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Rowing at the Summer Olympic Games 2020


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On 15/06/2021 at 12:39, Makedonas said:

:GRE Team Greece :GRE


Men's Single Sculls

Stefanos Ntouskos


Women's Single Sculls

Anneta Kyridou


Women's Pair

Christina Bourmpou

Maria Kyridou




Our smallest rowing team since 2004 (after Athens 2004 we really grew the sport in Greece for a number of years). We had 10 rowers in London and 10 in Rio, with Ntouskos being the only one returning. However, there are some positive signs. Ntouskos is our oldest rower at 24. A.Kyridou is 22 and Bourmpou and M.Kyridou are both just 20 years old (they qualified via the 2019 World Championships as 18 year olds). We have such a young team and Tokyo might not be their time, but I think if we can keep them for Paris 2024 then that can be their time to shine.


Of course that is a big IF, as we had three teenage rowers in Rio and Ntouskos is the only one still competing :cry:


Anyways I think Ntouskos can possibly win a medal but I don't want to get too excited. I think he's probably expected to finish about 4th-5th while both women's boats are probably expected to finish 6th-9th or so.

Here is the team, they are leaving tomorrow for Tokyo which is very early.


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M4x Simone Venier (Fiamme Gialle), Andrea Panizza (Fiamme Gialle/Moto Guzzi), Luca Rambaldi (Fiamme Gialle), Giacomo Gentili (Fiamme Gialle/SC Bissolati)

M1x Gennaro Di Mauro (CC Aniene)

M4- Matteo Castaldo (Fiamme Oro/RYCC Savoia), Bruno Rosetti (CC Aniene), Matteo Lodo (Fiamme Gialle), Giuseppe Vicino (Fiamme Gialle)

M2- Giovanni Abagnale (Marina Militare), Marco Di Costanzo (Fiamme Oro)

LM2X Stefano Oppo (Carabinieri), Pietro Willy Ruta (Fiamme Oro)

RESERVE Vincenzo Abbagnale (Marina Militare), Luca Chiumento (Fiamme Gialle/SC Padova)

W4x Valentina Iseppi (CC Aniene), Alessandra Montesano (Fiamme Gialle/SC Eridanea), Veronica Lisi (SC Padova), Stefania Gobbi (Carabinieri/SC Padova)

W2x Alessandra Patelli (SC Padova), Chiara Ondoli (CC Aniene)

W2- Kiri Tontodonati (Fiamme Oro/CUS Torino), Aisha Rocek (Carabinieri/SC Lario)

LW2x Valentina Rodini (Fiamme Gialle/SC Bissolati), Federica Cesarini (Fiamme Oro/SC Gavirate)

RESERVE Clara Guerra (Fiamme Gialle/CC Pro Monopoli)

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M2- Marius Cozmiuc, Ciprian Tudosă

M2x Ioan Prundeanu, Marian Enache

M4- Mihăiţă Ţigănescu, Mugurel Semciuc, Ştefan Berariu, Cosmin Pascari

M8+ Alexandru Chioseaua, Florin Lehaci, Constantin Radu, Sergiu Bejan, Vlad Aicoboae, Constantin Adam, Florin Arteni-Fîntînariu, Ciprian Huc, Adrian Munteanu


RESERVE Cosmin Macovei


LW2x Gianina Beleagă, Ionela Cozmiuc

W2-   Adriana Ailincăi, Iuliana Buhuş

W2x  Simona Radiş, Ancuţa Bodnar

W4-  Mădălina Hegheş, Elena Logofătu, Cristina Popescu, Roxana Anghel

W8+ Magdalena Rusu, Viviana Bejinariu, Georgiana Dedu, Maria Tivodariu, Ioana Vrînceanu, Amalia Bereş, Mădălina Bereş, Denisa Tîlvescu, Daniela Druncea


RESERVE Iuliana Mihai

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1 hour ago, Bearas said:

Will Lithuania be able to compete despite having no time to prepare?

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