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Our snooker referee Desi Bozhilova is home and commentating now the 1/2 between Selby and Lisowski. And she is spilling the tea on some backstage stuff. :d 


At first, many of the players weren't taking her seriously. One time Ronnie had a match, it was 4:4 before the final frame and she caught him smoking outside while the match was still going :d Ronnie begged her not to tell the officials and she said it's her duty and she had to do it. When she went to the room for World Snooker officials, they asked her first, if she had saw something and she said yes. They had already known, because Ronnie had went beforehand to German announcers and asked for a cigar. And Desi said, that Ronnie still thinks that she outed him that day, but with this, she gained his respect for following the rules and doing your job right.    


She also said, that they don't choose their clothes, which is something that i'm surprised. World Snooker are picking and sending them what to wear, and many times it is rather uncomfortable. 


And the most important thing, Mark Selby has told her, that he believes one day, she will be the second female referee on a World Championship final. :fingers:

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