winning the Eurovision now = 0.0009) (The @OlympicIRL factor = 1000) (0.0009 x 1000 = 0.9) (Subtract with the usual "neighbor-giving-each-other" points. It will probably = 0.16 ) (Substract for drunk, emotional ladies = 0.0953) (Multiple with 100 to have it in percentage) ((0.9-0.16-0.0953) x 100 = 64.47 %)
  36. 4 points
    Dude, I thought we had taken a shot of tequila too many. Phew!! More tequila then?
  37. 4 points
    Next time @OlympicIRL is gonna do a @Werloc and record his own song.
  38. 4 points
  39. 4 points
    Good evening Emotionallympics, this is Great Britain calling! These are the results of the votes of the British National Jury: POLAND 10 AUSTRALIA 9 TUNISIA 8 MALTA 7 FINLAND 6 INDIA 5 ITALY 4 ARGENTINA 3 SLOVAKIA 2 NETHERLANDS 1
  40. 4 points
  41. 4 points
    Was really looking forward to the end of TISC but I'm tired. Good night and good luck!
  42. 4 points
    I'm honestly very surprised how some high quality songs can stay in 1 to 20 points territory when there are a lot of songs that I wouldn't consider as contenders slaying the competition. I guess it just shows how out of touch my music taste is compared with this forum's community
  43. 4 points
    Just gonna add some fuel and ignite a fire here..... Hello @MHSN
  44. 4 points
    First points for Venezuela in 47 votes.
  45. 4 points
    The real problem is that @OlympicIRL is destroying everyone and this isn't even a top 5 Kodaline song
  46. 4 points
    Liebet365 Live Odds TAISC winner Algeria Win 1.01 lose :500 Other 'emotional lady' songs 3.7 Rest of songs : No bet
  47. 4 points
    Final Standing available here amen09 wumo26 Henry_Leon It's never late to congratulate to medalists! Congrats @amen09 on new medal, gold this time! Team Tunisia doing very well Team Denmark don't rest this year as well, new medal for @wumo26 as well! Congratulation It was only a matter of time when Italy is going to start to collect medal, this time @Henry_Leon open's his tally.2019, congratulation on bronze medal @Finnator123 was very close to medal... the controversy hit him the most. Thank you everyone who participated, next is Men's Ice Hockey World Championships!
  48. 4 points
    Drink a lot of water before leaving Croatia, half a liter bottle may cost around 5 euro in the centre...
  49. 4 points
    The TISC final is postponed? > Might as well write a couple of pages of my Bachelor's thesis >> Goes to watch anime instead.
  50. 4 points
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