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Shooting ESC European Championships 2021


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46 minutes ago, Benolympique said:

Simulation reallocations quota ?

Sadly ISSF did not tell us which events have priority in the case where a nation is eligible for more than one quota.


I suspect it'll be the same as for the World Rankings, but I'm not sure how they will go by gender (interchanging male/female, interchanging female/male, all male first or all female first)

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in today's Mixed Team Trap event, we just had an anticipation of the Italian shooting psycho-drama...:nopompom:


our "olympic duo" De Filippis and Stanco were outclassed by Jessica Rossi and Valerio Grazini (who hasn't got any quota place, therefore he won't be in Tokyo)...


Jessica & Valerio qualified in 1st place and then won the silver  gold medal, the other 2 guys ended up in a miserable 6th place (miserable for their skills, of course) and couldn't even try and get any medal...:facepalm:


that's what happens when a marriage is broken...shards everywhere, at home as on the job...:facepalm: :wall:

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