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Team Canada at the 2023 Para Pan American Games


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Day 2 (November 20, 2023) Canadian Schedule 


Yes I’m aware I’m late, completely lost track of time my fault. Haven’t updated para swimming yet, I’ll do it later.


4:30 PST/7:30 EST: Women’s BC4 Individual Pool B- :CAN Alison Levine v. :CHI Alfonsina Urrejola

6:50 PST/9:50 EST: Men’s BC4 Individual Pool B- :CAN Marco Dispaltro v. :BRA Andre Martins

6:50 PST/9:50 PST: Men’s BC4 Individual Pool C- :CAN Iulian Ciobanu v. :MEX Edgar Mora

8:00 PST/11:00 EST: Men’s BC3 Individual Pool A- :CAN Ryan Rondeau v. :BRA Mateus Rodrigues

9:30 PST/12:30 EST: Men’s BC1 Individual Pool B- :CAN Lance Cryderman v. :PER Neil Castro

10:40 PST/13:40 EST: Women’s BC3 Individual Pool A- :CAN Joelle Guerette v. :USA Natalie Chastain

12:10 PST/15:10 EST: Men’s BC2 Individual Pool A- :CAN Danik Allard v. :ECU Jorge Delgado

13:20 PST/16:20 EST: Men’s BC3 Individual Pool A- :CAN Ryan Rondeau v. :MEX Raul Lopez


CP Football

14:30 PST/17:30 EST: Men’s Preliminary- :CAN Canada v. :BRA Brazil



5:45 PST/8:45 EST: Men’s Group B- :CAN Canada v. :VEN Venezuela


Para Judo

5:52 PST/8:52 EST: Women’s -57kg J1/J2 Quarterfinals- :CAN Christina Mowatt v. :ARG Laura Gonzalez

6:56-7:06 PST/9:56-10:06 EST: Women’s -57kg J1/J2 Repechage 1- TBD

7:10-7:14 PST/10:10-10:14 EST: Women’s -57kg J1/J2 Semifinals- TBD

7:58 PST-8:02 PST/10:58-11:02 EST: Women’s -57kg J1/J2 Repechage 2- TBD

10:12-10:16 PST/13:12-13:16 EST: Women’s -57kg J1/J2 Bronze Medal Contests- TBD

10:20 PST/13:20 EST: Women’s -57kg J1/J2 Gold Medal Contest- TBD


Para Archery

8:30 PST/11:30 EST: Men’s Individual Compound Open Ranking Round- Kyle Tremblay


Para Cycling- Road

4:20 PST/7:20 EST: Men’s C1-5 Individual Time Trial- Alexandre Hayward, Michael Sametz

5:30 PST/8:30 EST: Women’s C1-5 Individual Time Trial- Mel Pemble, Keely Toles

7:10 PST/10:10 EST: Men’s H1-5 Individual Time Trial- Charles Moreau

8:25 PST/11:25 EST: Mixed T-1/2 Individual Time Trial- Shelley Gautier, Nathan Clement


Para Swimming

4:04 PST/7:04 EST: Men’s 100m Backstroke S14 Heat 2- Tyson MacDonald, Jesse Canney, Connor Bissett

4:12 PST/7:12 EST: Women’s 100m Backstroke S14 Heat 2- Ellen Van Dyk, Justine Morrier

4:28 PST/7:28 EST: Women’s 100m Backstroke S5 Heat 2- Alisson Gobeil

4:38 PST/7:38 EST: Men’s 200m Individual Medley SM9 Heat 2- Felix Cowan

4:51 PST/7:51 EST: Men’s 200m Individual Medley SM10 Final- Jagdev Gill, Fernando Lu

5:13 PST/8:13 EST: Men’s 100m Butterfly S12 Final- Hunter Helberg

12:00 PST/15:00 EST: Men’s 100m Backstroke S14 Final- TBD

12:05 PST/15:05 EST: Women’s 100m Backstroke S14 Final- TBD

12:17 PST/15:17 EST: Women’s 100m Backstroke S5 Final- TBD

12:23 PST/15:23 EST: Men’s 200m Individual Medley SM9 Final- TBD


Para Table Tennis

5:00 PST/8:00 EST: Mixed Doubles XD14-17 1/8 Finals- :CAN Asad Syed/Stephanie Chan v. :MEX Claudia Perez/Angel Castro

5:00 PST/8:00 EST: Men’s Doubles MD8 1/8 Finals- :CAN Muhammad Mudassar/Peter Isherwood v. :MEX Francisco Gonzalez/Victor Reyes

5:30 PST/8:30 EST: Men’s Doubles MD18 1/8 Finals- :CAN Asad Syed/Ian Kent v. :CHI Lucas Pavez/Christian Dettoni

11:30 PST/14:30 EST: Mixed Doubles XD14-17 Quarterfinals- TBD

11:30 PST/14:30 EST: Men’s Doubles MD8 Quarterfinals- TBD

12:00 PST/15:00 EST: Men’s Doubles MD18 Quarterfinals- TBD


Wheelchair Basketball

11:00 PST/14:00 EST- Men’s Group A- :CAN Canada v. :VEN Venezuela

15:30 PST/18:30 EST: Women’s Group A- :CAN Canada v. :ESA El Salvador


Wheelchair Rugby

8:00 PST/11:00 EST: Mixed Preliminary- :CAN Canada v. :BRA Brazil


Wheelchair Tennis

11:00 PST/14:00 EST: Men’s Singles Round of 32- :CAN Thomas Venos v. :PER Gerardo Chomba

NB 13:00 PST/16:00 EST: Women’s Singles 1/8 Finals- :CAN Natalia Lanucha v. :CRC Valeria Valverde

TBD/TBD: Men’s Singles Round of 32- :CAN Barry Henderson v. :PER Ysabelino Apaza

TBD/TBD: Women’s Singles 1/8 Finals- :CAN Anne Marie Dolinar v. :COL Johana Martinez

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Alison Levine and Danik Allard also through to their respective gold medal matches in women’s BC4/men’s BC2 boccia. 

Iulian Ciobanu (men’s BC4), Marco Dispaltro (men’s BC4), Krysten Collins (women’s BC2) will battle for bronze



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4 medal day for Canada in para athletics, with Liam Stanley winning silver in men’s T38 1500m, Michael Barber winning silver in men’s T20 15000m, Jesse Zesseu winning silver in men’s F37 discus throw, and Anthony Bouchard winning bronze in men’s T54 400m. 



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4 medal day in boccia today! Alison Levine wins gold in women’s BC4,  Danik Allard wins silver in men’s BC2, Lance Cryderman wins silver in men’s BC1, and Iulian Ciobanu gets the better over his compatriot Marco Dispaltro to win bronze in men’s BC4!

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