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Snowboarding 2016 - 2017 Discussion Thread


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FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Cup seasons set to kick off in Northern Hemisphere

Big Air ramp in Quebec City


The FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Cup seasons will start next weekend in Italy with ladies’ and men’s big air competitions scheduled for 11th-12th November 2016.


While the Freestyle Skiing season officially got underway in early September with big air competitions in El Colorado (CHI), the FIS World Cup series’ take off in the Northern Hemisphere with the first big air competitions in Milan (ITA) which hosts both, Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding.


For Freestyle Skiing, it will be a historic season as it will be the first time a World Cup globe will be awarded in big air.


For the Snowboarders, the season is especially exciting as snowboard big air will debut as an Olympic sport in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang (KOR). Serving as official Olympic test event, the next FIS snowboard big air World Cup event is set for 25th-26th November 2016 at the Alpensia Ski Jumping complex where a scaffolding structure has been erected facing the ski jump, with a shared finish area between the two facilities. 


The following stop on the big air calendar is then Moenchengladbach (GER) which will host competitions for both disciplines from 2nd-3rd December 2016.


While the world’s top riders will make two further stops in Copper Mountain (USA) and Moscow (RUS), both ski and snowboard disciplines will meet again in Quebec City (CAN) from 9th-11th February 2017. Afterwards, the free skiers will travel to Myrkdalen-Voss (NOR) for their final competitions on 24th and 25th March 2017 which include a team event.


An aditional feature is the fact that the big air events in Milan, Moenchengladbach and Quebec City will be the three venues of the newly launched ‘Super Series’. The series will crown the world’s best free skiers and riders after three stops (click here for more information).

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Anna Gasser of Austria and Marcus Kleveland from Norway won todays seasons World Cup opener in Milano, first podium also for Belgium Seppe Smits finished second in the men´s big air competition ahead of the Sochi olympics Slopestyle bronze medalist Mark McMorris of Canada. among women´s Hailey Langland (USA) was second and first cezech podium thanks 3rd place of Šárka Pančochová. :thumbup:


full results of men´s and women´s Big Air in Milano available here

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Gasser and Kleveland take career's first at Snowboard World Cup opener

The top 3 women and men of the Milan Big Air


Anna Gasser (AUT) and Marcus Kleveland (NOR) have kicked off the 2016-17 FIS Snowboard World Cup season in style winning the big air event in Milan (ITA) in front of a stellar crowd and on a perfectly prepared venue site.


EXPerience Park and the Big Air and the City event played host to the first of three stops of the newly launched Super Series with the ramp being erected right across the iconic Tree of Life offering riders an incredible air time to soar through the Italian night.


And the athletes paid back with some high-level performances led by two riders who didn't have the honour yet to step on the top podium spot at a World Cup event.


But while it was the career's first for both, Gasser and Klevedal, the young Norwegian and second best qualifier stood out even a bit more as he dominated the men's competition at his World Cup debut in excellent manner.


Viking spins to win - with steez


The 17-years-old from Dombaas stomped the best three tricks of the night (94.50, 93.00, 95.00) securing the victory of the three run, best two count high-level final of the top 10 men qualifiers with the final score of 188.00 for his cab triple 1440 indy and backside triple 1620 melon.


“This is one of the biggest wins I have ever had. It's been really great today. Winning in front of this crowd is just awesome.


It was a really good time although I had quite some hard times during training to land all those tricks. To put it down in the finals is amazing,” the spinning machine stated after the finals where the young Viking had held off some well-known contest machines like Seppe Smits (BEL) and Marc McMorris (CAN).



2011 world champion Seppe Smits tried his best after bailing his first try stomping his first ever triple on a scaffolding jump (backside triple 1440 indy) as well as a super stylish cab 1260 mute which in the end earned him a 178.50 and the second rank he certainly was proud of:


“The level was definitely one of the highest we have ever seen at a World Cup big air event. It was cool to see all the guys throw down. The jump was really comfortable with probably the most air time we ever had at one of those in-city jumps.”


Perfect conditions to celebrate a comeback from injury which at least two riders could emphasize.


One of them: Mark McMorris, who just came back to business more than half a year after he had broken his femur during the Air & Style in Los Angeles and placed third (173.00) after landing his game plan: a backside triple 1440 mute and a switch backside 1260 backside grab.


“It's one thing to get back to snowboarding after injury. I was lucky enough to get back to shredding on a high level. I did a lot of rehab and stuff. But it's another thing to come out and compete on a scaffolding big air when it matters.


It's just more nerve-wracking, even tonight. Last time I rode at night didn't go that well for me. And now, some months later, here we are. I'm super thankful to be back and do what I love,” McMorris explained.


Gasser comes back and earns chapter in Austrian history books


It could have been the statement of Anna Gasser as the Austrian shredder had also been forced to take it easy after sustaining some problems with her intervertebral discs this January.


Nevertheless, after qualifying third for the women's finals, which featured the top 6 athletes of this afternoons qualifications, Gasser paved her way to victory (174.25) at her first scaffolding-jump competition ever with her signature trick, a switch double underflip 900 indy, before wrapping up things with a safe and clean corked backside 720 mute.


“It's great to come back from a long break due to injury, and it also was the first time on a scaffolding jump. It's awesome,” Gasser said, who became the second ever Austrian woman to win a snowboard freestyle World Cup. So far, only Nicola Pederzoli had been the only one to do so five times, last time winning the halfpipe competition in Serre Chevalier back in March 2003.




Hailey Langland (USA, 160.25), a 16-year-old teenager who has now a fourth, third and second rank finish in three World Cup starts under her belt as well as Sarka Pancochova (CZE, 153.75) rounded out the podium in Milan as second and third, respectively.


A result which pleased the young US rider, who also experienced her first ever scaffolding jump, a lot: “It was a little scary, and I was really nervous, but I got to look down to all these people who came here to watch and it made me a little more nervous but also excited. I just wanted to get the people a good show and land the things that I wanted to do. So, I'm extremely happy.


I got to ride with all the girls that I have looked up to my whole live. Coming right behind of Anna [Gasser] who is one of my heroes is great. I had a lot of fun, I can't complain.”


The World Cup tour continues with this season's second big air event slated to take place November 25-26, 2016, at Alpensia Ski Stadium (KOR) serving as official Olympic test event for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang.


Super Series


The newly launched series will crown the world’s best after three in-city big air stops of the World Cup tour, featuring Milan, Moenchengladbach (GER) and Quebec City (CAN). Click here for more information on the Super Series.


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Klaudia Medlová 8th in a very very strongly occupied Big Air competition in PyeongChang, :thumbup: missed the finals only by 1.75 of the last qualified 6th Cheryl Maas of the Netherlands.


Todays world cup race was also considered as the WOG 2018 official Test Event .


Anna Gasser (AUT) won once again :bowdown: among womens ahead Julia Marino (USA) and Katie Ormerod (GBR), second from Milano Hailey Langland and Slopestyle Sochi olympic champion Jamie Anderson both from USA finished just behind 4th and 5th.


In the mens competition Mark McMorris of Canada slopestyles Sochi bronze medalist won in front of another Canadian Max Parrott and Ryan Stassel of the USA.

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Gasser and McMorris victorious at Olympic big air Test Event

The top six riders of the Olympic big air Test Event World Cup in Alpensia (KOR)

The top six riders of the Olympic big air Test Event World Cup in Alpensia


Anna Gasser (AUT) and Mark McMorris (CAN) have celebrated an impressive win at this season's second big air World Cup competition staged at Alpensia Ski Stadium (KOR) which also served as Olympic Test Event for PyeongChang 2018.

Podium Women Big Air World Cup Alpensia


On the huge scaffolding ramp purpose-built right across the ski-jumping hills Gasser was able to keep the momentum from her triumph at Milan (ITA) two weeks ago with a total score of 180.75 and a dominant lead over second and third ranked riders Julia Marino (USA, 157.00) and Katie Ormerod (GBR, 156.75).


The top qualifier of the six female finalists and current big air World Cup leader had already added clarity to the question of who would take home the glory after the first two jumps (cab double cork 900, backside 720 mute) of the three run, best two count finals being able to enjoy a victory lap with a stylish frontside 360 nosebone.


 “It's nice to win the Olympic rehearsal. It's a great thing and it gives me a real boost of self-confidence aiming for PyeongChang 2018.”


And while the Austrian ripper was able to celebrate a back-to-back win against a strong and deep international field, her rivals were also pleased with the result.


After nailing a cab 900 and a backside 720 in her first runs, third ranked British athlete Katie Ormerod gave it a shot on stepping up her game – although she couldn't land the trick she was going for:


“I'm really happy that I landed my first tricks, and I was able to try the cab 1080 for the first time in competition.”


McMorris closes chapter


In contrary to the women's competition, Mark McMorris had to up the ante in the last round of the finals of the top ten men to also claim his career's second World Cup win, his first in a big air competition.


Coming from a third rank finish in Milan and after landing a backside triple cork 1440 indy in his first run, the 22-year-old was the only one to stomp a frontside triple cork 1440 mute earning a final score of 184.75 to edge off so far leading teammate Max Parrot (CAN, 178.00) to the second rank therefore also taking over the World Cup lead.


“I feel awesome. It feels good to land that trick [frontside triple 14]. That was the trick I broke my femur on, and I haven't tried this trick ever since. It's a big mental thing for me to having overcome this. And being first is the icing on the cake,” stated the 2014 Olympic slopestyle bronze medallist.


Reigning slopestyle world champion Ryan Stassel (USA) came out third of the finals which delivered an exciting and high-level snowboard show packed with a big variety of tricks ranging from a frontside 900 nose off toes by Darcy Sharpe (CAN), a switch backside 1260 of Stassel to a couple of backside triple cork 1440's, a switch backside 1620 japan attempt by Tyler Nicholson (CAN) and Max Parrot's first ever landed cab triple cork 1620 on a scaffolding jump.

Men's Podium Big Air World Cup Alpensia

“I'm feeling really great to get second. I represented the number of my bib pretty good. And I'm also happy to land a new trick on a scaffolding jump. I have been trying this trick for a long time, and I finally got it. So yeah, I'm happy,” said Parrot.



The big air World Cup tour continues next weekend (Dec 3) at the ARAG Big Air Freestyle Festival in Moenchengladbach (GER) which also serves as second stop of the newly launched Super Series, a series of three in-city big air World Cup events.



Full Results and Cup Standings available in our Results Database




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Klaudia Medlová 7th today. first under the line :( this is the second race in a row she missed the finals by a few..8th last week in PyeongChang, now 7th...anyway another great points for her and SVK snowboarding in the road for the 2018 olympics. Keep it babe :cheer:

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Gasser and Tonteri triumph in Moenchengladbach big air World Cup

The top 6 riders of the Big Air World Cup at Moenchengladbach


It was the first time since more than ten years that a big air World Cup was staged in Germany with the last one dating back to January 2006 (Winterberg).


Gasser, who had descended on North Rhine Westphalia with the momentum of back-to-back World Cup wins under her belt dominated the women's competition in impressive manner landing a huge cab double underflip and a super clean backside 720 double grab to earn a total of 184.00 points.


The 25-year-old celebrated her third consecutive win on a scaffolding ramp in front of a stellar crowd of 10,000 people following the snowboard show in the SparkassenPark and relegated Katie Ormerod (GBR, 158.50) and reigning slopestyle world champion Miyabi Onitsuka (JPN, 146.00) to the respective second and third rank.


“It couldn’t have been a better start to the season. It feels almost unreal to have taken three wins in a row. Big air is actually much better for me than slopestyle. I only have to focus on two good tricks which is better for my nerves [smiles],” the Millstaedt resident said.


Gasser, the undisputed World Cup leader who seems to be unbeatable at the moment when it comes to big air competitions, is therefore looking good on the road to victory in the Super Series standings which Gasser leads with 2.000 points ahead of Ormerod (1.060) who was also more than just pleased with her today's performance when she stomped a perfect cab 900 indy and a backside 720 indy:


“It went very well for me today. I am super excited to get second at such a high-level contest. It was my goal to land these two tricks and I am stoked it worked out so well.”


Tonteri takes the win – and the opportunity to shave his beard


In the men's event, the decision for the win was a tight battle between five riders with the best end for two-time big air world champion Roope Tonteri who earned the high score of 186.00 for his backside 1440 indy and cab 1260 indy ahead of Jonas Boesiger (SUI, 183.00) and Billy Morgan (GBR, 180.50).


A result which is also most likely to end a facial hair phase of the Finnish ripper which lasted for more than one year now.


“In a while I didn’t win anything. It feels really good to be on the podium. I actually made a bet with my friends and teammates a year ago that I could only shave off my beard when I make it to the podium. Finally, time has come to be able to do so,” he stated with a toothy grin.


Best qualifier Moritz Thoenen (SUI, 176.00) and Lyon Farrell (USA, 174.50), the only one to land a backside 1620, landed on the respective fourth and fifth rank.


Tonteri leads the Super Series rankings of the men with 1,220 points ahead of Seppe Smits (BEL, 1,200) who finished sixth today while Mark McMorris (CAN, 1600) remains the big air World Cup leader although he missed out today's event.


And with the current World Cup leader absent, it was third ranked rider Billy Morgan, who had landed a backside triple cork nose and a stunning switch triple underflip double grab, to state the final words of the night:


“It was amazing. When I turned up this morning, I didn’t expect these jumps would go so well. Surprise, surprise, I made it to the podium. Besides, Moenchengladbach has treated us very well. It’s been a great event and a great fan atmosphere.”


The big air World Cup tour will continue in two weeks in Copper Mountain (USA) where this season's first halfpipe World Cup will also be hosted from Dec 14 – 17, 2016.



Full Results Here



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