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Slalom Canoeing 2020 Discussion Thread


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23 minutes ago, hckosice said:

@mrv86 I believe 1st ever world cup podium for :MEX


Oh yes, first ever podium in Slalom Canoe


I was dissapointing after her run in K1 earlier, as she had a decent result yesterday.


But this result was quite unexpected and I'm happy for her.


Hope soon our federatiton can find sponsors to build a proper training venue.

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6 hours ago, hckosice said:

World Cup Finals: C1 wins for :BRA Ana Satila and :IRL Liam Jegou @OlympicIRLCongrats  :d

They actually mentioned this on the main news on Irish TV during the sports segment which was a nice surprise. If Liam goes clear he is always in with a chance as he has good speed.

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