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    FYI - The Olympedia database is now available to the public. With an explanation here
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    I have done some VERY early predictions for the 2020 NFL Regular Season. Bear in mind, that the home advantage and disadvantage at road are likely overestimated. (I will most likely make another one when we come to September) The number of wins I expect every team to be around: AFC East: Bills 9-11 wins Patriots 7-9 wins Dolphins 5-7 wins Jets 4-6 wins AFC North: Ravens 11-13 wins Steelers 8-10 wins Browns 6-8 wins Bengals 4-6 wins AFC South: Colts 9-11 wins Titans 7-9 wins Texans 7-9 wins Jaguars 3-5 wins AFC West: Chiefs 11-13 wins Chargers 7-9 wins Broncos 6-8 wins Raiders 5-7 wins NFC East: Cowboys 9-11 wins Eagles 7-9 wins Giants 5-7 wins Redskins 4-6 wins NFC North: Vikings 9-11 wins Packers 9-11 wins Bears 5-7 wins Lions 5-7 wins NFC South: Saints 10-12 wins Buccaneers 8-10 wins Falcons 7-9 wins Panthers 4-6 wins NFC West: 49ers 10-12 wins Cardinals 7-9 wins Seahawks 7-9 wins Rams 6-8 wins Short recap of my thoughts on the different divisions: AFC East: Bills: Their defense will bring them far this season. They have added some solid players this off-season to really strengthen their position to win AFC East after year's of Patriots dominance. Josh Allen will be the biggest question for their stability. However, I think they will end up winning this division Dolphins: I have no clue how Tua will perform this season and will he get injured? If their defense has become significant better with the addition of Byron Jones? If Flores and his coaching staff can continue to improve the team this season? I can see Dolphins end up between 5-9 wins this season. Patriots: How good or how bad is Stidham? How good will their offense be? Will their defense be a top 10 defense? If Stidham is around the same level as Garoppolo was in Patriots then I think they will do okay. I think their defense will be a top 10 defense again and Belichick is still Belichick. However, if injuries occur on the defense and Stidham does not perform, they could end up with a losing record. Anything from 6-10 wins is what I could see from them this season. Jets: Darnold has got some more protection for this season, so hopefully his parents can be less worried for his health this season. With that said, I don't think Jets is going to be near any playoff spot this season. They are still missing some pieces on many lines. Meh, will be the word to describe Jets this season, I think. AFC North: Ravens: I think Jackson will perform around the same level as his last season. Ravens is still a very good overall and I think they have learned from last year's playoff failure to Titans. An AFC conference final between Ravens and Chiefs would be a safe bet as things stand now. Steelers and Browns: I'm not sure how both these teams will do this season. If Big Ben is still a top half quarteback then Steelers will do okay. How will Mayfield throw this season? Is Browns' offense line better than last season? If Browns' OL does a better job of protecting Baker then this team could actually end up with a positive record. Steelers 7-11 wins. Browns 6-9 wins. Bengals: They hopefully got their new franchise QB with Joe Burrow. However, the hopes shouldn't be too high for the big cats in Cincinnati. Burrow is still young and A.J. Green has just come back from an injury. The teams is not that great overall. They will be in the bottom of the league again this season. AFC South: Colts: With the additions of Rivers for the offense and Buckner to the defense, Colts can look forward to a good season. I fully believe they will be the front runner to win AFC South. Frank Reich and his staff are a solid unit and they can take this team far if everything goes well. Titans and Texans: Texans without Hopkins? Texans' offense? Can Watson take this to a positive record? I think Texans will have a very mixed season, so 50-50% record is very likely. Texans 6-9 wins. Can Tannehill live up to last season? Is Henry still a monster? Can their defense still perform well? Titans is really a question mark for me as my trust in Tannehill is not that big. I doubt Henry can run like he did in the end of the last season for a whole season. Titans 6-9 wins. Jaguars: I don't really feel like spending much time on this poor team. So to keep it short. Jaguars sucks! Minshew can't take this time to a higher level. This is a team that is in a complete meltdown. The only good news for the team is that hopefully they end up with first seed for next year's draft. Hopefully Trevor Lawrence or some other college QB show some good playing, so they could hope of finding a new franchise QB to build its franchise's future. AFC West: Chiefs: Mahomes and his offense will likely continue to perfom the possible greatest show on grass. Chiefs will be a number contender to defend their Super Bowl title. They have keept most of their pieces from last season, so anything else than at least a AFC conference final will be a disappointment if no vital injuries happen. Chargers: Taylor, is he good enough? Is their defense so great as many expect it is? Will they be hit massively by injuries as usual? I personally think their defense will be top 5. Taylor will be decent enough to let their defense get enough rest in games. Injuries are really the big question mark, as usual, when it's about the Chargers. Chargers 6-10 wins. Broncos: Will they have the best defense in NFL this season? How will Lock perform? Will their offense be good enough? Broncos will most likely end with a record around 8-8. Their defense will be good, but I'm still not sure about Lock. They did draft some decent weapons to their offense, but I doubt that will be enough to give them double digit win record. Broncos 6-9 wins. Raiders: Raiders has comed to Vegas. Their offense will likely go big, but the question is if they will succeed? The Raiders are in a position where they are not part of the race of getting first seed in next year's draft or really be a threat for this year's playoffs. Of course they could suprise by taking a playoff spot, but I highly doubt it. It's going to be a meh-season for the new Las Vegas Raiders. NFC East: I'm kind of have a good idea how all teams in this division will perform. Cowboys will have good offense and a defense that will lack a bit more than the previous seasons Eagles job is to protect Wentz, so he doesn't get iinjured yet again. Keep an eye on Chase Young when they play against Redskins. Also, I hope for the Philly fans out there that somebody else than Ertz can catch a ball this season. Giants will hopefully have a better OL to protect Jones and Saquon will do what Saquon does. Redskins will have to see what Haskins can do as a NFL quaterback. My hopes are not high for the young man. NFC North: Vikings will be interesting to follow, as Diggs is gone and I still have some questions about their OL. They will probably have a good season record-wise with 9-10 wins as most likely. I'm still not sure what Packers' plan was with this year's draft other than possibly secure a future QB by drafting Love. Packers and Rodgers need receivers! Unless they think Funchess is a top 10-15 WR. I'm so much looking forward to see how rogue Rodgers will go this season. Matt LaFleur will probably experience many ups and downs on the side line when he will see Rodgers go outside the playbook. Bears... will probably play more like newborn cubs this season. Their defense has to be top 5 and they have to hope Foles can show some positive signs (like not getting injured in the first game) if they want a positive win record this season. I'm not optimistic. Lions will have their Staf-ford back in Ford Field, so they will most likely have a so-and-so season. I will look forward to see if Patricia will lose his beloved pencil NFC South: Saints will win this division. The end. Next division. Okay, so maybe a bit more about this division. Saints will most likely defend their division title this season. Brees is an old man, but I still think their offense will be a top one. Defense is still good. Don't understand why they let Warford go? However their OL will probably still be good enough to protect Brees like it has done in the recent years. I'm really looking forward to watch Brady Buccaneers, I mean Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this season. Their offense could be really good with strong receivers, Gronk as TE and Brady as QB. Their defense was great last season. Unfortunately they couldn't rest enough to perform well through many games because of Jameis "Loose Canon" Winston many interceptions. I expect positive wins to blow over the Tampa Bay. Though, I wouldn't give the Bucs fans too much of a hope of playing at home on Raymond James Stadium when it's time for Super Bowl LV. Falcons mission is to stabilize their defense. If they succeed with that, a good season could be lurking. A strong offense can take them far, but not without at least a semi-decent defense. Panthers is one big mystery to me. Well they perform really terrible or will they somehow get an okay season under new head coach, Matt Rhule. Bridgewater will likely perform okay, but CMC still have to pull of one heck of a season if this team is ever going to dream of more than 7 or 8 wins this season. NFC West: 49ers will probably win one or two games fewer than last season. I had hoped Buckner could have stayed with them, but a trade for a first-round pick was okay value. Overall a solid team with good coaching staff. They will play far into the season once again. Cardinals is really an interesting team. They have so many interesting names on offense and defense. Hopkins is a fantastic addition to Murray. Kingsbury seems to have okay succes with his scheme. I actually think they can end up having a positive record this season. Seattle Seahawks a.k.a. Russell Wilson and the other flyless birds. Okay, maybe not flyless birds, but Wilson is the engine to drive this team. Lockett is a dangerous weapon and their defense is good overall. OL is still questionable to put it midly, so they have to hope Wilson has practiced his escape tricks because he will be needing them once again. What can we say about the Rams? Their defense seems good. Their offense is not bad per say, it's just have to perform behind a questionable OL. I have my doubts on Rams this season. I think they are on a downward spiral. They could very likely go 8-8 or worse this season.
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    I will be the proud owner of this little Ragdoll girl. I want to make a thread for her and all members pets so we can make updates about them. Please feel free to share your loved ones with us. Here’s my Elsa.
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    Now things are going too far!
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    Green light for F1 to start in Austria The Austrian Ministry of Health has confirmed this Saturday that the two races scheduled to be held, July 5 and 12, meet the current requirements. The races will of course be held without any spectators.
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    Dates of the 4 last tournaments IFSC Europe Championships in Moscow (RUS) from October 1 to 8 IFSC African Championships in Cape Town/Johannesburg (RSA) from December 10 to 13 IFSC Asian Championships in Xiamen (CHN) from December 10 to 13 IFSC Oceania Championships in Sydney (AUS) from December 19 to 20
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    World Champioships being basically meaningless? Everyone will try to peak for the Olympics, leaving the March Worlds as an afterthought, at best.
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    Hey peeps, I've released a brand new song earlier today and if you want to support my craft, feel free to have a listen. If you follow this Spotify link, you'll add a whopping amount of 0.00437 of a cent into my music making budget: And if you'd rather watch a video:
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    I did not expect that 1:32(.5), more than half of the time staying at or above 20 km/h and as you can see in the speed graph absolutely dying like a true middle-distance semi-sprinter is supposed to do
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    but now the question is where exactly is that New Zealand thing ?
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    ah ok I see. Well, the funny thing is that actually this one is the correct one Officially if the national flag is hung vertically, the emblem must be in the middle. basically we have two sorts of national flag in Slovakia the one "normal" used in horizontal position and the other one that have to be used in vertical position. Anyway the white part must be in the left.
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    Well, that’s me sorted for the next couple of hours. The 2019 European Tram Driver Championships from Brussels. Geez, not wanting to give away any spoilers, but if I ever go to Stockholm, I’m sticking to the bus. They must have a lot of amputees.
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    That helicopter sound made me think that we will be rejoining the peloton any second now.
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    It is honestly kind of embarrassing to be an American athlete at the World Games. Many of the nations you just mentioned, are kitted out in style. Wearing much of the same gear that their fellow country men and women wore a year earlier in Rio. The USOPC gave us nothing. No money, no kits, no welcome, no formal gathering for American athletes. We all walked into the opening ceremony in different attire, which was to be given to you by your NGB. I can understand from a money perspective as to why the USOPC won't fund non-olympic sports, but even if you look at the Pan Am games, it doesn't seem that they care much. Also, I took some time between my event and the closing ceremony and visited Germany. During my stay, the country was pretty buzzing about the World Games. Newspapers, 24/7 coverage on Eurosport, you get the idea. My friends back here have no idea what the World Games are. Maybe this perspective will change in 2022 with it in Birmingham, but a lot of that has to do with the lack of backing from the USOPC. For an event that was created in the United States, it doesn't get much love here, which is a shame. I do feel a little poorly about beating Poland on their home soil, after they gave us such a hard fought game. If anyone deserved a medal it was them. Those guys spent years prepping for this event, and it was the highlight of their career as an American Football player. Many were in tears after the game. Unfortunately, the Polish NGB for American Football went to shit also after the World Games, which is a shame, because Poland is THE place to play if you want to play in Europe. I made friends with some players from the French team and they got a ton of swag and awards from the FFFA. So I'm sure that 46th player was compensated and they got him a medal. As for getting on to the US National American Football Team. It was interesting. You couldn't have signed a pro contract in the last year. So no ex-NFL, CFL, Arena League guys. You had to have graduated/ used up college eligibility. So basically you had to be a free agent within the last two years, or be playing "professionally" in Europe. I graduated college in 2011 and went to the NFL combine for kickers/punters in 2012, nothing came of that. I was then on and off rosters in the Arena League from 2013-2015. I then tried to go to Canada was in camp with the Hamilton Tiger Cats in 2015 and Montreal Allouettes in 2016. I never signed a contract with them. In March of 2017, an old coach told me that the US National Team was recruiting a team of free agents to head to Europe in the summer of 2017. He sent me a link, and I filled out a questionnaire. They got back to me saying I was one of 450 that made it the next round. We had to fill out more questions and send in film. Then on May 1, 2017, I was told I had made it to the 100 man roster. We had to send more film and meet and talk with coaches. We did this for a month until the final 45 man roster was announced on May 31, 2017. It was a long and exhausting process and only got more tiring as we kept getting the work around from the NGB. First we were gonna leave from Newark on July 9th and have training camp in Germany. Then we were supposed to have training camp in Pennsylvania. It became apparent by June that the Federation had no money and we would have to fund our own way to Poland. IFAF was going to be in hot water, and potentially sued by the WLOC if they couldn't produce an American team for the American Football tournament. So we couldn't just pull out. I know that's a book, and maybe this isn't the appropriate space to write all of this. But I would love to answer all of your questions!
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    All Rio 2016 Events Finals + all Team Sports/Tennis/Table Tennis/Badminton Bronze Medal matches Replays added !!! It took only 4 years but finally we have all replays in this thread. To review your favorite event or if you want to rewatch any random Rio 2016 finals just click on the link of the events date in the opening post of this thread. Enjoy.
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    I CAN'T EVEN They uploaded the replays of eventing. Finally I can rewatch the five hours of cross-country after 4 years of waiting!! Eventing Dressage Day 1 Dressage Day 2 Cross-country Jumping Jumping Day 1 Day 2 Team final Individual final
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    Are we sure this was a mistake? This is an IOC release from 2016
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    Public gatherings of 100 people are now allowed in Croatia. During the past five days combined, only one new case was detected!
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    So apparently the Akhal-teke Olympic champion for the Soviet Union..... Continued his career with Toni Nimac at the 2020 monobob? Not bad for a 68-year old horse...
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    Aaaaand it's closed
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    do not tyring yourself , there is no recovered cases , most of them will be infected again The virus changes all the time there is no Vaccine no way to escape See you in hell
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    any one tried to find the cure has been killed or disappeared in strange situation : the first one was the Chinese Doctor who discovered the Virus , the German Doctor who found the cure has been killed (very strange when Mirkel explained that he was dead by heart attack ) 3 Russians scientists working on Covid;have commited suicid after they discovered the truth ( of course the organization threatened them) in USA the Doctor who made the Vaccine has been killed by 3 shoot and the killer killed himself in Japan : the scientis tried to join China for studiying the Virus they didn't stop calling them finally the news announced their deaths many cure around the world have been refused : in France the Chloroquine is prohibited by Macron , and Luc Montagnier who got the Nobel prize when he discovered the HIV virus anounced that CoronaV has one part of HIV genome so this Virus has been created in Cuba they worked with Interferon but no one accepted it as cure , in / this co -group of doctors has found one natural cure by sniffing has been tested by peopel in secret and got execellent result but the Governement refuses it some countries are very closed to the world but recieved the virus many peopl living into farms without any contact with cities are infected , even animals in zoo ;certainly they put this virus in water & food finally they always ate Bats in China much more in past and never died with
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    the origin of pandamy has been found , that was a zionists creation this Russian military explains it clearly also the Jordanian minister of health and many others
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    Apparently at the headquarters of the FIS they ran out of vodka, damn covid. Btw, without drink, they made a right decision... All the stage in the parallel events will be on two run.
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    "All athletes who qualified for the Olympics in 2020 will remain qualified for 2021" , the IOC had said... One month later: "Sorry that was a joke haha".
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    League announced it's schedule yesterday. First game is Chiefs vs Texans so a rematch from last year's AFC Divisional Game where Texans blew a 24 point lead in like ten minutes. As usual teams make some funny videos that reveal the schedule. Jacksonville Jaguars who are widely tipped to have the worst record in 2020 have produced this gem:
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    Ok and this is just so I can get my head around the logistics of this. An example of what a schedule may look like if we had something like 32 participants and 8 groups of 4. I have factored in a day for repechages in case we cannot simplify to 16 after the group stages and also voting days before the semi-finals and the medal matches to give extra time for members to vote in these important stages of the contest. The problem is I will not be available for some of those days as I will be on holiday from work at that time and I want to spend time doing other things Also any ideas for TISC tributes? I think it's also fitting since this is a milestone TISC year with edition #15 coming up so will be nice to have some tributes or celebrations. Wed, July 22nd Group A: Round Robin Matches Group B: Round Robin Matches Thur, July 23rd Group C: Round Robin Matches Group D: Round Robin Matches Fri, July 24th TISC Tribute: TISC Open 2013 Replay??? Japan Tribute Sat, July 25th Group E: Round Robin Matches Group F: Round Robin Matches Group G: Round Robin Matches Sun, July 26th Group H: Round Robin Matches Group A: Round Robin Matches Group B: Round Robin Matches Mon, July 27th Group C: Round Robin Matches Group D: Round Robin Matches Group E: Round Robin Matches Tue, July 28th Group F: Round Robin Matches Group G: Round Robin Matches Group H: Round Robin Matches Wed, July 29th Group A: Round Robin Matches Group B: Round Robin Matches Group C: Round Robin Matches Thur, July 30th Group D: Round Robin Matches Group E: Round Robin Matches Group F: Round Robin Matches Fri, July 31st Group G: Round Robin Matches Group H: Round Robin Matches Sat, August 1st Repechages if needed (if we do not have a neat 8 group format) Sun, August 2nd Round of 16 (Matches 1 - 4) Mon, August 3rd Round of 16 (Matches 5 - 8) Tue, August 4th Quarter - Finals Wed, August 5th Voting Day Thur, August 6th Semi - Finals Fri, August 7th Voting Day Sat, August 8th MEDAL MATCHES Sun, August 9th TISC Tribute
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    Join us:
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    Anyone knows more about these Australian journalists? Next time when the US criticizes an authoritarian country about the repression of press freedom, the government/regime concerned will just cynically point to videos like this....
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    The Wengen world cup will remain on the calendar until at least the 2022/23 season.
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    Again, can't be sure if it's real or not, but it is fun to think about some lunatic somewhere thinking "lemme just take a dump on this car, that'll teach them!"
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    So... Went out for what was supposed to be my penultimate distance training pass before the half marathon. The plan was 17-18km with pretty much the setup that I was planning to go with on the 14th (2 bottles of water and 3 isotonic gels) running 2 different loops (1 about 5km and the other 4km). And well... I ended up with this Things really worked out starting at about 2-hour pace and putting on a bit more speed at about 7km and again at 15km (which was when I started considering going the full distance). I did get a bit of problems for the last km or so making me walk the last 400m due to a slightly painful right hamstring. I don't think it's something too bad (it's already better after some good stretches) but didn't want to risk it as I'm still planning to go for it the 14th. Considering that the last 2 days haven't been anything close to the perfect preparation, it may feel even better.
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    Not sure why you think that populous countries should have advantages in technology and research, but many countries that are doing great in those areas are rather small countries (Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Ireland, Finland, Singapore, the Netherlands). I also don't think that you can trust the official death stats in the US. I saw some stat today that in many states there have been far more pneumonia deaths than usual those last couple of months. For example in Indiana there were 2149 pneumonia deaths, while the five year average is 384. In Illinois there were 3984 pneumonia deaths, while the five year average is 782, and so on ... Either you believe that this is a coincidence unrelated to coronavirus or you have to assume that the deaths are massively undercounted in the US. I think a conservative guess for the real number of deaths would be 150 000.
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    The IOC Executive Board approved updated ISSF Qualification System for Tokyo: As proposed by the ISSF, the Quota Places supposed to be allocated at the 2020 European Championship Shotgun in Chateauroux, France, and the Euopean Olympic Qualification Championship in Plzen, Czech Republic, will be allocated at the 2021 European Championship 10m in Lohia, Finland, and at the European Championship 25/50/300m/Shotgun in Osijek, Croatia. The allocation of the 12 Quota Places (one in each individual event) according to the World Ranking will be done based on the World Ranking list of March 31, 2020 and points earned at one ISSF World Cup in Rifle/Pistol and one ISSF World Cup in Shotgun to be held in March-April of 2021. The new deadline for Tokyo 2020 Qualification in the Shooting sport is June 6, 2021. Tokyo 2020 - Revised Qualification system - Shooting_2020-05-26_eng-1.pdf
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    the cheaters' gang strikes again... how can you still trust this bunch of ***??? it's clear that they're just a political instrument and they don't have any intention to fight for a clean sport...
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    Balbir Singh, Sr. (field hockey - gold medalist 1948, 1952, 1956)
  43. 2 points
    Nope Absolutely not haha, but you hit something. I have a small tattoo on my right forearm, but this was from my 17, times when I was a die-hard fan of St. Pauli etc...
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    Thank you! Fantastic work! I'm bored too, so I decided to spend the last few days trying to gather the results for every edition of the Junior Pan American Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. I was able to find most of the results, what's very surprising even to me, considering these events date all way back to 1987! The only event I could find nothing about, except for confirmation that it did indeed happen, is the 1987 Jr Rhythmics Pan Ams. But given how old this is, I think it's perfectly understandable that not even Web Archive or obscure newspaper archives have nothing about it. As usual, I've uploaded all of the results to Wikipedia. The full list is here. EDIT: Guess what? I found some results. They were hidden in an electronic library from Mexico. Now I've found results (not all of them, but most of them) for all 36 tournaments. Nice.
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    You mean "not Mongolian" or "not user"?
  47. 2 points
    Yeah me too. It's good for unity. I mean people gather every 2 years to screenshot the word 'Dick Pound' at the ceremonies
  48. 2 points
    If they're looking for the new Barrichello, that's the absolutely right decision though.
  49. 2 points
    Marathon runners, Abdi Hakin Ulad and Thijs Nijhuis, have officially been nominated for Tokyo next year. For some reason his first name is spelled wrong on his WA profile. ( Despite of the text in this link got it right )
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