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Totallympics New Start


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Hi everyone and welcome on the new version of Totallympics !


First of all, I am really very sorry to everyone who contributed on Totallympics in the last 5 years, because as you already know everything we did went lost. There are a series of reasons for this to happen, someone knows them someone don’t, but anyway now it is not important anymore, because we just have to look at the future.


Anyway, I have decided to start everything again because the Totallympics community should not die.  As someone already know, I have lost the motivations to go on with Totallympics in the latest months, maybe this new start will help me to find new motivations.


As you can see, we do not have the chinese software (Discuz) anymore, I have opted for Invision Power Board which I have evaluated as the best forum software.


Of course this is a new start for everyone and in the first period everything will be different compared to the past. We will not have the results part anymore, just the discussion about all sports. We will decide later whether to start again to post results (on the forum or maybe on a website we could create, with the forum becoming a part of the website).


Anyway since we are just 6 months away to Rio 2016 I have did everything I could to start a new forum, with a new webmaster, a new software and everything else.


In all honesty, I can tell you that the main reason why I have lost the motivations in the latest months was because Totallympics is not a source of income for me, but actually I have spent a lot of money during the years. And I have done a lot of sacrifices in my personal and professional life to be able to dedicate so much time to the forum.


This is the reason why from next month there will be the possibility for users to “subscribe” to a premium membership. This will give some privileges to the premium members but the main reason is that they can contribute with some money per month/year to keep Totallympics community alive. Also donations will be possible, also for non registered users.


Now, about the immediate future, I am still working on the forum and I will go on working on it in the next days. First of all please register and start having a look around the forum and test its features.


I will organize the threads to be opened in each section with the admins, so that we will not have hundreds of threads in the very first period. So for the first days you will be allowed to post only in very few threads, starting from this one :p


Thanks everyone for the kind words received over the past month and have a good time on the new version of Totallympics !


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Excellent that we are back! :)

Forum went down in the worst possible time when equestrian Olympic qualifications are concerned. :p Still 5 days before the qualification ends though, so it's not over yet, but a lot of things are happening there (some great and some sad)...

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i'm here too hello everyone , everybody is safe? i'll count you one by obe .......:d


and Sindo great job  , i think if sometimes  you are tired or busy you can take one break/hollyday and the modo will do the work / the relay :cool:

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